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David Tennant Knows Something About The Doctor Who Anniversary But The BBC Won’t Let Him Tell Us

If you had a role on BBC’s Doctor Who at any time in the last 50 years, you’ve probably been asked about the big anniversary. But if you’ve actually played the Doctor, you’ve been grilled and some actors have terrible poker faces. For instance, David Tennant. The actor has had to keep secrets about the show in the past but he’s never been particularly good about it. So much so the BBC felt the need to tell him specifically not to say anything about the 50th anniversary. How do we know? He said something about the 50th anniversary. 

Tennant previously revealed he still has his famous pinstripe suit in case the BBC came knocking for the 50th anniversary but has been coy otherwise. But just in case his excitement got the better of him, the BBC told Tennant not to say anything about the plans as he was about to appear on The Jonathan Ross Show recently and he went and did exactly the opposite. Perhaps it’s time to start using reverse psychology on him.

I’ll tell you how terrified they are. In make-up tonight, this lovely lady came in, who I never met before, and went ‘I’m from the BBC,’ and I went, ‘oh, hello, nice to meet you!’ And she said ‘I’ve been sent to say that anything about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary must not be mentioned on television.’ That’s how scared they are! I don’t know anything, I’ve got nothing to tell ya, and they’re sending out spies to shut me up from telling you things I don’t know!

So technically, he didn’t reveal anything but by “not talking” about the anniversary, he seems to have said a mouthful. Because if he really didn’t know anything, the BBC wouldn’t have felt the need to specifically tell him not to mention it, right? Guys, I think it’s safe to say Tennant is going to be acting in the 50th anniversary.

Ross tried to get more out of him but Tennant kept denying any other conversations had been had. But fans are still wondering how past Doctors, Tennant and beyond, could return. My hope is they cast the actors in roles other than the Doctor. That way they all get to participate and the creators don’t have to figure out some ridiculous excuse for why they all look older. Because, while we can suspend belief for charity specials, I’m not sure hardcore Whovians will accept that much timey-wimey stuff in continuity.

But the overall message here for Who stars?

(via Blastr)

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  • Joe Grunenwald

    They could easily bring Tennant back if he’s playing the human Doctor who lives with Rose in the other universe. Presumably Rose will be back, so it makes more sense than having him play another character, I would think.

  • Jenny Trout

    I don’t know, Whovians accepted aged actors for past specials where the Doctor encounters his past selves. I would be game to see all the living incarnations of the Doctor return, no matter how much they’ve changed!

  • Anonymous

    The reason for why they’d look older has already been provided in the LAST Doctor meetup, Time Crash. So that’s handled.

    Personally, I don’t know if I WANT to see another Crisis On Infinite Doctors, simply because we can’t have them all. Three are dead, and there’s every chance one isn’t interested in coming back. So it’d smack of something missing, one way or the other.

    Do a bunch of interviews, make sure every damn surviving Doctor or Companion gets some camera time, but I don’t know if I want to see them in the show itself.

    There’s SO many stories they could tell, and the “get all the Doctors together” story is the most obvious, but while tempting, has Been Done.

    Look at how they handled the twenty-fifth anniversary. No big crossover, but a “silver” theme throughout the series, culminating in Silver Nemesis.

    We don’t even know what we’ll get. Will the next season start in the fall, or will we get the anniversary specials and episode, followed by Christmas, and the proper season next year? There’s no way of knowing.
    I’m working under the assumption that EVERYTHING you hear until at least the late spring is flummery, especially if you don’t hear it through the Beeb. Nothing’s been filmed, nothing’s been written, or least isn’t at final draft, nothing.

  • Lamb

    I remember David Tennant swearing to Jonathan Ross that Billie Piper was going no where in 2006. And I think in 2008 he also swore that he had no plans to leave the show himself. Always said with the same lingering, “this is the party line and I’m not hiding it well” look.

  • Alexandra Moore

    I hope to Pete the classic Doctors are included. And the actors who played them have been lying like rugs about not being the 50th she-bang. *Crosses fingers*

  • Kerry Dolan Timony

    Of course Tennant will be in the 50th anniversary special, because why would the BBC/Moffat break my heart like that? DON’T BREAK MY HEART, BBC/MOFFAT.

  • Jessica Dwyer

    Moffat is a pro at breaking hearts. But I seriously need River Song to be in a room with 10 and 11 not saying a word, just a wonderfully evil expression on her face and a raised brow.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, Billie Piper seems to have denied Rose’s return pretty thoroughly on the Graham Norton Show. (And actual denial this time, not Tennant’s truly pathetic lying.) But who knows at this point?

  • Sabrina

    The conspiracy theorist in me that grew up with too much X-Files thinks this is all a deliberate ploy to keep us on our toes. Noticed how all the actors that have been asked so far use the suspiciously specific denial that they all haven’t been asked/called/heard anything? They have to be up to something, right? RIGHT!?

  • richard rose

    Sean Pertwee could definitely play his father for a third doctor return;

  • Mr The Batman

    Yes, just yes.

  • cali4niabrat24

    I really just get a kick out of all the interviewers trying to get past doctors and companions to spill some news. Everybody knows they know something and they all know we know they know something (what it is we don’t know) but they must remain tight lipped. lol

  • Darwin Woodka

    spoilers, sweetie…

  • Anonymous

    She’s been known to lie about Who before, though- she was excellent at keeping her s4 return a secret, as opposed to David-the-helpless-fanboy Tennant (and I say that with great affection).

  • Sarah Day

    Why would they tell David not to say anything even if he wasn’t in it? Maybe because they know anyone who has been in it will be asked and they don’t want the media working it out. I do hope David is in it though.

  • gingersnap

    I agree with you. Freema and Billie have both said they aren’t involved. And within a week of each other. Somehow, something seems fishy…

  • Sabrina

    Not just Freema and Billie. I’ve also seen John Barrowman, Christopher Eccleston and several interviews with David Tennant during the last weeks – all saying the same thing. At this point I’m only waiting for someone to interview Catherine Tate. XD

  • Paul Walker

    funny mate, was thinking the same thing, yiour comment did make me smile hehe!!!