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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Why Not Do It With Some Style?

Disney Men Get The Pop-Culture Halloween Costume Treatment

  1. 1.Beast as The Hulk Beast as The Hulk
  2. 2.Prince Charming, Prince Eric, and Prince Florian as Sam, Castiel, and Dean Prince Charming, Prince Eric, and Prince Florian as Sam, Castiel, and Dean
  3. 3.Li Shang as Mako Li Shang as Mako
  4. 4.Prince Naveen as Captain Jack Sparrow Prince Naveen as Captain Jack Sparrow
  5. 5.Milo Thatch as The Doctor (Tennant) Milo Thatch as The Doctor (Tennant)
  6. 6.Aladdin and Abu as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu! Aladdin and Abu as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu!
  7. 7.Prince Philip as Indiana Jones Prince Philip as Indiana Jones
  8. 8.Quasimodo as Austin Powers Quasimodo as Austin Powers
  9. 9.Peter Pan as Link Peter Pan as Link
  10. 10.John Smith As Johnny Bravo John Smith As Johnny Bravo
  11. 11.Flynn Rider as Marty McFly Flynn Rider as Marty McFly

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  • Anonymous

    BEAST! OMG! Also love Quasimodo and Maximus. These are awesome.

  • Elwyne

    These are hilarious. I have to vote for anyone dressing as the Doctor, and he gets extra points for being a language nerd. (yes I had to look him up.) (disney fail.)

  • Janna

    Love the Quasimodo, even if I hate the Disney version. Be your groovy self, Quasi! Aladdin and Abu are great too – Jafar and Iago can be 2/3rds of Team Rocket!

  • Samuel

    Beast as Hank McCoy would have also been apropos, imo.

  • Michelle Hunt

    Jimmy from Treasure Planet also could have made an excellent Marty McFly

  • Sarah Brockman

    I am adoring the Ash/Alladin costume. That is brilliant.

  • Philip Lopez

    Gotta go with Flynn as Marty. So great and he comes with his own sidekick. LIkewise, Aladdin/Abu

  • Anonymous

    And I the only one who thinks that Peter Pan as Link is just too obvious and not as much fun as the rest?
    Otherwise, these are fantastic.

  • Aeryl

    They’d have been a better Handsome Shrek and Handsome Donkey, IMO.

  • Lowprices

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find the Disney Princes to be such a generic lot compared to the ladies that I had to spend a few minutes trying to remember who half of them were. Aladdin and the Beast were good though.

  • 1nsomniacTheater

    Agreed, The Beast as Beast would be… dare I say it… beast!

  • Anonymous

    I told him he should’ve done Peter Pan as Frodo Baggins. Oh well.

  • Morgan Dunbar

    Peter Pan as Link….too easy lmao

  • Samuel

    I actually just can’t get over Peter Pan not holding the shield and sword in the correct hands.

  • Anonymous

    I did think of that afterwards, but if it’s meant to emphasize the temper tantrum-y nature of the Beast in the beginning of the movie, then Hulk is probably a good fit. But yeah, it might be nice to see his more brainiac side, too.

  • Lara

    My two favorite princes ended up being two of my favorite characters! (Indiana Jones and the Back to the Future duo). Milo as Tennant is pretty apropos, too.

  • Anonymous

    Read your comment before seeing the picture… was kind of hoping it was a Bruce Campbell costume.

  • Lola Arcana

    I can’t tell most of the early princes apart. My fave was Quasimodo, when I read Prince Philip I immediately thought of the Queen’s hubby which made me chuckle.