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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Almost Totally Excellent

Watch Community‘s Dark Knight and Anime Tributes

Is Community the anti-Big Bang Theory? Where instead of presenting geek stereotypes as crazy people who have trouble functioning in normal society, they present normal society as full of crazy people with geeky interests all trying to function together? You know, like actual society?

I honestly haven’t watched enough Community to know. But you can watch last night’s completely unexplained-and-acknowledged cheap-anime-style interlude above. We knew the anime segment was coming, but we didn’t know that the episode would also include Danny Pudi doing an extended, spot on impression of Christian Bale. Also some breaking and entering. Watch below!

You see, Annie accidentally broke Abed’s $300 unique The Dark Knight DVD and instead of confessing, she staged a break in of their apartment. When their landlord refuses to look into things, Abed takes matters into his own hands, in the spirit and costume of his favorite hero.

(top vid via Topless Robot, bottom via MTV Splash Page.)

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  • Anonymous

    I need to watch this show.

  • Terence Ng


  • Ashley

    “…they present normal society as full of crazy people with geeky interests all trying to function together.”  That is possibly the best description of Community I’ve seen ever.

  • Shae

    Any episode where Abed is Batman is awesome. I really really really hope NBC doesn’t cancel Community. 

  • Anonymous

  • Alison Ching

    “I honestly haven’t watched enough Community to know.”

    But you totally should! It’s pretty much the smartest, funniest thing on TV. No matter how bad a mood I’m in, it always makes me feel better.

  • Anonymous

    Welp, that’s pretty much decided then. Buying the first season of this on DVD tomorrow.

  • Katie Hutchins

    That’s a great way to talk about Community.  It’s such a good show.  One of the things that put me off Big Bang was that it treated smart, geeky people like they were some subsect of society that neither understood, nor obeyed American cultural norms.  Community is such an antidote to that.  It literally is an entire show about how people interact with each other and how we all are different and weird and geeky.

  • Erin Macdonald

    You think that’s good? You should see the Dungeons and Dragons Community episode, or the plasticene Christmas one, which was one of the most heartfelt episodes I’ve ever seen. 
    I love the comparison of it as the anti-Big Bang Theory. 
    Keep watching and keep it on the air! 

  • Melissa Zack

    Community is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Dungeons and Dragons, Paintball, Stop animation Christmas, Abed as Batman, Zombie Halloween, Goodfellas chicken wings! Amazing start to finish!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yaboiksar

    The first season xmas special nearly killed me. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.