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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Nine Gives Eleven a Rose In the Latest Episode of Doctor Puppet [VIDEO]

The new episode of Alisa Stern‘s Doctor Puppet is both dramatic and disgustingly (in a good way) cute. Keep your eye out for references; I spotted Seven’s hat and umbrella in addition to a Weeping Angel-esque garden statue. And, of course, the roses. Drop us a comment if you spot any more.

(via: NerdApproved)

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  • Anonymous

    And this is the closest we get to seeing the 9th doctor with the 12th.

  • Joie Young

    Bird chirping in the garden (this one may be stretching it, admittedly; 0:53), Bad Wolf carved into the knot on the tree in the garden (1:13), cricket ball (2:53). That’s all I got.

  • Anonymous

    it said bad wolf on the tree when 11 is looking over the hedge

  • Anonymous

    Bad Wolf is also written on the field with the sheep(!) when the camera zooms in on earth, and I bet there are more.

  • Taissa Reis

    And Bad Wolf written in the garden at the bottom of the screen at 00:25.

  • Anonymous

    And yes I said 12th, since John Hurt got added to his list of re-generations I consider him the 12th.

  • Anonymous

    Yup, the sign outside the house (2:21) says “Bad Wolf Lane”.

  • Anonymous

    The garden gnome is wearing a Fez.

  • Joie Young

    Good catches, both!

  • Robert Vary

    Oh my god, Puppet Nine is KILLING me.

  • Crystal Lynn

    The umbrella leaning against the hedge has a question mark. 11 was standing on a weeping angel statue before falling into the garden! xD