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There Can Be Only One

Ellen Page on The Last of Us ‘Ripping Off’ Her Likeness

Blockbuster hit the Last of Us is gorgeous, gritty, and gripping; but there’s one thing that has people scratching their heads.

Is that Ellen Page?

It’s probably an accident, but there is something uncannily similar about her likeness and Ellie, one of two protagonists for the game. In a recent AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on Reddit, the actress commented on the resemblance.

I guess I should be flattered that they ripped off my likeness, but I am actually acting in a video game called Beyond: Two Souls, so it was not appreciated.

When someone tweeted at Page congratulating her on her great performance in The Last of Us, she did the classy thing and directed him to the real voice actress, Ashley Johnson.

Beyond: Two Souls comes out on Oct. 8 for PS3. The Last of Us is out now.

(via DigitalSpy and Polygon)

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  • Adam Cross

    I really can’t really see it to be honest. grasping at straws.

  • Veronica

    Awww…Chrissy Seaver!

  • Vintango

    Wait…hold on…until I read this article, I’ve been thinking, “Wow, interesting that Ellen Page is starring in two major games from two different studios.” Now you’re saying that’s NOT her in Last of Us? I mean…unless Ashley Johnson is Ellen’s identical twin, that’s some serious likeness theft (which I guess might become a real problem now as games become more cinematic and realistic).

  • Anonymous

    There are definite similarities, but video games modelling characters off real life actors has been a trend since approximately forever. Hell it’s pretty much an unwritten rule that every vs. fighting game needs to have at least one Bruce Lee impersonator as one of the combatants. And Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat started off as a Jean-Claude Van Damme tribute.

    I’m curious now, has anyone ever taken a video game company to court for basing a character off them?

  • Anonymous

    Meh. I adore Ellen Page but honestly don’t think it looks like her in a way that was done on purpose. It looks like an EXPRESSION that I’ve seen on her a lot. But this girl’s features are all just rounded-off versions of Page’s face, and so many people could look like that.

  • Hannele Kormano

    There was a thing a while back with Lady Miss Kier (Deee-Lite) vs Space Channel Five:

  • iRideTheHarlemLine

    Not the only thing that The Last of Us is “ripping off”… Why pay a licensing fee for a map of the MBTA when you can thief one from the portfolio of a talented graphic designer?

  • Kim Pittman

    I seem to recall them saying they originally modeled her after Ellen Page, but then they found out she was doing Beyond, so they found another actress who looked similar and just made small changes. So yeah… they walked into this one.

  • DarthBetty

    I bought this game and am buying Beyond 2 Souls. I would always reference the last of us as “that fake ellen page game. The one where it’s her but not her.” I was confused for about 3 months last year because of this. BUT I think Ellen Page is fairly a generic type looking actor, she is a “type”. Like a character description for a casting call could easily be described as “an ellen page type” and most people would know exactly what that is. Seems an odd coincidence to me, though I do remember reading that Naughty wanted to use her, and if she was already involved getting someone similar seems normal.

  • crosberg

    That is also the “after” photo of the current appearance of the character. If you compare the two, it used to lock WAY more like Page:

  • crosberg

    I thought this looked a lot more like Chloe Moretz, personally, but the original character appearance was more Page-like:

  • Meeself

    I feel like this is sort of akin to discussions where people try to figure out if Michael Cena is really Jesse Eisenberg (or vice versa). Sometimes two actors who happen to be working on projects at the same time really do look that much alike that people get confused.

  • Kathryn (@Loerwyn)

    I’d have to kinda disagree. It looks like the same character (roughly) just at a slightly different angle.

    But there’s definitely a resemblance *but* I think it’s different enough to not necessarily be a “rip”

  • Anonymous

    They changed the look of the character. The first version of it looked even more like her.

    I understand where she’s coming from: having a video game character that looks like you precisely at the moment when you’re working on another video game must be annoying, but with the time it takes to make a game, it was probably just a coincidence. Especially since, according to what I heard, The Last of Us is an excellent game that would sell itself either way.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, it’s NOT HER? Well, then.

