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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

This is just like magic!

Sometime In The Future, Guillermo Del Toro May Start Work On An Avengers-Like Film With DC Comics Magic Characters (WHAT?!)

Plenty of people are excited (and worried) about Warner Bros. finally putting together a Justice League movie and that’s all well and good but what I’d like to know is, will we see any of the magic characters in the film? I couldn’t care less about that right now though, Guillermo del Toro is planning on making his own DC Comics film with ALL OF THE MAGIC CHARACTERS. I think I just died and went to The House of Mystery. 

Now, we’re going to take this with a large grain of salt (or maybe incense) because there’s no official word, just talk from a source at Latino Review. Here’s what they had to say:

Speaking of Guillermo del Toro let’s just say he is working on a movie that has the potential to be the greatest movie ever committed to film. Or bytes. I hear that his next epic, PACIFIC RIM ( a Japanese Porno) is testing so well that Warner Brothers wants to offer him everything they have. Fortunately he passed on the feature version of V and the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but he does want to do his own version of the Avengers, just supernaturally. Called HEAVEN SENT he is combining all the magical beings from DC Comics in one epic adventure. Deadman, The Spectre, Swamp Thing, Constantine Hellblazer, Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Zatara, and Sargon as well as Etrigan the Demon will team up to no doubt save us from the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

Barring their annoying aside about Pacific Rim, I can safely say I agree with them that this could be the greatest movie ever committed to film. Well, if it ever happens of course.

Latino Review say this one wouldn’t happen for a while but that “Warner’s lawyers have been working every night trying to clear the rights to all these characters.” Putting all that aside, del Toro doesn’t have the best track record for actually getting the awesome things he wants to do, actually done.

Let’s take a look at del Toro’s plate right now, shall we? He’s got Pacific Rim of course, a Frankenstein adaptation, The Strain book trilogy, a Beauty & the Beast project with Emma Watson, a possible Hulk TV series, maybe Hellboy 3,  perhaps the Mountains of Madness, and Pinocchio.

Yeah, so I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed on this one and say my prayers backwards at night from now on because this needs to happen.

(via /Film)

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  • Brenda/Lysana/either

    Yes, please! Pretty please?

  • Matt Graham

    Sounds cool, JL Dark is one of the better 52 efforts.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Loving that title.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds really dope.
    I wonder who’d make a good Zatanna.

  • Joy P


  • Steamgirl

    Oh I adore Zatanna! I hope this thing gets off the ground

  • Anonymous

    I love the magic characters and this sounds awesome but how would that even work? How do you introduce that many characters that mainstream audiences are not familiar with in one movie?

  • CyberIstari

    I think Zatanna and maybe the Spectre and Deadman are better known than you might think. But that kind of thing can be done still. My oldest is familiar with almost all these, between DCAU and Gaiman’s Books of Magic. (We can’t afford the number of comics required to keep up with everything. ;)) Only… No Fate? Unless it’s Zatara as Fate?

  • Ian Fay

    As awesome as this sounds, Del Toro has a history of attaching himself to 50000 projects and only getting 3-4 of them made.

    And as someone who really enjoyed Shadowpact, this sounds pretty cool.

  • Anonymous

    Those characters are very much his speed. But I want Hellboy 3! And At the Mountains of Madness (stupid ratings)! He can’t ever get it all done

  • Anonymous

    Zatanna maybe (and she’s easy to introduce. Sexy magician lady is a well known character type). But the others would probably only be known to comics/cartoon fans. The average moviegoer would be clueless.

    I’m not saying the movie couldn’t work and be awesome. It would just be a challenge to establish so many different characters.

  • Kol Drake

    What about Doctor Fate? Or Arion?

  • Elias Algorithm

    I didn’t expect to keep reading it after Shade left, but I can’t seem to stop.

  • Elias Algorithm

    You know who I’m disappointed isn’t getting any love with this project, just based on that picture alone? Dr. Occult.

  • Matt Graham

    Like Wonder Woman, it does what I was hoping the New 52 would do – flip things around and focus on the non-spandex side of the DC Universe. WW, JLD, Aquaman, and I, Vampire are my favorite titles out of the bunch. I’m still looking forward to the WildCATs’ eventual formation, though.

