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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

The Doctor Is: Sailor Gallifrey

I bet some of you didn’t even read that headline, just saw this picture, recognized the iconography, and gasped. DeviantArtist Walanganumanpo had this to offer as explanation:

John Smith is a regular high school boy except that he has always have had the feeling that there is more than just this reality: that there are vast worlds beyond the sky – flying through time and space. Then one evening, he sees a spark in the night sky, he follows it and sees a capsule – a U.F.O. It opens! And there lies a dying creature – an alien, a survivor of the invasion of his home planet – who gives him the sonic screwdriver. Now, he must use it to protect his beloved Planet Earth for alien invaders are about to come – he must become The Doctor!

But wait… there’s more.

(DeviantArt via Tea with a Time Lord.)

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  • Terence Ng

    Definitely some great nods to the Moon Crystal and Moon Cosmic Power transformations.

  • Shannan Hinners

    That is so totally rad.

  • Stephanie Eversole Vandenburg

    So I have a really perverted, messed up mind….I’m a huge Sailor Moon fan and I love Doctor Who, but I totally saw a guy grabbing a glowing, green penis at first. Yikes. :/ LOL

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even watch Doctor Who or Sailor Moon but I clicked through in hopes of seeing the Doctor in a skirt. Disappointed. .

  • you guys

    I’m surprised he isn’t a furry, too.

  • Bryanna Nicole Brown

    would be cuter with David Tennant! <3

  • Marion Yelle

    This makes me so happy. :D

  • Jeffrey Penelope

    Fighting Daleks by Moonlight, Driving Tardis by daylight, Brings his Screwdriver to a Gun Fight, he is the one named Dr Whoon. <3