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Allow us to explain.

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A Discworld Cop Show, Coming to A Screen Near You

Prime Focus Productions announced yesterday that they have acquired the international rights to create an episodic show based on Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld novels, specifically, a ‘crime of the week’ type show based on the Ankh-Morpork city guard characters.

There is only one other geek cop show that I would get more excited about than this, but until DC lets that one out of the bag, I’ll be happy to accept a television show about Commander Sir Samuel Vimes and Co.

And before you get all antsy about how they’re going to screw it up, take a gander at who’s involved:

Rod Brown, Managing Director of Prime Focus Productions said… “it’s a huge responsibility to get this right for Terry, his legions of Discworld fans and the new followers to his work that we will attract along the way, but I believe they will be in for a treat with a high calibre writing team already attached, including ‘Monty Python’s’ Terry Jones and Gavin Scott (Small Soldiers, The Borrowers). We have already spoken to a number of international broadcasters who have shown early interest and we hope to move forward very quickly to bring this exciting project to fruition”.

You can’t get much more prestigious in British comedy than having a Python writing for you, so come on, unnamed Discworld cop show. Lets see you really impress me.

Cast Hugh Laurie as Vimes.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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  • Kate Falanga

    I am trying to post some words on how happy this makes me but the joy just keeps them from my fingers.

    Also the obligatory “I hope they don’t fuck it up.”

  • Aarlone

    Terry Jones can be kind of hit or miss with me, but given the source material, I can be persuaded to muster some enthusiasm.

    Also, +1 to casting Hugh Laurie. After the last episode I saw (Amber Tamblyn is still just not working for me, and multiple weird-ass dream sequences FTL) I’m ready for House to be done at this point.I’m going to go wander through IMDB now to figure out who needs to be Carrot, Colon, and Nobby.

  • Wanderpolo

    Cant’t wait!

  • Lex

    This is one of those things that I almost don’t want to get too excited about because I’ve been hurt before. But it should be awesome!

  • Jedigrrl

    Yeah, but will we be able to see it in the ‘States?

  • angelpie


  • jailor

    Rod Brown was on the team that made the Sky One adaptations of discworld novels.


  • Lgmerriman

    I’m tentatively excited.

  • Kerrie Rayfield

    They should get the person who played Nobby Nobbs in Hogfather back, he was perfect. I’m hoping this all comes good

  •נעמה-יפה-מנדלבוים/769713867 נעמה יפה מנדלבוים

    Yes, Hugh Laurie please!