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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Real Or Not Real?

If We Are Living in the Matrix, Gosh Darnit, These Scientists Are Going to Find Out About It

A group of physicists thinks they’ve figured out a way to uncover whether we’re living in the Matrix.

No, really.

A few years back Oxford professor Nick Bostrom put forth the idea that our world may be an advanced computer simulation, and now researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany have undertaken an experiment designed to let us know if that’s true.

In the most basic terms (seriously, guys, very basic; the experiment involves terms like “Greisen–Zatsepin–Kuzmin limit,” “quantum chromodynamics,” and “lattice gauge theory”—stuff that it’s impossible for me to even attempt to understand before lunch), the scientists hypothesize that in even the most sophisticated simulation there would have to be limits to the physical world, even if those limits were on the tiniest of levels. So they’ve set out to build their own miniature replica of the universe and test it for any “constraints” that would serve as evidence of artificial construction.

It seems unlikely that we’ll finally come into contact with our robot overlords this way (seriously, they’re way too advanced to be caught out by such a 21st-century tactic as “Create a Mini-Universe”—pshaw!). I’m not clear on how the scientists could definitively attribute any limit they might find to the universe at large when it could result from inaccuracy in their own simulation. Plus, as the scientist themselves point out, the computers used to enslave humanity could very well be based on a different technology than ours, meaning even if there were a limit, we might not see it.

But while proof that we’re living in the Matrix might not be discovered for at least another few decades, the simulation technology the physicists are using is still pretty useful in that it might evolve to the point that we can simulate molecules, cells, even human beings.

Eventually we might be able to create fake people in a fake universe, all while failing to realize that we ourselves are figments of an even higher power’s imagination… oy, my head hurts. It’s too early for this.

(via io9)

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  • Kelly Stephenson

    Wasn’t that the plot of a mid-90′s scifi movie? A scientist started creating a virtual world and someone in charge of the virtual world he/we were inhabiting had to come in and stop him from discovering the truth and/or fall in love with him.

  • Jennifer Dougherty

    The Thirteenth Floor. It was released in May 1999, and probably would have been a far more memorable movie had it not come out two months after The Matrix.

  • Anonymous

    What an incredible waste of time. I hope these idiots are wasting their own money on this.

  • YinxDoo

    Now that jsut makes a ll kinds of sense to me dude. Wow.

  • DrMcCoy

    Of course, the 70s German adaptation of the same novel (“Simulacron-3″), “Welt am Draht”, was way better.

  • Fuzionautics

    tron or tron legacy

  • Isis Sod

    I really enjoyed your presentation on this topic … and I guess these scientist will do what they set out to do … but I hope they know the difference between a living matrix reality … and a hologram realty infused with this reality ..

    The matrix sets a gravitational field … and within that field can actually spawn life in many forms which are governed by those laws of physic controlling the cause and effects of growth change and evolution …

    Yet the matrix can alter and change any stage of development using the science of those principals governed by those laws of physic …

    Now a hologram reality … can generate no living matter … it can only imitate life, camouflage appearances, and cast the reflection as that shadow in a cave …

    But this shadow …. holds that dark illusion of the solar system, and beyond …

    And the biggest difference between the living matrix reality and the hologram illusion of reality …

    Is that the hologram illusion is that electron programmed world put in place by the devil/satanic elite … and the living matrix reality is that Positron program reality designed by the CREATOR …