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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

Doctor Who Timeline Lays out Every Companion, Doctor, and Adversary; Still Clearer Than Last Season’s Timeline

There’s just something about the chronology of the Doctor and River Song that I can’t wrap my head around. I know, I know they’re experiencing their romance in the wrong order relative to each other, I know that in theory, but every episode I stare at River and go: wait… so what does she know at this point? Can she remember..? But? Dammit, I need an infographic.

This is not that infographic, but it is probably useful for some other people. For example: you dislike the Daleks now? Well, at least you weren’t watching during the first Doctor’s tenure.

(via Geeks are Sexy.)


  • Victoria Eden

    Here is my favorite River/Doctor timeline:

    It’s interactive!

  • Thomas Davies

    The TV Movie did NOT get ‘dismal ratings’- it got 9 million viewers in the UK, that’s about the same number that tuned in to “Rose” in 2005.
    The fact it premiered on US TV in the worst possible time slot for a ‘pilot’ based on a cult series barely known to American viewers should not be offered as backhanded criticism.

    And FYI, no “Who” fan anywhere, ever would count Craig as an official companion, even the ones who count Sara Kingdom, Kamelion and Adam. And if you’re gonna include them, why exclude Mike Yates and Benton?

    Fucking Americans.

  • Lisa Jonte

    Golly, it must be uncomfortable with your knickers all twisted up like that.

    See, I was going to commiserate with you until you you saw fit to end with, “Fucking Americans.”

    Just because a few, clueless network execs chose to give the TV movie short shrift doesn’t mean that all Americans are assholes. If Fox had wanted it to be a success they’d have given it far more domestic support, but they didn’t, so it wasn’t, which gave them an excuse to pull the plug.

    And “barely known to American viewers” my ass.  Certainly, it wasn’t standard prime time fare, but it was regularly on every PBS channel, and I couldn’t walk ten feet across my college campus without encountering a Dr. Who fan.