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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Hello Sweetie

Can’t Wait For The Doctor Who Finale? Here’s 13 Photos From “The Name Of The Doctor.”

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Ok, to be fair, some of you might have already watched the episode by now but we here in the U.S. still have a few hours left to go and it’s killing me. So in the meantime, I’ll tide myself over by looking at these preview images of “The Name of the Doctor” over, and over, and over, and….

(via Doctor Who TV)

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  • Beth Houthuijzen

    I just saw it (I live in Holland), it was AWESOME, I won’t give any spoilers :-)

  • Gordon Borland

    Loved it, I read Lungbarrow and Watched that today, I’m all Doctor’d out.

  • Ailsa Clarke

    Just seen it here in England, loved it, spent ten minutes screaming “Whaaaaaaaattttt!” after the credits rolled though.

  • Beth Houthuijzen

    I am so glad I recorded it so I can watch it again to make sure I understand everything that’s going on

  • Andrew Paul Ross Semkow

    From what my friend have told me (and the comments below) people are gonna lose their shit, and already are.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a very good thing I’m alone at home right now, because I had a very loud “What? What?! WHAT?!” moment there, and it’s 1AM over here. ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to hearing what Mary Sue commenters have to say about this one. Every other denizen of the internet seems to be screaming with glee over the ep and my feelings are predictably less enthusiastic :)

    Roll on discussion!

  • Amanda Burke

    So the Doctor is fighting the Gentlemen from BtVS? It’s like all my dreams have come true.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Quick, everyone do your best David Tennant impression! “What? What?! Whaaaat??

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Man there was a lot to take in. I’m about to watch it for a third time right now. I really want to know how this is going to relate to “The Silence”. For a second I thought The Whisper Men were going to be turned into “The Silence” at the episodes end but then we got a really lame explanation about them.

  • Kristyne Makortoff-Jones

    Not gonna lie, I was tearing up at the end and then had my mind blown by the ending! And now we have to wait until November! NOOOO

  • Deggsy

    I bad to go to the kitchen to see to dinner, so missed the beginning and the ending. My luck is like that :-)