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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

I See What They Did There

These Disney Princess-themed Drinks Will Spice Up Your Weekend

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If you drink alcohol and you like Disney Princesses, well, are you ever in luck today. A mixologist in Spokane, Washington named Cody has created mixed drinks that are themed around various Disney Princesses and villains. They sure are pretty and entertainingly named. Cheers!

(via Laughing Squid)

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  • Rachel Ripley

    a quibble with the title, cos they’re not all princesses. But this really makes me want to have a disney themed cocktail party!

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    I don’t really drink but these look fabulous.

  • EKC

    These look great! I really want to try “Belle of the Ball”… Using “porcelain” to describe Mulan’s drink does strike me as too close to the “lotus blossom/China doll” trope for comfort though.

  • Anonymous

    Evil Stepmother looks good. A lot of them do. I need to have a taste test party with someone…

  • Anonymous

    I like how they chose the colours for Sleep Cycle.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, and the whole “sake, chinese, what’s the difference” makes me eyeroll.

  • Ashe

    Yeah, that’s pretty stupid.

  • Ashe

    Oh, Spokane. This is a pretty cool idea (Jasmine’s looks so pretty), but you could at least PRETEND you’re not one of the whitest hipster cities on the coast. Sake in a drink dedicated to a Chinese woman? Really?

    Anyway, this would be a fun theme for a get-together. Imagine the karaoke!

  • cheesy

    I really want to drink “Evil to the Core” RIGHT NOW. Mmmmmm

  • Kris

    C’mon over to Florida, then, because I’m pretty sure my gaming group will demand to give all of these a go.

  • Anonymous

    And as an added bonus: no snow. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Burly and Brawny and Evil Stepmother sound REALLY good. And I’m totally trying Lily of the Sun soon.

  • PITAchic

    I am currently drinking the Lily of the Sun for my girls night out. It’s tasty. The Rebel Royal is a little too sweet for me. Those are the only ones we’ve tried.

  • Ashe

    Since I’ve lived here for over six years. It’s a juxtaposition of
    outwardly liberal and inwardly conservative. In other words, a hipster

    And I consider any state in the west coast coastal. I’m funny like that.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of these (especially the princess ones) sound waaaaay to sweet for my taste. Not surprising but eww. Burly and Brawny, Evil Stepmother, Royal Vizir, Mushu and Lily of the Sun sound delicious though.

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