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Hermione Granger Voted Best Film Role Model by UK Kids, Still Can’t Get Through Airport Security

Recently the UK video firm LoveFilm conducted a survey of 1000 children, asking them to pick who they thought the best film rolemodel was, of a selection of child characters in movies that ranged from Kevin McAllister of Home Alone to Charlie Bucket of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And you’ll never guess who came out on top, with 19% of the vote.

That’s right, the responsible, practical, straight-A student Hermione beat out a very healthy list of challengers to come in first place as the best film role model, according to kids. Among the other young women in the top ten were the eponymous Matilda (3rd), and Chihiro of Spirited Away. Not that it did Emma Watson any good when she was, like many young women in their early twenties (not that I’m speaking from past personal experience or anything), mistaken for an unaccompanied minor while travelling through an airport on her way back to college.

The actress tweeted:

Ahhh, the ability of a backpack to instantly de-age a twenty something by five years. As someone who still considers it a surprise when I’m not carded by bartenders and bouncers and wears a (classy, okay) backpack everywhere… I know that feel, Emma. I know that feel.

Okay, the feel I don’t know is being mistaken for a fifteen-year-old when you’re one of the stars of a multi-million dollar film franchise adaptation of a multi-million dollar book series. I don’t know that feel.

(Poll story via The Hollywood Reporter, Watson story via Jezebel.)

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  • CompassRing

    After my first year of college I went back to visit the elementary school I had worked at and the office assistant said, “I didn’t know the middle school let out this early”.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going back to school to get my AA after losing my gov’t job. Most of the students assume that I’m roughly the same age as them if not younger. I’m 35. I’m not sure whether to be annoyed or pleased.

  • Emerald White

    I’m 23, married and going through college for the second time, and people often shart their pants when they find out how old I am, and that I’ve been married for almost 2 years.

  • Lee S.

    My 25-year-old sister-in-law is constantly mistaken for anywhere between the ages of 14-16. Which makes it even weirder when she and my brother (30) go out together.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    I’m often told I look very young and sound very old. Which is an interesting contrast whenever I go…anywhere, really.

  • Anonymous

    the oldest I was refused alcohol was 30, i think (and this is the UK we’re talking about. Even I don’t think i looked under 18). Thing is guys, you’ll miss this when it’s gone. Now i probably look older than my 38 years of age (have a baby folks – it adds years to you. Even us Dads.) and I yearn for the days I could pass for someone 10 years younger than I actually am.

  • legionseagle

    Given it was passport control, didn’t it occur to him to – ah – look at the date of birth on her passport?

  • Kate Edwards

    I’m 27 and have been generally thought to be around that age, until I added a fringe to my hair! Now I get carded at every bar!

  • Anonymous

    Dat hair.

  • Magic Xylophone

    Pull a Drew Barrymore and write an article on High School life.

  • Anonymous

    If I get to be “friends” with Jessica Alba I most definitely will.

  • Bic

    I’m 25 and I still get asked for ID. The drinking age here is 18. I had a woman think me at 20, and my 18 year old brother were ~14 year old twins once.

  • AnnaB

    My favorite carding experience was when I was 26 and I went into a store to buy liquor. The 15 year old behind the counter demanded to see my ID.