  • Matt Graham

    I dig it because it’s similar to Carol Danvers and Wonder Woman: such an obvious concept and approach, and it’s finally happening.

  • Matt Graham

    That’s my fear, as well. I sympathize with the man, though, because that’s how my creative attention span also works.

  • Matt Graham

    I think the trick is (and JLA is going to have to do this) that you don’t worry about introducing them. You just go for it, and if the story and direction is done right, we can launch right into things with all we need to know to make it fun.

    I think of it like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, or the first time I picked up X-Men comics. Or Serenity when it hit theaters. There’s a lot of crazy ideas and characters going on all at once, but when you can make your audience believe in the cast and world, they’ll settle back and enjoy the journey.

    The Avengers approach is good, sure, but I think another solid gameplan is to just lay out the world and ground rules, and throw the cast in, with one character the audience can cling to through the maelstrom.

  • Mark Brown

    The conspicuous lack of Raven on that character list leaves me annoyed and sarcastic.

  • Anonymous

    Phantom Stranger or GTFO.

  • brandon

    Bullshit rumors! Courtesy of Latino review and (now) The Mary sue!

    Seriously, as much as I love del toro, that dude has WAY too many projects in the oven to even THINK about doing a movie like that. Not to mention it would seriously fudge up plans for dc’s cinematic universe. Keep it up guys and you might become the next ONTD! or some other useless sensationalist news site.

  • Elias Algorithm

    I’ve only read one issue of Wonder Woman (budget problems) but it was enough to convince me to pick up the trades. After Superman: For Tomorrow I guess I didn’t think Azzarello could really pull off a take on Wonder Woman (following Rucka, whose run I was pretty devoted to, but I’m used to him writing gritty) but damned if he didn’t prove me wrong. I only got into I, Vampire because of the crossover with JLD. I’m hesitant to bother with Aquaman just because I’m irritated all to hell with Geoff Johns.

  • Matt Graham

    I’m glad you like Wonder Woman, it’s a solid series with amazing art. It’s actually one of the pitches I’ve had in my back pocket if I ever had the chance, and I’m glad Azzarello beat me to it. I share your wariness from For Tomorrow, but he just nailed this. I recently gushed on it when I was asked to:

    I hope you’re digging I, Vampire; it’s really interesting. One thing that used to tune me out of DC lately was I prefer the more grounded heroes or non-conventional take on superheroes and the world in the comics. I, Vampire suits me perfectly.

    Why are you irritated with John? Feel free to vent, I’m not his biggest fan, either (never was, to be honest). I do like his handling of Aquaman and especially Mera in the series; like WW, it’s one of those books that approaches superheroes in a more interesting light than I usually get. It’s fun seeing him struggle with his own legacy. I’m a big Mera fan, and I admit that’s part of it.

    Other than that, yeah, Johns isn’t one of my favorite writers at the moment. I feel the same way with Bendis; I just don’t like that writers are getting so much control of the universes. They start to lose something.

    I agree that Justice League Dark doesn’t roll off the tongue well. I think they were going for brand recognition with such a risky (to them) venture.

  • Elias Algorithm

    I think with Johns it’s been building. I love Stargirl and how he’s worked out Hawkman with such a simple explanation (Nth metal is psycho-reactive) and for a while there really made Black Adam a hugely interesting character. I was a huge fan of his JSA run. But after the rainbow lanterns it seems like he’s just making strange changes just to make changes. Captain Marvel specifically. It isn’t really his fault, it’s DC in general. I don’t know if I can blame him for the Superman-Wonder Woman hookup, but I want to blame someone.

    Oh, I know what it is. Barry. He brought back Barry and undid everything that made what Mark Waid did with Wally a moot argument. I love Barry, don’t get me wrong, but it just seems backwards to push Wally out and bring back Barry when his was the single most noble death in DC’s history.

  • Matt Graham

    I share your thoughts on the post-Lantern comments, and as a fan of the Marvel family, I know what you mean. I also felt the same way about Barry, pretty much as you phrase it.

    I wish I had more people like you at the comic shop to talk with, you present a fair argument.

  • Papallion Sunspell

    Amethyst Princess of Gemworld! I want to see Del Toro make that movie! It could be the most incredible thing ever!