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My Precious!

That One Time Peter Jackson Made Elijah Wood Get Done Up Like Gollum

I’m sorry to scare you like this. A test shot has been making the rounds today thanks to a post at It depicts actor Elijah Wood in what might have been a scene in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. The scene was either never filmed or wound up on the cutting room floor but would have shown us the eventual fate of Frodo had things not gone the way of the good guys which, as it turns out, would have meant Frodo becoming Gollum’s twin.

(via Blastr)

Previously in The Hobbit

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  • Psychotronic (Michael F.)

    Nice to see that Peter Jackson hasn’t lost his sense of humour.

  • Anonymous

    That scene was actually shot just FYI, you can see a bit of it and hear Elijah talk about what’s going on in the scene in one of the LoTR appendices discs . . . Though I can’t remember which one. All the better for the curious though! Watch and enjoy all twelve hours of bonus content, it’s good stuff.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Ah! It’s been many years since I watched all those bonus features. They are quite good.

  • Anonymous

    Evil people go bald, the good guys have always a head full of hair.

  • T Luz

    I believe it was intended for a quick shock moment (similar to Bilbo’s in Fellowship) during the scene in The Two Towers where Faramir learns Frodo has the ring and seems to be about to take it from him.

  • wubwub

    all i see is skrillex as an old man.

  • Anonymous

    Right, but i think it was less a scary jump-in-your-seat moment and more of a look what this thing is doing to Frodo right now moment. With the Bilbo moment we see that he’s still an addict despite his time away from the ring, but with Frodo we see that he’s suffering from more than temporary monster-facery, he’s actually well on his way toward Gollum-hood. It’s the sight of this corruption juxtaposed against the outwardly innocent appearance of the Hobbits, and the presence of Gollum to highlight the issue, that convinces Faramir to let the ring go. Also the whole ring turning his brother temporarily crazy thing probably helped him make up his mind too.

    I’m betting that this scene was axed because a lot of the things it’s intended to accomplish are already achieved without it, making it pretty redundant. Still cool to see wood in that funky makeup job though. Yipes!

  • Anonymous
  • Chris Lindsay

    Yeah, I think it was when Faramir catches up with Frodo and Sam in some kind of cave. Frodo is huddled in a dark corner and for a moment looks like Gollum (or picture above).

  • Anonymous

    This is old, old new to us that watch the Extended Editions…come on Mary Sue! :)

  • Anonymous

    Capt. Picard. Professor X. Moondragon. The Thing. Abin Sur. Martian Manhunter. John McClane. etc. (many many more).