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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

A Lesson in Humility

Distraction of the Morning: What Comics Came Out the Month You Were Born?

Mike Voilesexhaustive indexing of published Marvel, DC, Fawcett, Quality, Charlton, and Wildstorm comics from 1935 to the present must be a boon for collectors and retailers alike.

But for the rest of us mortals it’s just an exercise in looking up our own birth months and checking out the results. Hey, older comic fans. I’m as old as Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. Problem?

(Thanks, Christy!)


  • Joanna Moylan

    The Punisher and Silver Surfer! Whoop! =D

  • Scott Mccormick

    “Adventures of Bob Hope” wtf?
    Yeah,I fart dust.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, I actually own that X-Men that came out that month! Nerd win!

  • IMSH

    Maybe it’s the only thing I have going for me in the Comic Book Zodiac to have a connection to Silver Age Neal Adams work being released in my birth month and year.

  • [A]
  • mod_man86

    Dark Horse Presents #1 and Hawkman Special.