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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

Unleash The Smell of Evil With Disney Villain Perfume Bottles

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Disney princesses are all right, I guess. If you can get past the cutesyness. But Disney villains are where it’s at. Don’t argue. I am empirically, one hundred percent correct. Those paragons of cinematic cruelty serve as the inspiration for artist Ruby Spark‘s series of perfume bottle designs. It includes the heavy-hitters and the more obscure baddies alike, from the singer of the very best Disney villain song of all time, Ursula (Did you think I’d say Scar? YOU FOOLS!), to others like Maleficent, Gaston, even The Rescuers‘ Madame Medusa. Sadly, these perfume bottles are mere designs—the real versions exist nowhere but in our blackened, evil hearts.

(Cartoon Brew via /Film)

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  • Elizabeth Wells

    The only ones I don’t know are Foulfellow and Gideon

  • Mina

    I believe they’re the anthropomorphic fox and cat that trick Pinocchio into working for Stromboli and then later going to Pleasure Island (although I always thought Foulfellow’s name was Honest John).

  • Octochan

    I think Lady Tremaine’s hairdo is more evocative of Futurama’s Mom these days.

  • Anonymous

    I could go for Captain Hook; the kinda-feminine shape and red hat remind me of one of my favorite (albeit non-Disney) cartoon villainesses of all time!

  • Nick Gaston

    Disney Vigors?

  • Anonymous

    Final Fantasy Red Mage!

  • imelda

    Whaaa!!! These are amazing! How could you get my hopes up and then tell me they’re not real???

  • Eve

    These are gorgeous. Mother Gothel’s is one of my favorites.

  • Eve

    That’s what I found out when I googled them because I didn’t know them.

  • Sabrina Cox

    Just what I thought!

  • Anonymous

    I could definitely see these in a Disney gift shop!

  • StarburstLady

    I think Disney did do a line of princess perfumes through Sephora, so… you can dream!

  • imelda

    You’re right! But they’re nowhere near as cool. They have beautiful boxes, but the bottles are all the same:

  • Miss_Dahlia

    I love Cruella de Vil’s bottle, it’s very Art Deco.