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Meddling Kids

Facebook Creates “Couples Pages” For Its Paired-Up Users and There Ain’t Nothin’ You Can Do About It

Are you in a relationship? Does Facebook know about it? If so, you and your significant other now have your very own couples page!

Er… just what you’ve always wanted?

Facebook’s couples pages feature pictures in which both parties have been tagged, status updates in which one person mentions the other, a list of mutual friends and interests, and more. And the feature isn’t something you opt into. If you’re listed as “In a relationship” with someone, the page was created for you automatically.

Wanna see if you have your very own unasked-for Facebook page? Go to I’ll wait.

It seems like every time I turn around Facebook is doing something else to screw with users’ privacy. I understand that the site has to do new things to keep itself indispensable amidst the wealth of other social networking options out there, but… is continually ticking off its users with these privacy controversies really the way to go? How is the couple’s page even a desirable feature in the first place? Why wouldn’t Facebook make it something you can opt out of, or at the very least send affected users a message to let them know it’s being created for them?

For me these are mostly irrelevant questions, as I’m not in a relationship and have no plans to put it on Facebook if that changes. But have fun with your shiny new (unwanted) Facebook pages, couples! We singles will just have to stick with having our privacy violated by FB in the normal ways.

(via: The Telegraph)

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  • Heather

    …oh Facebook. And because their ‘couple’s pic’ is half of each person’s pic, it appears that half of my boyfriend is in a relationship with a tree branch. Sexy.

    Also, because neither of really *uses* Facebook much, there’s like two things on our page and they’re both from 2010. Regardless, this is stupid. What’s the point exactly? So nosy friends can easily stalk your relationship? I feel like I’m missing something.

  • Alana Beltzer

    Well, that’s just creepy :(

  • Michelle Skaflestad

    This doesn’t look much different than the “See Friendship” link that they’ve had for awhile.

  • Marissa

    It isn’t just couples, you can change the names in the urls to any of your friends and see your “us” pages.

  • emteem

    I don’t really see the difference between this and the “See Friendship” pages that we all already have with everyone of our friends.

  • Kate Holloway

    They’ve actually had this functionality for a while, but now they just added a URL. You can explore your facebook interactions with any of your friends this way, they just added the /us to do it with your significant other.

  • Inky

    I’m single, so I just checked this out with my brother and sister-in-law. The first picture shown is of them dressed up in fancy EGA-ish threads at a college dance and a picture of their anime and Roman action figures…I’m pretty amused.

  • Joanna

    Does this make stalking your coveted man’s girlfriend easier? O.o

  • Katherine Walters

    Does it ever occur to people that anything you post is fair game for stuff like this? Wanna whine about “privacy”? Then don’t post things you don’t want other people seeing, period. If you’re at the stage in your relationship where you’re “Facebook official,” then who gives a damn if they do this? People could find any of these pictures, statuses, events, etc. just by searching hard enough. First-world problems to the max.

  • Turkeycreaux

    Looks like it not only does it with couples but with friends too. I went to the above link and from there went to a couple of pages that paired up my wife with other friends. Unless there’s something going on behind my back….


  • Matthew Blower

    These aren’t just “couple pages” They are friendship pages. So you are able to see all pictures/wall posts from 2 individuals you are “friends” with and are “friends” with one another. When you go to the page look at the top right and you can see other “friends” joint pages.

  • Anonymous

    If this means you are required to post all the “look how cute we are” photos and all the Schmoopie-bedecked posts to each other on it, count me in. Put them all over there, and I never have to read them? Yay FaceBook.

  • Maggie Straszewski

    I agree. I was looking through and it looks exactly the same. they just have a quick way to view the one for you and your significant other

  • Anonymous

    Oh god dammit. This is part of why I didn’t want to be listed as in a relationship on Facebook. The only reason why I’m listed as I am is because my boyfriend wanted it so. Facebook is seriously nothing but a shrine to those who constantly want their egos rubbed and is essentially why I don’t use it anymore except to get in touch with classmates from when I was in college.

  • Kim Pittman

    Yes, but the question is, does it show up even if you aren’t friends with either of us? Or does it still adhere to our privacy setting?

  • Courtney V. Kovacs

    Wow, chill. This has been around for ages, you can see any two friends or any friend and you (in a relationship or not) and see posts specific to those people. It actually has nothing to do with the relationship status.

  • Ingrid

    In a relationship but incognito as a single on Facebook. I think I may keep it that way.

  • Kim Pittman

    It will use any picture with both of you tagged instead if there is one. Mine is me and my husband and the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond from Halloween. :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s no different than what you get with the “See Friendship” link.

    There’s an easy way to not worry about what Facebook shares about you … don’t put ANYTHING on the Internet you wouldn’t want on a billboard with your name and picture. If you don’t want friends tagging you, turn that off in Facebook privacy settings too.

  • jesus_loves_you

    haha! there is no privacy in the Face Book. idiots.

  • Darcy Harman

    That’s what I was going to say. Interpersonal relationship pages have been up for ages.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Good question.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    When I click the link, it just takes me to my own profile page. I guess I’m in a relationship with myself. :)

  • Rockabee

    I could have sworn the URL was there too ’cause I bookmarked one to look at what two friends of mine in another state were up to. (I swear I’m not creepy I just miss them)

  • Natalie Boos

    This is the same exact thing as the “See Friendship” pages. No big deal. And it’s not even all that bad, Facebook has done worse. This isn’t shoved in our faces, you don’t even have to look at it.

  • Kelly Kay

    They have that between you and any user that is on your list. The settings are just the same so if it is a “friends only” viewing it’s still a “friends only”. Jeez, people will do anything to cause drama…

  • Travis Wilkinson

    put your status as “complicated” your link takes me to my own single page which also does not give a hometown, school, job or any other info for them to abuse :)

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    Use Diaspora, instead.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I don’t see a problem with this. Also, I know people who combine their pages. I don’t get it, as it’s awkward to tag both, but this seems like a good idea. But it sounds like it’s just a renamed, easier to access “See Friendship”

  • Anonymous

    To the right you can even browse other friendships.

  • R.O.U.S.

    Gag me. So many other things FB developers could be spending their time on.

  • Sheila

    How is this a violation of privacy? It’s simply taking information already on FB and putting it on one page. *boggle* If you hate FB this much, stop using it.

  • Heather Bornhop

    That’s why I post NOTHING about my personal life. Like where I live. Where I work, who I am dating..