  • Anonymous

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    There are definite similarities, but video games modelling characters
    off real life actors has been a trend since approximately forever. Hell
    it’s pretty much an unwritten rule that every vs. fighting game needs
    to have at least one Bruce Lee impersonator as one of the combatants.

  • Dillik

    In fairness, they’re both Caucasian…

  • crosberg

    I do agree that I’m not sure I would have seen it as a “rip” if I hadn’t heard about the story because of her objection. But I will admit that when I first saw the two pictures, my immediate reaction was “Hm, one of those looks a bit like Ellen Page and the other one’s sort of got a Chloe Moretz/Natalie Portman as Amidala thing going on.” It’s hard not for the human brain to recognize those similarities, but I will say I feel like it would be less of an issue if the company wasn’t so radio silent about the character redesign reasons.

  • Hollyanna

    Thanks for posting that. I couldn’t see the resemblance here, but I can definitely see it in the original.

  • Anonymous

    Holy f**k! I swear I saw wallpapers for the game and I thought it was Two Souls and they had changed the title while I wasn’t watching or sometihng.

    How is that even legally possible? They’re asking for a lawsuit!

  • Robert

    There are some differences. They turned up the nose, widened the eyes, and made her chin a little pointier. Further, Naughty Dog changed the character design after the first set of Ellie images were released and people said it looked just like Ellen Page. This was shortly after the first footage of the game Ellen Page did motion capture for came online. It doesn’t feel like a coincidence.

    They’re not denying it, either. They’re just saying another actress motion captured/ADR’d the role. The actress looks nothing like the character but sounds an awful like like Ellen Page (but doesn’t naturally talk like that).

  • Mina

    I never noticed the resemblance. It’s definitely different enough to make it a stretch to say they ripped off her likeness.

  • Jim

    Next you’re gonna tell us the “father” character isn’t supposed to be based on Gerard Butler.

  • crosberg

    Yeah, not entirely sure why they went with the “new” design to demonstrate a point about the “old” one, but…there you have it.

  • Allison

    Ellen Page is a celebrity already, she doesn’t need to “get her name out there.”

  • Anonymous

    Ellen Page is so basic, she could look like anyone.

  • Helen

    …Huh really?

    The two games have completely distinct looks to them that I don’t get how you’d think one game was the other. Thinking Ellen Page was in two games is understandable but thinking TLOU is Two Souls?

    Does Ellie still look that much like Ellen Page? I can see why in some images but not in others. Overall it must be Elle’s image as a whole that’s really causing the likeness more than just her face.

  • Ashe

    …He isn’t?

  • Ashe

    Doesn’t help that she’s named ‘Ellie’, either!

    I admit, I thought of Ellen Page when I saw her, did a double-take when I found out she wasn’t involved in any way, then did ANOTHER double-take when I found out Ellen Page is acting in another video game being released.

    I need a moment.

  • Anonymous

    For the people who have problems seeing the ressemblance, this article has the two versions of the character next to each other:

    I thought the first version was a dead ringer to Page.

  • AverageDrafter

    Sorry, could of used an antecedent. Ellen Page handled the situation extremely well, going so far as to knowing who Ashley Johnson was, and crediting her performance as the one being complemented.

  • Ali Miller

    They’re not radio silent, though – they made the redesign pretty public awhile back, saying that they wanted to make Ellie look more like a 14-year-old (her original facial design looked too “adult”).

  • Ali Miller

    If you play the game, her in-game model looks even less like Page. Honestly, the last thing I was thinking about while playing The Last of Us was Ellie’s potential resemblance to any other actor (even Ashley Johnson), because she felt like such a distinctive, fully-realized character.

  • Ali Miller

    Now there’s a comparison I don’t get at ALL. Maybe because in the game, Joel has such a strong Texas drawl, and Gerard Butler is the furthest thing from a Texan. But I don’t really see a facial resemblance, either.

  • Melynda

    She looked a lot more like her before they changed her face than she does now… There’s still a small resemblance, but not that much. They tried to change her to make her look more like her voice actress. Maybe they should’ve started with that.