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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Pretty Pretty Princess

Bride Is Ariel, Groom Is Prince Eric, Bridesmaids Are Disney Princesses In The Most Magical Wedding On Earth

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Jamie Chandler, and new husband Christopher, had a wedding many dream of all of their lives. One where an evil villain sleeps in and misses the whole thing. What? That’s kind of what you were thinking, wasn’t it? Anyway, the Chandler’s looked like they had a whole lot of fun on their special day complete with friends and relatives who were willing to dress up as Disney characters to make it happen. Take a look at the extremely colorful wedding day.

(Shari Photography via Yahoo)

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  • Megan Gotch

    totally stinkin’ adorable!!!!

  • Elizabeth-Amber Delaney

    This is phenomenal!!

  • Anonymous

    They used a dinglehopper to straighten her hair out.

    THAT…is paying attention to detail.

  • Robert Vary

    I know! And I love the fact that the father of the bride is carrying a trident and has a shell crown.

  • Robert Vary

    Oh, but the villains didn’t sleep in, they were just groomsmen. I can’t make out all of them, but there’s definitely Frollo, Smee, Hades, Jafar, Clayton from Tarzan, and Dr. Facilier (and Tweedledee/dum, though I don’t know if he really counts as a villain.)

  • Robert Vary

    Full disclosure: I had to look up Disney villains to figure out Frollo and Clayton. Still don’t know who that lurker behind Smee is.

  • Jeanette Diaz

    And the Groomsmen are villains!

  • Valerie Juarez

    Could he be Scar?

  • s0nicfreak

    “A wedding many dream of all of their lives”? This is like a wedding a 5 year old girl would dream of, but I seriously doubt there are many dreaming of this all their lives. It’s great that she got to have the wedding she wanted (though I have to wonder if her husband actually wanted it too), but it seems incredibly silly and childish to me.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how that conversation with their friends went. “So, I picked the bridesmaid’s dresses! …You’re gonna be Jasmine!” …”Ugh, what?” “You know, Princess Jasmine, has a tiger…” … “Um..okay.” Talk about a non-re-wearable gown though.

    Gotta respect those very good friends to go along with it.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that it was Frollo, Smee, Hades, Scar, Jafar, Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas (though it could be Facilier), and Tweedle Dee.

    I can’t figure out if the guy in the red and yellow is supposed to be Clayton, but I guess…

  • Anonymous

    Scar, I believe.

  • TKS

    Perhaps a nerd-culture site isn’t the place to assert that a deep and meaningful connection to fictional media is “silly and childish.”

  • TKS

    For our honeymoon we went to Disney World. My family made fun of us, but the jokes on them: I got to go to drink in six different countries in one day.

  • Anonymous

    REALLY hope she doesn’t think being married will be a perpetual fairy tale too.

  • s0nicfreak

    it’s not the deep connection to fictional media that I find silly and childish! It’s the dreaming of a princess wedding, and wasting a bunch of money that could instead be spent on useful things they’re going to need/want for their life together (such as DVDs of the fictional media you have a deep connection with. dishes with the characters you love on them, themed furniture, etc. etc.) that I find silly and childish. And the encouraging the idea that a wedding is all about the bride and what she wants, rather than being about TWO people making a commitment; the groom is treated as an afterthought, a means to an end (starting things out like that kind of sets a childish – in the sense that the bride is selfish like a child – tone to the whole marriage, imo).

    I’d find it just as silly and childish if this whole thing were based on a generic princess idea, or butterflies, etc. rather than Disney.

    I think a quote from myself is appropriate here, just replace “marriage proposals” with “weddings”;

    “If you are actually a female nerd, instead of swooning over “nerdy” marriage proposals, you’d swoon when a guy gives a girl a new graphics card.”

  • s0nicfreak

    Well if she doesn’t “live happily ever after” with no effort, that’s okay, it just means she gets to have another wedding.

  • Robert Vary

    Just out of curiosity, how do you know that the groom had no say in this? Maybe Disney is stereotypically women-oriented, but there are quite a number of men who would be into this sort of thing.

    And do you similarly have a problem with cosplay? “Wasting” a bunch of time and money making a costume and a look to showcase that aforementioned deep and meaningful connection to fictional media for a bunch of mostly-strangers at a convention? If not, then why is it a problem doing it with your friends and family on what you likely consider one of the most important days of your life?

    Oh, and maybe an “actual female nerd” would swoon over a new graphics card, but yes, some people – men and women – truly enjoy a gesture that shows some thought and creativity instead of buying a mass-produced, purely practical gift.

  • TKS

    I find it interesting that you assume that the groom had no say in the wedding’s theme. It seems akin to assuming that a Star Wars wedding (or proposal) would be based only on the groom’s preferences. I assume you weren’t privy to the planning conversations between the bride and groom; why assume that he wasn’t totally on board with the idea? Or that it wasn’t HIS idea?

    It seems that it isn’t the subject matter that you have an aversion to, but the elaborate traditions behind the weddings. And that’s fine. Say that. But for many people a wedding is a big part of their lives. If you choose to celebrate your wedding, why not incorporate the stories and characters you love? Isn’t it just one way of making the event more personal and meaningful?

