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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Disney Says It’s Not Done Shopping for Your Favorite Franchises

About a year ago Disney acquired Lucasfilm and stomped on the anthill that is the nerd world, sending us scrambling to figure out where we were in a world where Star Wars sequels could be made with minimal influence from George Lucas, and where one company owned the Disney Princesses, Pixar, the Muppets, Star Wars, and the film rights for the lion’s share of Marvel superhero characters. In comparison the Disney/Marvel acquisition seemed perfectly normal: Warner Bros. has owned DC Comics for years now, after all.

Disney’s chief financial officer told reporters at a conference yesterday that Disney isn’t necessarily done acquiring franchise properties, though they don’t have any in mind at the moment. They’re just, you know, leaving room in case they want dessert.

If you’ll forgive me for continuing the metaphor, Disney did have a bit of a snack this weekend when it worked out a deal with Paramount Pictures, who still hold the distribution rights for the Indiana Jones franchise. The end result of that was that Disney can now, if it so chooses, continue the franchise, reboot it, craft prequels, or whatever. And if the company does acquire more of the franchises you grew up loving, according to Jay Rasulo, the deals will be more of that size. From The Wrap:

“It’s safe to say you’ll continue to see us doing acquisitions in the future,” Rasulo told the Wall Street heavy crowd, advising them to not read too much into the buyback plans. He did say, however, that any deals would probably be smaller in size, noting that the company did not have “anything on the scale of LucasFilm or Marvel” in its sights.

As for how Indy and Star Wars will be integrated in with the rest of Disney’s holdings, Rasulo said we can look to Marvel for an example. So, I guess we’re getting an Indiana Jones team up movie? That’s a bit of a vague answer, but Disney is gearing itself up to have a Star Wars movie out every year, with a new trilogy supported by one-off movies. That’s not too dissimilar to Marvel, if you consider the Avengers films to be the trilogy and Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man to be the one-offs. It’ll be interesting to see how Indiana Jones, a much less robust (though no less compelling) setting for expanded universe stories, fits into this model.

(via The Wrap.)

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  • Anonymous

    It’s no secret they’ve had their eye on Marmaduke for some time now.

  • KF

    “As for how Indy and Star Wars will be integrated in with the rest of Disney’s holdings, Rasulo said we can look to Marvel for an example. So, I guess we’re getting an Indiana Jones team up movie?”

    It might mean that they intend to allow the production teams behind the franchises to operate semi-independently (but only semi), as with Marvel and Pixar. In other words, think about Marvel’s relationship with Disney versus DC’s relationship with Warner Bros.

  • Lisa

    You must be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

  • Nick Gaston

    Disney actually bought the rights to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ works months ago, but they forgot to announce it.

  • Anonymous

    After John Carter, the might’ve wanted to keep it a little better secret actually.

  • Anonymous

    Helloooo, Tom Clancy passed recently. Can’t everyone see Mickey as the next Jack Ryan? I can’t be the only one coming to these wonderful conclusions.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    And I’m still sad that the rights to Monkey Island are just gonna sit forgotten in the back of a hard drive or a file cabinet somewhere, unused.

  • Important Film Maker

    Yeah, i actually see this as a bad thing. I don’t want to see the Disney logo in front of every movie I go to.

  • Mark Matson

    I lean towards liking this. Many of these characters and worlds would die of natural causes along with their creators. Disney can provide a bit of immortality.

    Now I’m trying to think of what else is out there of similar stature. Nothing is coming to mind.

  • Engler Pascal

    To be honest, i could imagine that working. ;)

    In Germany there was this series:
    which had Mickey as a (at least for Disney standards) hard boiled detective. And it worked.

  • Caitlin

    I read Cloud Atlas last year, and they referred to all movies as “disneys” (even the porn they were watching). I guess it’s becoming a reality?

  • Laura Truxillo

    Ah. Thanks for reminding me.


  • Bryan

    Complain all you want, but wait till they do a massive company crossover where Thor fights Emperor Palpatine. The Incredibles meet the Fantastic Four. WALL-E and R2D2 team up with ’80s Robot to solve crimes. The mere possibility is enough to keep me from getting too mad.

  • Important Film Maker

    That, if anything, makes it MORE Big Brother- ish. They’ll let the sheep believe everything is going normally as they secretly control every film ever made.

  • Anonymous

    So far, all signs point to Lucasfilm becoming not just a Marvel clone, but a Pixar clone too:

    “J.J., his longtime producing partner Bryan Burk, and Bad Robot are on board to produce along with Kathleen Kennedy under the Disney | Lucasfilm banner.”

    Are they deliberately trying to deflate George’s ego?

  • Anonymous

    Was that in the movie?

  • Brand

    Un-shockingly that is how a lot of things work. I mean Disney already owns Miramax and Touchstone.

    But even in retail a lot of time competing stores are owned by the same company. But to have the illusion of competition they will brand them differently.

  • Anonymous

    They sold Miramax, and Touchstone is now just used for live-action movies made by DreamWorks.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure Disney has always owned Touchstone.