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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Audience Participation

Geek Girl Band “The Doubleclicks” Need Your Help With Their Music Video!

The Doubleclicks, nerdy musician extraordinaires, have been repping the ladies in the nerdoverse since their inception. We’ve mentioned them before.

Now, they need some people to help them out.

For their music video “Nothing to Prove” (a song about being a girl geek even when there are haters hating left and right), they are crowdsourcing footage of women holding up signs talking about what got them into geek culture in the first place, or about what sort of nerd they are. Check out the song above, and go to their website to see what you can do to contribute to the project.

Us “fake geek girls” have to stick together!

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  • The Doubleclicks

    Hi there! The song is not officially released yet (it’s on our album that comes out next week), but if people would like to hear it, it might be easier to watch in this video:
    The video embedded in this post is our *very first* public performance of this song, and it’s interrupted a few times, in a house concert that we didn’t know was being filmed. :/

  • Brooke

    Ok! Will fix that now. Thanks for the tip, and the lovely music!

  • The Doubleclicks

    Thank YOU!!

  • Roslizbeth

    Awesome project! And can I just say how much I appreciate the Doubleclicks crowdsourcing content for their project instead just asking for money? I’m developing a bit a love/hate relationship with the fundraising phenomenon… “For the people, by the people!” :o)