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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Bloody Good Fun

Evil Dead Red Band Trailer Is Seriously Evil, Seriously Dead, Seriously Red

If you aren’t hip to the whole “red band” thing, allow us to explain. Usually trailers have a “green band,” that bit that comes before the trailer. It means the The Motion Picture Association of America has put their stamp on it to play before films with equal ratings. But trailers that go so far past the point of acceptable language, violence, or sex get a red band. They can be played in theaters with R, NC-17, or unrated films but it doesn’t happen often. Before you hit play, let me just say, the Evil Dead remake trailer should have been given a “plaid band.” Watch at your own risk.

(If you don’t get the plaid reference, I’ve embedded a video to explain after the jump.)

The long version:

The short version:

(via Collider)

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  • Rachel

    plaid. definantly plaid.

  • Terence Ng

    Seeing the trailer with the legendary tree-rape scene makes me wonder if it would go over well at all in the current time. When people talk about the tree-rape scene from the original, it’s more in an infamous but campily-awed sort of way, probably owing to the campy nature of the film and the outlandishness of the scene as novel to a naive audience.

    But in a gritty remake in 2012/2013, where the scene has no never-before-seen edgy value anymore, will it just be grotesque and too steeped in the higher public awareness of actual rape and rape-culture to be reacted to and/or accepted in the same way?

  • Anonymous

    While I notice one of the guys is the Ash-character, it’s one of the girls who cuts off her possessed hand.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Well Jane Levy is the lead in the film so while there is no “Ash” she’s technically it.

  • Anonymous

    It certainly is gross.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always heard that Sam Raimi kinda regretted the angry molesting tree addition in the original. So to be honest I’d be surprised if the remake completely keeps the rape in.

  • Anonymous

    Knott’s Berry Farm has “costumed” it’s Log Ride for the film, and you get the running through the forest view with an Ash chainsawing his arm that splashes on you, and possessed girl in the basement. If you are in So-Cal go to the Haunt and ride the Log Ride it will super hype you for the the new movie, and the Evil Dead series in general.