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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

We Can Be Heroes

DC Inspired Character Sweatshirts, For Heroism In Cold Climates

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Sandra at has been creating things relative to our interests. We’re talking about DC Comics hoodies, mostly based on the Batfamily and the Young Justice animated series. We’d throw out suggestions for ones we’d like to see (*cough*Batwoman*cough*) but it looks at if there’s no signs of stopping anytime soon. If you’re interested in one, prepare to shell out some cash. The Damian Wayne design just went for $187 on ebay.

(Thanks to Tipster Alaine!)

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, those are beautiful hoodies!

  • J Ritchey

    Bonus points for using the abstract Nightwing design and not that damned bird logo the animated versions insist on.

  • Anonymous


  • Selkiechick

    The Nightwing and Artemis hoodies are beautiful hoodies, just as is. The superheronessis an awesome extra.

  • Lisa Hager


  • Mr The Batman

    Good golly and I thought PowerHoodiez was expensive with a $90 Nightwing hoodie. I’d pay up to $80 for one but $187 is just too much for me, but I do understand it was an auction.

  • Amy Henson

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