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That Time Matt Smith Said He’d Do Who In New Zealand, and Peter Jackson Said “Sure”

Well, we’ve already had one Doctor Who related post today, and one Peter Jackson one, so you’ll just have to tough it out while we tell you about this one. See, we already knew that Matt Smith, in an interview with New Zealand-based Waikato Times, what anyone would have said when asked whether you’d like to film something in the questioner’s home country. He said “No, of course not. I hate New Zealand and its wealth of unparalleled natural beauty.” No, of course not, he said:

“I think it would be an absolutely wonderful place to film Doctor Who… Let’s get Peter Jackson to direct [an episode] and go and make it in New Zealand. I would love to, I will campaign endlessly to come over and film there.”

Which was neither here nor there, and we just couldn’t think up enough Hobbit/Doctor Who crossover jokes to make a whole post out of it. That is until now. Until the Waikato Times asked Peter Jackson for comment. Said Jackson:

I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and I think Matt’s fantastic. Just name a time and place, and I’ll be there!

Well, BBC, the gauntlet has been thrown down. I suppose it’s not that fair to ask… it took you a very long time to scrap together the budgetary funds to visit America, and New Zealand’s considerably farther. This is just a cute celebrity interaction that will fuel the imaginations of understanding fans who know that nothing will come of it.

Ok, no but seriously, BBC. Neil Gaiman is writing another episode for you. Put it in New Zealand and have Peter Jackson direct it. He can rope in Hobbit star and seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy. The world will explode.

(via Boing Boing.)

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  • diane

    I want this.

  • Stephen Dudley McPherson

    I wish they’d come film in Australia. Doctor Who is very popular here and we’ve been behind the show since the beginning.

  • Wulfy

    Old Who was filmed in London, New Who was given to BBC Wales, now they
    seem to moving things over to BBC America. Wait a few years and maybe Australia / New Zealand will get the parcel passed to them.

  • Invisible_Jester89

    Do this. Now. Whovians around the world demand it.