  • Demonicpity

    First: they probably didn’t waste any money. Princess costumes are by far cheeper than bridesmaid dresses.

    Second: her husband looks like he’s having a lot of fun. (Actually, everybody looks like they are having a great time.) I’m sure he was happy to marry her regardless of whether or not she dressed up like Ariel. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that if asked, he’d say one of the reasons he decided to marry her was because she wanted to dress like Ariel!

    Third: there is nothing inherently wrong with adding a bit of whimsy to a wedding ceremony. This was something they wanted, not what everyone else wanted.

  • s0nicfreak

    Of course, everybody looks like they’re having fun in wedding pictures, no matter how miserable they actually are…

  • Robert Vary

    Ah, you guys are right! I didn’t notice the scar over his eye until I was looking for it. Thanks!

  • s0nicfreak

    I didn’t say he had no say. I’m talking about the way he is treated just in this article! Look at how the woman’s name is bolded and it’s like “oh yeah, and her husband too” – as if the husband is not equally as important to this as the wife is.

  • s0nicfreak

    I didn’t say he had no say. I’m talking about the way he is treated just in this article! Look at how the woman’s name is bolded and it’s like “oh yeah, and her husband too” – as if the husband is not equally as important to this as the wife is.

    No, I don’t have a problem with cosplay because those are actually functional – you can wear a cosplay outfit more than once. I very much doubt the bridesmaids are taking their costumes home and wearing them again.

    And cosplay can be done cheaply if you’re making it yourself. Having costumes or other outfits made for a bunch of people that aren’t going to wear them again is a waste of money.

    My problem is considering the wedding one of the most important day of your life, rather than all the days afterwards that you’ll be spending with your partner. Weddings have become little more than a day to waste money and show off (If that is what is important to you, then I feel sorry for you) – throwing some fictional characters on top of that doesn’t make it nerdy .

  • TKS

    “It’s great that she got to have the wedding she wanted (though I have to wonder if her husband actually wanted it too)”

    “And the encouraging the idea that a wedding is all about the bride and what she wants, rather than being about TWO people making a commitment; the groom is treated as an afterthought, a means to an end (starting things out like that kind of sets a childish – in the sense that the bride is selfish like a child – tone to the whole marriage, imo). ”

    You understand my confusion.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Wow, you forget to bold a word and suddenly you’re judging complete strangers’ importance in the world…

    How about you stop judging these nice people yourself?

  • s0nicfreak

    Yeah, you’re thinking I’m talking about this particular wedding as if I know what actually went on.

    That second part was about the article and how weddings are generally rather than this actual wedding in question.

    It’s great when a bride gets what she wants, but a groom should get what he wants too (and I’m not saying that was or was not the case in this specific situation, because I don’t know them; but from the tone of the article – and the tone of weddings in general – the focus was on the bride). A wedding should be about two people making a commitment to spend their lives together, rather than about who can can be the most unique – or waste the most money, or whatever the particular bride’s goal – on ONE day. Starting your marriage off with selfishness on the part of the bride sets a tone of selfishness for the whole marriage.

  • s0nicfreak

    Unbold purposely ≠ forgetting.

    Sure, just as soon as you stop judging me.

  • robbie

    It doesn’t look like the groom was being taken advantage of in this situation. He proposed at DisneyWorld, and they honeymooned there too, and he apparently wants to work for Disney. (

  • s0nicfreak

    Actually how about this, I will stop judging them – and coming to this site completely – when someone gives me a site that has the nuggets of nerd news this site has, but without the fake-nerd-girls swooning and sexist (against males) tripe that gets my comments deleted when I speak up against it.

  • Anonymous

    Wish granted.

  • mary elizabeth newsom

    She has some seriously kind and loyal friends. I would definitely take the Disney Princess costume with a grain of salt (and some whiskey) if my friend asked me to be in her wedding and wear a Disney Princess costume!! (Though if my friend let me dress up as Maleficent, I think I would have been OK with that!!!!)

    They all look fantastic and the wedding looked super-cute and fun! Congratulations!!!

  • Bekah Hernandez Gerber

    So I got married at Walt Disney World. I didn’t pick the location. My father and husband did. My dad and I have our happiest moments as a family there, and my husband is beyond obsessed with Disney. I went along with it because I have lots of happy memories there, too. The traditional wedding dress, Mickey and Minnie at my reception? Planned by MY HUSBAND. The proposal I got at the Eiffel Tower? Yep, my husband. I’m the kind of girl that believes the most romantic gift I ever got from my husband was a new matching pink toolkit for when I worked as a lighting designer. So you can take your self-righteous “princesses are only for subjugated women” and shove it up your ass.

    We are deeply connected to Mickey as a character and generations of my family have been. You wouldn’t dare call my 63 year old incredibly macho father childish, but he’s as obsessed with the Mouse as we are, and so are all the people on my husband’s side. We’re all in well-adjusted marriages. Just because YOU think it’s childlish doesn’t mean it is.

    Oh and feminism is about choice. Making fun of women that enjoy princesses is as sexist and ridiculous as men making fun of gamer girls. Stop contributing to the problem. Become part of the solution or get out.

