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Allow us to explain.

If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

Check Out Which DC Comics’ Characters You’ll See In Scribblenauts (Besides Stephanie Brown)

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I just found out Scribblenauts Unleashed: A DC Comics Adventure was a thing the other day when, at E3, a small clip was show featuring Batgirl Stephanie Brown. As if that wasn’t reason enough to buy the game, Warner Bros. has released a bunch of promotional shots showing who else from the DC Universe we’ll be seeing in the game. Characters would be enough, but it’s what the characters are doing here that really makes it special. For instance, Alfred doing laundry and a birthday party for Green Lantern Mogo. A few other things to note: the game has Harley Quinn wearing her New 52 costume, while letting Zatanna stay in her old one. And while I guess Scribblenauts isn’t strictly a kids game, I was slightly surprised to see the Joker described as, ”A psychopath and mass murderer who finds amusement in the death and torture of others.” Anyway, take a look to see if your favorite character will be playable (you’d be surprised how many are in here) and see some more in the trailer.

(via ComicsAlliance)

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  • Anonymous

    Whew John and Kyle! Also pissed off Bruce is making me laugh.

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to see exactly how deep that list of heroes goes.

  • Hannele Kormano

    The Penny Arcade Report tried to stump them, and couldn’t:

  • Robert Vary

    I wonder if they ALSO have Harley in her old outfit, though? They’ve claimed they have every DC character ever, including multiple versions of the same character. In the Supermen picture, for instance, they have both pre- and post-52 Supes.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Not to mention, I swear I see Beyond-era Superman in that Supermen image. The dark suit and the grey hair at his temples sure look like they could be Beyond-era Supes…

    I wonder if that might mean we could see Terry, or the Beyond-era Justice Leaguers?

  • Laura Truxillo


    And Guy!

    Yes. Wonderful.

    Would be better with Classic Harley, and possible Impulse!Bart (or Irey).

  • Mark Brown

    Who invited Atrocitus to the party? He always gets drunk and tries to start something.

  • Anonymous

    Well, they were impressed by Mogo. Pfft…

    Now, I wonder if Nazi Superman & Supergirl will be in it.

    (Or Danny the Street, however they’d implement that one.)

  • Rose Shuker-Haines

    Was totally not expecting to see my favorite, Ted Kord, but lo and behold!