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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

I Want to Believe

Watch This Supercut Of Dana Scully Saying “Oh My God” [Video]

In retrospect, isn’t it a little odd that it took Dana Scully a full seven seasons of The X-Files to become a believer? Especially considering how many times she felt compelled to utter “OMG” in the face of unexplainable. Seriously Scully, none of these moments made you question your belief system?

Here’s a supercut of Gillian Anderson being taken by surprise for all of you X-Philes out there, moments that, as we know, inevitably transformed into a cool, collected skepticism. Well, looks like its time for me to marathon The X-Files again.

(via i09.)

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  • Voodoo Darling

    69 TIMES

  • WendyD

    I’m currently marathoning S1 while I work on a project. I think I may have seen some of these episodes as often as Scully says OMG. 

  • Kim Dudek Villasenor

    I’ve just thought of a new drinking game! Time to rewatch X-Files :)