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Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

Come On In and See Which Awesome Historical Figure Might Be in the 50th Anniversary Episode of Doctor Who

I wonder why they dismantle and rebuild the TARDIS on set when they could just materialize it? Seems like that would save on shipping and labor. Anyway, shooting has begun on the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, and you all should know what that means: British paparazzi snaps of the set! Anybody who isn’t into looking at spoilers that I suppose could be major plot points but are probably pretty mild and will eventually be revealed in press should look no further.

On Monday, the BBC treated us to our first picture of Matt Smith and David Tennant on the job at the episode’s script read through. Yesterday, they posted this picture:

Featuring Smith, Tennant, Jenna-Louise Coleman and newcomer Joanna Page, who had not previously been announced as a part of the show’s cast. And now, courtesy the Daily Mirror, we’ve got a look at Page on set, looking quite regal indeed:

Now, there’s a coat covering her costume so admittedly once we see it in the show things could look quite different. But with the striking red hair and gold gown, it’s hard not to make the connection to one of England’s most badass monarchs, Queen Elizabeth I, in her coronation gown. Whether Page turns out to be human or alien, I’m sure she’ll have a pretty interesting role in the special. But as of right now? I’m putting my hopes in Liz the First. And her albatross wings.

(First and second picture via The Daily Mirror, story via Bleeding Cool.)


  • Holly Anne

    Uh-oh… Ten caused some problems with Liz I.

  • Dave

    So given that post-Rose Ten had no idea Liz 1 considered him her sworn enemy (or even recognized him!) in “The Shakespeare Code”, does that mean it’s clone!Doctor and Rose who are going to show up? Or is it Ten on his pre-”End of Time” jaunt, and Rose’s storyline an unrelated happy bonus? Or is it a totally new event in his timeline with Rose that somehow doesn’t contradict continuity and oh no I’ve gone cross-eyed.

  • Elwyne

    I imagine this would be pre-whatever made her hate him in Liz’s timeline, given her apparent age. Also in his timeline, since whatever he did was post-Rose. (see The Shakespeare Code, The End of Time Part I.)
    But this is Moffat, so who knows.
    Now, Rose and Ten were already around for the coronation – see The Idiot’s Lantern. Not that that matters; this ep could fall anywhere in their timeline, before or after that, because, timey wimey.
    Also this is Moffat.

    That aside, LOVE the hair, love the dress. :)

  • Elwyne

    I heard Ten’s TARDIS has been sighted, suggesting this is the Doctor and not the clone. I’m guessing this story will overlap his travels with Rose, during their goofy obnoxious period together in S2. His attitude in the End of Time doesn’t leave a lot of room for speculation that he may have seen Rose recently.
    But like I said, Moffat. Who knows. :)

  • Alissa Adams

    I thought The Idiot’s Lantern was for the coronation of Elizabeth II. Or am I getting things mixed up (easy enough to do with time travel)?

  • Elwyne

    no, you’re right, I’m an idiot. (facepalm)

  • Jason Atkins

    Or, maybe Billie Piper isn’t in the episode as much as we’re expecting. She was officially announced as being part of it, but she’s not part of the photograph that they released from the read-through (the one included above). For a publicity photo opportunity like that, why would you not include Billie Piper as well – have the two Doctors, and two Companions?

    Was Billie Piper just out of the room at the time, or is her role in the story not important enough for her to be at the read-through?

  • Sabrina

    If it is THE Liz incident then that would place Ten between Waters of Mars and End of Time. Rose wouldn’t be with him then but there’s another possibility. Rumours are still going back and forth regarding Chris Eccleston’s involvement. Rose not being with Ten could be an indicator that she’ll be with Nine. This is of course all speculation and a lot of wishful thinking, haha.
    The scene could also be another incident with Liz in which she turns out to be a Zygon and the real Liz and Ten never actually meet then. Which still begs the question where Rose is but yeah. It could go anywhere at this point.

  • Anonymous

    CloneTen has a TARDIS too, eventually, per the deleted scenes…
    which RTD says is canon when he introduces the scene.
    But, Moffat. Who knows, yes indeed.

  • Alissa Adams

    This type of thing is bound to happen with wibbly-wobbly time stuff and royal houses that don’t believe in using more than three or four names for their entire line. :)