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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Fox Remembers They Should Cast People For Their Fantastic Four Reboot, Possibly Shortlists Their First Actress

Chronicle director Josh Trank‘s The Fantastic Four reboot is supposed to start filming next month for a 2015 release, so it’s kind of odd that nary a cast member has been announced yet. But the dry spell might be coming to an end, as it’s being reported that Allison Williams is on the shortlist for an unspecified role (but it’s probably Sue Storm, who’re we kidding?).

The news came courtesy of Deadline, which noted Williams’ possible involvement in The Fantastic Four as part of a story on how she’s snagged her first film role in director Shawn Levy‘s (Night at the Museum, Date Night) Shakespeare-themed Rosaline. Williams is best known for her work on HBO’s Girls, where she plays the responsible, uptight Marnie. Shameless actor Noel Fisher was the subject of another The Fantastic Four rumor last month, but nothing’s come of that since then.

You’re supposed to start filming on June 17th, The Fantastic Four reboot. That’s six and a half weeks from now. I’d say I’m concerned you don’t have a cast yet, but… I don’t really care about you all that much. Sorry. I might start if you cast some good people, though! In a world of Man of Steels and The Avengers 2s and that Justice League movie that will probably get made at some point (maybe?), you are the red-headed stepchild. C’mon. Impress me.

(via: MTV)

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  • Bob Lannon

    If they don’t take the approach that Ultimate Marvel took (FF as a group of tweens), they’re complete idiots. Generation Bieber has money to spend, right?

  • Courtney Ramirez

    What is it with the FF franchise and not being able to cast an actual blonde? I’m sure there are plenty in hollywood to choose from. But no – we get to be distracted by bad dye jobs.

  • electrasteph

    Allison Williams? I’m in. I’ll be there.

  • Anonymous

    I heard some rumors about the project that sort of weakened my enthusiasm a bit but I still think a really good franchise can be made out of the property. Kristen Bell has always been my first choice to play Sue but if they don’t cast her, I want the character to be a geek, not the sexpot that Jessica Alba played.

  • James Fletcher

    I’d actually prefer it if they took the X-men: First Class route and did it as a period piece in the 60′s. The Fantastic Four doesn’t really work when they’re all teenagers.

  • James Fletcher

    As much as I really want to see a good Fantastic Four movie, I kinda want Fox to let the license lapse so it can go back to Marvel.

    I’ve always found the Fantastic Four works best as the veterans who done it all, even if they’re not on the front line, and that doesn’t work if they’re the only heroes in the world.

    Plus even if you don’t care about the FF, the fact they can’t use Doctor Doom in the mainline Marvel movies is a travesty.

  • Anonymous

    I loathe “Girls” but I’m not sure how good this woman’s acting is. But this is early on when EVERYONE gets rumored for something.
    Though I’d say the fact that this one has a script and director probably puts it ahead of JLA, which has been in pre-production since approximately forever.

  • TKS

    I’m not a huge fan of the F4, I kind of think they are a little boring to be honest. But I agree that I’d like the rights to revert back to Marvel. (Same goes for X-Men really, but that will not happen any time soon.)

    I thought the original two were really well cast, except for Sue Storm. Well, kind of.

    They cast Jessica Alba, who was a big name at the time. Only problem is that Jessica Alba is Latina. They tried to contact lens/wig her into being the blonde hair/blue eyed Sue Storm, and the result was really awkward. Why not, in those films, make Sue Storm Latina?

  • Skemono

    I thought we had all agreed that the Roger Corman Fantastic Four was the only Fantastic Four movie we needed.

  • R. Kevin Morris

    If all the people here who are ragging on the FF saw the franchise done right by Moffat or Speilberg, they’d love the FF. The Fantastic Four is Doctor Who, Star Trek, and the Swiss Family Robinson all rolled into one. Here’s hoping that someone who cares about the FF finally produces it.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but I hope she doesn’t end up cast as Sue. She’s not as bad an actress as Jessica Alba, but that’s not saying much; Sue Storm deserves better.