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Good News Everyone!

Don Cheadle Will Be In The Avengers Sequel, Glory Glory Hallelujah

Last week a rumor circulated that Don Cheadle‘s James Rhodes, aka Rhodey, aka Iron Patriot, aka War Machine, aka the best part of Iron Man 3 (maybe I’m biased by my love of the Cheadlemeister, but it happens, OK?) would be in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The rumor was particularly unfounded, so we kept it in the back of our The Mary Sue hivemind, hoping that it would come true but not daring to anticipate that The Cheads would put in an appearance lest we face the ultimate disappointment of having yet another Cheadle-less movie come out in 2015. (There are going to be far, far too many of them as it is.)

Turns out we needn’t have worried. The Don of Cheadleville will indeed be in The Avengers sequel. Now it’s your turn, Star Wars. You know what to do.

In an interview with USA Today about his Golden Globe nomination for House of Lies, Monsieur McCheadle mentioned that he’d be in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and thus made our hearts grow three sizes.

There’s no word on how big his part will be; HitFix reports that War Machine will have a “key role in the conflict with Ultron,” but that’s just a rumor. I’ve seen various sites suggest that Marvel is grooming the character as a replacement for Iron Man, since Robert Downey Jr.’s already done four movies, and Iron Man 3 set him up for a character transition of sorts. My first thought was that I didn’t quite buy that Marvel would do that… but, then again, they’re going to have to cycle out Iron Man eventually, right? Sure the MCU began with him, and sure he’s mega-popular, but RDJ’s not going to do these movies forever. And with all the new characters Marvel’s bringing in (the Guardians of the Galaxy, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Ant-Man, likely the Wasp), I have to imagine that eventually Iron Man’s presence will have to be diminished.

Anyway, it’s still early days on that. If there are people more comics-knowledgeable than I who want to hash out whether Marvel will/can/should cut down on the Iron Man, the comments are open to you. I’ll just be sitting in a corner smiling because more Cheadster is never (never ever) a bad thing.

(via: io9)

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  • Thomas Hayes

    I’m glad he’s going to be in it. I liked him as Rhodey a lot in IM2 and IM3.

  • kbroxmysox

    How about some Carol Danvers? Or The Wasp? Or She-Hulk(listen, if they can do a Guardian of the Galaxy movie, a Black Panther movie and an Ant-Man movie, they can do a Hulk spun-off movie with Shulkie.) Don Cheadle is fine as War Machine but can we get some female Avengers? We don’t want this to start looking like the X-Films(love how they’re having Quicksilver but not Scaret Witch, so typical of the male heavy X-Films)

    Though the good news is that with Whedon writing we might only have two females but both will have plenty of lines and characters(love how Black Widow went from “sexy spy” in Iron Man 2 to all around BAMF in Avengers. Thanks Whedon!). So that’s something the X-Films don’t have(seriously has an female X-Men gotten an actual story arc that wasn’t betrayal(Mystique) or getting kidnapped and than giving up her powers for a guy(Rogue in X-Men 1 and than X-Men 3…ergh).

  • Jamie Jeans

    Right on! This is definitely good news.

  • KF

    Good news. It’d be nice if the Falcon could put in an appearance as well.

  • Anonymous

    I love Rhodey, but now I fear Ultron is going to kill him. It’s too easy of target.

  • Sarah Brockman

    YEAH! So excited about this tidbit.

    In terms of speculation re: Iron Man, I believe Stark becomes part of the upper-level decision making at S.H.I.E.L.D. at some point in one of the storylines, and at that point dials back his involvement in physically combating the baddies. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I could see them using that structure to keep RDJ involved and hold onto the fanbase he’s created, but not have to create additional movies for his character alone.

  • KF

    He did become director of SHIELD for a while, post-Civil War, but I think he still went out in the field. I agree that could work as a structure for when RDJ scales back his involvement in the franchise.

  • KF

    Would love to see Carol Danvers in there.

  • Anonymous

    i’m not likely to read anything better than that first paragraph all day today.

  • Kevin Ott

    “Sir Donald of Cheadleton”

  • The Gaf

    Here’s why. Ultron’s body is going to be War Machine. That is all.

  • Joseph Finn

    Excellent! Make sure he keeps wearing that sweet green polo shirt. (There’s something about that shirt that cracks me up.)

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I like you.

  • Foxfire

    Wooo I am so very excited to see Captain Planet getting some big screen time, in a cross over with The Avengers no less.

    Best news ever! (or at least for this morning)

  • Anonymous

    While that is a valid point, Rhodey is a character of color, of which there were none on the actual Avengers. Nick Fury was in the first movie but when it came to the actual superheroes, they were all white.

  • Anonymous

    I keep hoping so as well.

  • Anonymous

    His Highness Don, King of Cheadleshire

  • brokey mcpoverty

    Fair pt, im just glad hed in it

  • Rebecca Pahle


  • Lisa Liscoumb

    Hey, I just think they need to make Don Cheadle an offer he can’t refuse (or is that the other way around?)

  • Charlie


  • Charlie

    Superhero films can’t handle really powerful female characters for some reason. I bet my hat that if she’s ever put in she won’t have gotten her powers yet.

  • Foxfire
  • Charlie

    bwahahaha xD