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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss These Doctor Who Henna Tattoos

Wait. That’s not why you refrain from blinking in the Who fandom, is it? Whoever the people were who received and painted this henna ink, may the Silence never find you.

(Imgur via Fashionably Geek.)

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  • Crystal Lynn

    Awesome! Although I can’t imagine how an angel on your skin will turn around and try to zap you…

  • Kristen McCurdy

    That was done by myself (the tardis) and Illyana Lund (the angel)

  • Kristen McCurdy

    that was my first time doing henna, she is teaching me. she is amazing.

  • Kristen McCurdy

    Me doing the tardis on her arm, the angel was the first henna ive had on myself, too. it was so epic