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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

If You Smash a TARDIS Piñata, Does it Make a Candy Crack in the Universe?

And on the other side of that candy crack, is there a Candy Kingdom? Because I want to go to there.

Mostlymade’s TARDIS piñata features a hatch on the bottom and a pullstring, just in case you don’t want to smash up your lovingly made TARDIS piñata and don’t care that you’re completely ignoring everything cool about piñatas (blindfolded violence) and also the opportunity to restage Van Gogh’s exploding TARDIS painting with candy instead of fire. Here’s the making-of of this cardboard construction, with full instructions at, where else, Instructables.

(via That’s Nerdalicious.)

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  • Robert Vary

    I believe the correct question is “Exactly how much candy will fall out?”

  • Anonymous

    That would be a terrible piñata. After all what are you going to do with a bat when the assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn’t get through that door?

  • Jill Pantozzi


  • Anonymous

    What you do is build a “time vortex” over it and fill that with candy, too, and have an opening between it at the TARDIS so when you open the pinata you get twice as much candy and can claim it’s bigger on the inside.