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Fans Do Cool Things

This Lara Croft Fan Film Is So Incredibly Bad-Ass [VIDEO]

What do you do when you get sick of waiting for a Tomb Raider film that does Lara Croft justice? You make one yourself! It’s 20 minutes long, but you need to watch this incredible fan film, which features Lara bringing the Katniss realness. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more legitimately kick-ass live-action version of Lara than the one Cassandra Ebner plays here in Croft.

Petition to hire these folks for the on-screen adaptation of Gail Simone’s soon-to-be-awesome Tomb Raider comics, anyone?

(via Kotaku)

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  • Anonymous

    Don’t ever threaten a badass woman’s family.

  • Guymelef

    Holy jeez. Beyond awesome. So impressed with some of the fan movies being made these days. If the upcoming movie is half as good as this, I shall be most pleased.

  • Jamie Jeans

    DAMN, that’s awesome!

    Just goes to show, you want it done right? You have to ask the fans to do it right.

  • Martin

    Oh wow… that was amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I think we had two Tomb Raider movies who did Lara justice – with a great actress by the way who gave her a real character (but this was just bonus). So, no reason to complain.

    Second, why does everyone wants to push Lara into the “Katniss corner”? Katniss can be seen as a young woman who overcomes extraordinary challenges but Lara is a hero in the mold of a James Bond or an Indiana Jones. I already didn’t agree with this reboot of a game and I definitely don’t support the “toning down” of Lara. (And please, please don’t come with that old argument “it’s more realistic / makes her more human”. I couldn’t care less for this “realism”.)

    Last but not least: I want the word “bad-ass” officially being banned from use. I’ve heard that word so often when I was arguing that Daniel Craig maybe anything but a fitting actor for James Bond. The usual argument by my friends is then always: “But he is so bad-ass!” That’s just not an argument, folks. Not even remotedly.

    Reminds me of the time when Gwyneth Paltrow got an Oscar for “Shakespeare in love” and I just said, “I don’t really consider her a good actress.” and my friends said: “But she is so beautiful!” Really, folks? That’s no argument at all.

    And as it seemed in the last 007 movie that Bond producers slowly (very slowly) do remember to bring Bond back into his world I hope that whenever there should be a new Tomb Raider movie the respective producers do remember that Lara Croft was about great action-adventures (and riddle-solving) on great locations and not some hack’n-slash-survival-backwoods-horror on some unfriendly cold place where the sun never shines!

  • Anonymous

    The new game isn’t supposed to be Lara in her prime, it’s supposed to be her origin story. Which, while changed from the original plane crash, still has her lost in the wilderness for quite a while, depending almost entirely on herself for survival, and coming out of the experience a changed person. I for one welcomed most of the changes the new game brought, like having other characters show up occasionally to give the plot more than just “get from a to b” and seeing her evolve from adventurous rich girl to a force to be reckoned with.

    I do hope future games bring in more of the “tomb raiding” aspect. I enjoy the puzzles and the world building, but I also hope they keep a lot of the realism and vulnerability they put into her. I like seeing someone who has to take a breath before charging into the next battle. Also, you know what, she is completely bad-ass, but hey I happen to like that word and don’t plan to stop using it.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Hollywood should be ashamed and embarrassed that amateurs keep proving effortlessly how truly full of shit they are about female led action films. And all respect to Angelina but this absolutely blows her Tomb Raider films away.

  • Charlie

    I thought the ending was a bit silly and probably not planned. The rest of it was good though.

  • Anonymous

    I also disagree with a lot of the changes made in the new Tomb Raider, but I’ve accepted that this is a new Lara Croft. We already had classic Eidos-era Lara’s backstory in TRIV. Your James Bond comparison is appropriate, really: can you really say the Bond played by Roger Moore could possibly be the same character as the Bond played by Timothy Dalton, let alone Daniel Craig?

    I too would love future games in this series to bring more elements of classic Tomb Raider in, though.

  • Jay Salinas

    The action was top notch. The villain was very one-dimensional and incompetent. And so are his storm troopers, who apparently can’t hit anything.

  • Aila

    But… it’s Lara, not “Laura”. Girl, you said it wrong. And your accent… what accent?

  • Tiny Tina Booom

    The video is great but I’m one of those few who liked Lara raiding tombs all on her own and solving puzzles instead of being just an action hero *Sigh* She’s always known how to fight (and swim!) but solving puzzles and going where nobody had been in thousands of years was what was amazing about her, not just shooting, I’ve got plenty of games for that.