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Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

Fake Kristen Stewart Explains Halloween In That Way Only She Can [VIDEO]

When last we left Fake Kristen Stewart, she was explaining the birth of baby Jesus and Christmas. And it was amazing. Now she’s back to tell us all about Halloween. Please do enjoy.

(via The FW)

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  • Nikki Lincoln

    I wish they would give fake Kristen Stewart all of real Kristen Stewart’s roles.

  • Nick Gaston

    Maybe they could at least get them onscreen together…doing the Marx brothers mirror gag.

  • Anatasia Beaverhousen

    can’t… stop… giggling…

  • Cave Johnson

    There’s nothing women love more than hating other women.

  • Nikki Lincoln

    I don’t really see it as that – I think it’s the same way that people make fun of Keanu Reeves as being an airhead. In fact, she’s kind of like a female Keanu Reeves if you think about it.