  • Joanna

    No one cares that you don’t like weddings =P

  • Joanna

    That’s a very colourful wedding =o

  • Bekah Hernandez Gerber

    I got married in the parks and I never saw marriage as a perpetual fairy tale. We walked out to “Ever, Ever After” and there’s a lyric in there that says “Each happy ending’s a brand new beginning” and we keep to that. I do call him my prince all the time, though, but he does get pillows thrown at him if he calls me a princess :-p

  • Anonymous

    You’re getting shredded, but I kind of grok your point of view. essentially, weddings (and proposals, and weddings showers, and bridal showers, and baby showers, and sonogram parties) have become more and more an insane “look at meeee! (oh, and spend tons of money on me, too)” occasion, rather than about two people making a commitment to each other and their community. However, having planned a wedding, I doubt that this wedding was more expensive than the average wedding, possibly less. I agree that the perpetual focus on the bride (not here, but in other articles of this type) as the only truly important member of the wedding party is sexist to women, in an old-fashion, “thank god she got a man and won’t die an old maid” kind of way, and unfair to the groom. It looks like everyone was having fun, though, including the groom, so perhaps your ire is better spent on a more offensive example of this excess.

  • Glenn Buettner

    Man…you nailed it on the head. The Mary Sue is just a front for the massive Feminist conspiracy that only seeks to regulate males to a secondary citizen like station. Jill is in fact one of the leaders of the heinous groups that only wishes to see women have their names in bold type while men are unbolded and most likely left to lowercase.

    And, how dare people spend their own money how they choose. Everyone should be issued a meager allowance to provide for their most basic of needs and nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah you definitely lost all shred of credibility when you dropped the “fake nerd girl” argument. That’s not a thing.

  • TKS

    Oh captain my captain!

  • Cady

    Luckily, it wasn’t YOUR wedding or YOUR money, so that doesn’t really matter :)

  • kai charles

    “Real” nerd girls love what they love. We all don’t like the same things. Variety is the spice of nerd life

  • TKS

    Based on your comments in this thread, I want you and your husband to become friends with my wife and me.

  • kai charles

    Love you for that Bekah! So true! I love Disney and took my theater loving Boyfriend to Beauty and the Beast musical he loved it and actually wanted to watch Disney movies after the show:)

  • Anonymous

    Mad adorable. Thank you, Mary Sue, for the Disney princess love! Shade to all you hating commenters.

  • Robert Vary

    “sexist (against males)”

    And with that, all credibility is lost. Thanks!

  • Claire

    But if Disney is their fandom, and if it’s important enough for them to make such a fandango of things, then weddings are conceivably a BIG PART of their fandom enjoyment. Disney princes and princesses often get married, it’s kind of their thing. There’s a big lovely dress. There’s magic and joy and everybody comes and you remember it because it serves as a climax. Instead of dvds, which they probably already have because there arent THAT many DIsney films, they’ve bought memories and they’ve kind of bought their way INTO the stories that affect them. You’re a fan of X-Men and you get a special Cyclops visor at laser quest; you’re a fan of That 7-s Show and you get stoned in a basement wearing flares, you’re a fan of Ghost in the Shell and you get a ride in a tachicoma in your Major costume some how. You’re a fan of Disney? You cosplay AS YOU GET MARRIED.. it’s a transcendent fan experience.

  • Rarity

    I saw this on Buzzfeed first…and all of the comments on that article are literally rage inducing. As a Disney fan who’s parents actually met at Walt Disney World and knows quite a few people of both genders who love DIsney and would probably love to get married there/have a Disney themed wedding, seriously? It isn’t YOUR wedding. Besides, Disney movies are awesome and not just for little girls. Walt Disney himself said it better than I could have. “You’re dead if you aim only at kids. Adults are just kids grown up anyway.”

  • April Bernadette Dehm

    I did the same! Everyone seemed to think its ‘too childish’ but its about having fun! Not to mention a GREAT time at Oktober fest! <3

  • Curious

    Which princess is the redhead in the green dress with the pink detail?

  • Heather

    Giselle from Enchanted. =)

  • TKS

    The Princess from Enchanted. I think her name starts with a G? I can’t remember off the top of my head.

  • Anonymous

    I know – Can’t anyone enjoy anything?

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Hey, fanboy! A quote from YOURSELF about weeding out ‘true geeks’ from ‘fake geeks’ is NOT appropriate. Not only are you feeding the ‘fake geek girk’ thing, you’re also admitting that you couldn’t find any unobviously offensive comments about the subject from other people!

    Okay, so, you clearly know me – I’m not the type to slow down. But I do know, at least because of a certain girl I know, that the marriage thing is goddamn important. I’m talking ‘Master Emerald required to hold up Angel Island’ levels of important.

  • Comic Book Candy

    I mean this in the best way possible, omg WHAT NERDS

  • Heather Louise Jenkins

    But Ariel’s wedding dress had big puffy sleeves like the ones that were fashionable in the 80s:

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why I love this but I do. Obviously these people have a good sense of fun. Love houw the guys got right into it, too.

  • Anonymous

    No Princess Tiana? Sigh.