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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Doctor Who Producer: I “Defy Anybody” to Figure Out Who Clara Really Is

“What’s lovely this year is that we’ve also got a thread running through these eight very different, very exciting stories – the mystery of Clara.

She’s the impossible girl. The Doctor has met her twice before and both times she died. This time he’s determined to keep her alive and to discover who or what she really is.

It’s a riddle that won’t easily be cracked. I defy anybody to guess it. Steven Moffat has found a way to lead everybody down the garden path and then knock them over with surprise at the end.”— Doctor Who producer Marcus Wilson challenging fans to uncover the true identity of the Doctor’s newest companion.

I don’t know, Mr. Wilson. Doctor Who fans can be pretty clever. I think someone might figure it out. Maybe someone already has. I for one quite like this theory.

(via: blastr)

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  • Anonymous

    Of course, if somebody does get it right, Wilson might start complaining about fan entitlement.

  • Anonymous

    I hope its not a surprise, like the one when the doctor was shot by river…

  • Hannele Kormano

    Ehhh, I love Doctor Who, but so many times, ‘mystery’ is just code for showing mysterious things until the Doctor blurts it all out at the end. There could be exceptions, but rarely has a mystery in Doctor Who been solvable before the reveal.

    Example, a lot of people figured ‘the only water in the forest is the river’ has something to do with River Song and Amy Pond. Anything that points toward familial relations? No. Anything *else* to do with forests? There was Forests of the Dead, which also points toward River being involved *somehow*, but again nothing that suggests the solution (and also a bit of a red herring, really).

    Actually, I suppose the giveaway there came at the beginning of *that very episode* (Melody Pond on the crib), which perhaps is the best thing to do with a fanbase as rabid as Doctor Who’s.

  • Jenny Trout

    “Steven Moffat has found a way to lead everybody down the garden path and then knock them over with surprise at the end.” Also known as Deus Ex Machina, a/k/a The Ponds.

  • Anonymous

    Time-fragmented, future incarnation of The Doctor.

  • Anonymous

    Well…. a GOOD surprise might not be so bad. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Or Romana. Or Susan! :P

  • Lindsay Beaton

    I’m actually disappointed now, because that line about defying people to figure it out means she might actually BE somebody previously introduced in canon–and I want her to be completely new. Not a weird reincarnation of Who-knows-who, not a tweaked version of whatever, just a brand new companion character with a brand new twist. I’ll be really turned off by the whole thing if Clara ends up as some sort of past-season-referential being. Gah.

  • Anonymous

    She’s the (tenth) Doctor’s daughter! Remember, she died but then came back and just disappeared off into space….

    I have no evidence for this. Just a wild guess.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe, she’s the Master.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Considering the flirting, I sure hope they’re not father and daughter!

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Luke & Leia can give them some advice.

  • Brandon Cord Bradshaw

    Doctor’s daughter, doctors daughter

  • Jason Newland

    She’s Clara, but she (likely) has Rassilon’s ring, and somehow that allows Rassilon to regenerate outside of the time vortex. What I mean is she’s Rassilon. That’s my theory. Also, I imagine the 50th will have other time lords, and what else is the doctor truly afraid of?

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I’ve found when there’s a “mystery”, I inevitably spend months coming up with potentially exciting, interesting theories…only to be severely let down by the actual outcome. I fall for it every time. Or at least I used to.

  • Hannele Kormano

    That kind of speculation can be fun! For Doctor Who, though, I find that most of my speculation is completely wild – there aren’t enough hints to guess at the bigger picture, and you end up filling in more pieces than you have.

  • Anonymous

    Six years of wall-to-wall speculation on LOST, alone, has made me a worn out, broken, haggard man. ;) But yeah, I still inevitably wind up trying to fit the pieces together. I’m a glutton for this sort of abuse. ;)

  • Robin Burks

    If this is like the crap where River Song turned out to be Amy and Rory’s daughter, most had figured that out WAY in advance. I hope this surprise is better than that.

  • Victoria Knopsnider

    thats what i was thinking

  • Thalia Sutton

    My personal theory so far, cracky as it is, is that she’s either the Doctor’s daughter (from Classic Who), one of his future selves, or the Universe itself saying hello. But the theory linked-to in the article is intriguing: someone who’s virtual….Hm.

  • Robert Chamblee

    My theory, clones or replicas of the current Clara(from Bells), that will be made by or/with cooperation from River song in the Doctor’s future(Riversongs past).. In a scene from Red Dwarf when Lister and Rimmer encounter a future image of Lister. Rimmer ask’s him to tell him what happens. The real Lister says he can’t hear you, he’s only an image. But Rimmer says if I ask you then you’ll remember in the futre, etc.
    In this vein both Dalek/Oswin & Victorian Clara have preknowledge of the Doctor, from Riversong and have been instructed to act, say certain things, and or take jobs that will lead the doctor to speculate. Dalek/Owsin was very familiar with the Doctor, Victorian Clara was very aggressive in pursuing the Doctor, almost as if she was on a mission.
    When Clara is on the phone with the Doctor he asks “Where did you get this Number?” Her answer was from a female source.Who is female knows the Doctor’s number, and has foreknowledge of the Docto’r future in able to set these circumstances up? Riversong.
    The Doctor Who series has used multiple uses of Dopplegangers, etc. in their shows. The Doctor(spoonhead) in Bells. The Doctor Replica shot by young Riversong in Astronaut suit. Amy’s Doppleganger while she held capive, etc. It would explain the multiple deaths.
    Riversong having foreknowledge of the Doctor could set events in motion. It is possible that one of the two future versions of Clara is real, but I will go with the clone/replica theory.

  • John Phillip

    Gaiman’s previous episode where he portrayed the Tardis as a human female. What if Clara is a disembodied Tardis? It would explain the Tardis’s refusal to allow Clara inside (jealousy). Also ties into River as she gained timelord regenerations from being a child of the Tardis, and the Tardis can alter its appearance…Moffat has pulled madder schemes previously. Other option Clara is a Timelord (2 hearts on childhood jumper) Susan’s mother or a regenerated Susan?