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Allow us to explain.

Fashion for Nonhumans

Here Is Adorable Doggie Skyrim Cosplay, Because We Love You and Want You to Be Happy

I’ll be honest: I don’t play video games, and all I know about Skyrim is that it came out recently. Or a version of it came out recently. Really, I have no idea. If it’s something you enjoy, all power to you! I would never stand in your way. However, while I have a neutral opinion about Skyrim, something has prevented me from ever having a negative opinion about it. And it’s handmade crochet costumes for dogs. Adorable crochet costumes for adorable dogs.

No names are mentioned, but these costumes — that of a dragon and a dragonborn — were made by someone’s sister for the latter’s beagle and dachshund. And here are more pictures:

And here are the costumes by themselves, still adorable while not on the dogs:

Seriously, guys. Even with no concept of anything about Skyrim, this is the cutest thing I’ll see all day. Until Puppy Bowl comes on, anyway.

(via BuzzFeed)

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  • Jinxy Blastwave

    Skyrim is a wonderfully detailed fantasy game that has ditched the traditional fantasy class system.  It used to be, if you wanted to be a Mage, you signed up to play as a mage, and no further options were afforded you.  What Skyrim changed is that whatever your play style, the skills you use most level up naturally, allowing you all manner of hybridization.  If you want to sneak up on your enemies like a Rogue, and then set them on fire with a spell, have at it!  If you want to bash someone’s head in with a sword, disorient them, and then run away to pelt them with arrows, go ahead!  Traditional fantasy games have always been very rigid in that respect, and Skyrim showed a completely new way to handle things, and for that they should be commended.  Also, there are dragons.  Big ones.  And you kill them and EAT THEIR VERY SOUL.  It’s pretty great.

  • Roz Martinez

    Fus ro DOG!

  • Anonymous

    These are my dogs :) I made these for my beagle Honey and my dachshund Pandora. I am a huge fan of skyrim and decided to crochet these outfits as a challenge to myself. I’ve made the girls other outfits before and my friends thought I was silly for Doing it. Even as I was crocheting
    These I had a few snide comments made about how
    I was a dork. But I am
    Absolutely thrilled with how they turned out and the response I’m
    Getting from them. I do plan on puttin these outfits on
    eBay soon and I’ll post with a link to them when I do. I am all for making any custom outfits or any other request as well. I do sell a crocheted Dragonborn helmet for people as well. Contact me if you would like at

  • Red Garner

    All Elder Scrolls games pretty much have that free-form class-less play style. Skyrim is the newest one so it’s much more modern and streamlined. The perks you get for leveling are new, tho, and they are GLORIOUS!!! XD

  • Skemono

    Because We Love You and Want You to Be Happy

    Lies and balderdash!

  • Nicole Lynn Scantlin
  • Ryan ‘Quavey’ Havers


  • Mic Costumes

    lol, this costume is so cute ~