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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Disney Meets DC Comics For A Haunted Mansion Crossover

“Haunted Arkham Asylum” was a piece put together by DeviantArtist ArtistAbe. It parodies Disney’s Haunted Mansion stretch portraits originally illustrated by Marc Davis and reproduced by Clem Hill. We have to admit, ArtistAbe chose wisely when replacing the characters with Batman and his Rogues Gallery. Also? Not sure I could handle a Haunted Arkham Asylum ride…

(via io9)

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  • Ken

    I often wish Disney would have bought DC instead of Marvel. I’m worried about the direction WB is taking with the non-Batman characters (please oh please, do not do a Justice League movie…. That scares the bejezzus out of me!). I love the marvel movies but and bummed my favorites (DC) are all being marginalized in the process. Here’s hoping Man of Steel is as good as the trailers look.

  • thebravestheart


  • Laura Truxillo

    I remember being a little bummed (as much as one can be) the last time I was in Disney World because I was loving how utterly immersed in the various Disney Worlds I was and found myself desperately wishing I could have that same Star Wars or Muppet or Disney experience, but with DC. How great the rides and the little details around the parks are, and how PERFECTLY all of their face actors capture the characters they’re playing. And then I remembered DC gets Six Flags. …Yay.

  • PITAchic

    I have prints of the original pictures hanging up in my living room right now. I want these right right below them. They are fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s hoping that Disney buys DC, in addition to Marvel and the Star Wars franchise…

  • Tamara Brooks

    The irony here is that Marvel’s movies are succeeding by using the formula that made me love DC Comics, which they’ve abandoned – heroics and drama but all done in a fun way. Remember “fun”, DC? Seems you lost touch with that during Infinite Crisis…