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Just in Time for Halloween: Creepy Human Baby Chewbacca Doll

See, I had to put the word “human” in the title, or you might have thought I was just talking about a creepy baby wookie doll. But no. No. Han, Luke, and Leia behind the jump.

Heike Kolpin’s star wars infants, available on eBay, aren’t as bad as the Harry Potter Baby Dolls, but only because there are less of them. Here’s your factoid of the day: at birth, wookie pups are already almost three feet tall.

(via Nerd Approved.)


  • Gabriela Alonso

    Nope nope nope nope nope.

  • Anonymous

    Horrifyingly ugly! Do not want.

  • Francesca M


    Not quite superhero embryo creepy.. but CREEPY.

  • Anonymous
  • Mayra GarcíaRodríguez

    Err, I guess I prefer this one: Looks cuter :/

  • Frodo Baggins

    Could you please stop posting about these things? Or at least put the pictures below the cut?

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    I really do not get why TMS loves to hard on the reborn doll crazy. They have nothing to do with this site’s focus. Please stop posting about them, it is irrelevant, creepy and tbh most of us are not interested in your hobby.

  • Kimberly

    Well, these particular ones are of star wars characters, which is a sci-fi franchise and does technically fall within their focus.

    That said, these things are creepy as heck and I will probably see them in my nightmares tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for telling us our site’s focus. I think we’ve got a handle on it.

  • Emily

    I know people think they’re creepy but I kinda like reborn baby dolls. Then again I also love all macabre things so that might explain it.

    However the Star Wars lover in me is all prickly at the reborn baby wookie. No wait, not a real wookie- it’s a human Chewbacca. Why try to sell this niche merchandise when the targeted audience sees it as wrong?