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Allow us to explain.

Why Not Do It With Some Style?

These Comic Book-Inspired Dresses Will Make You Hate That It’s Getting Cold Out

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I’m feeling slightly bitter toward our readers in the southern hemisphere, since it’s edging toward summer there and soon many of them will be able to wear these convertible dresses by Etsy seller Danielle Ward without having to layer them with sweaters and scarves and *shudder* pantyhose.

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  • Mara Gerund

    they are… like… THE BEST EVER!

  • Amber

    Awesome! And … different body types for models! Gee, why can’t the rest of the fashion world do this?

  • Anonymous

    FLASH… Oh, GOD, please don’t!

  • Jessy Southard Strohmeyer

    I love that they use some plus size models. It helps fix a problem I have (as someone plus size) of thinking a particular clothing item looks cute (based on rail thin models), ordering it, and realizing I look terrible in it. Maxi dresses = not so cute on girls my size.

  • Anonymous

    yay! i live in socal!
    boo! imma boy!

  • Leanna

    And the beauty of them being custom made is that you can pick the length/style of your skirt and you’re sure to have enough coverage for the ladies even without a bra.

    All of the models (me included! *squee*) are actual customers who love our dresses :)

  • Anonymous

    Batman one please!

  • Danielle Ward

    I am not certain if you are excited that there is a Flash dress, or speaking negatively of my model- but I am certainly hoping it is not the latter.

  • Foxfire

    I just want to say – I can’t wait to see my wife in these, stylish and something she can wear all the time? Awesome. Made for people of different body shops rather than the normal super thin models? Double Awesome.

    Excuse me while I go order a couple for her right now.

  • dawnofthenerds


  • Cowtools

    Aw, before I looked at the captions, I thought that Superman dress in the header pic was a Captain Marvel one. That needs to happen.

  • Jen Rock

    These are fabulous! When I have money, I will totally be grabbing a Superman, and possibly a Batman.

  • Ian Osmond

    The thing about the convertible dresses is that you can do whatever you want with them. It’s not even that they have DIFFERENT dresses for different body types — it’s that you can have the exact same dress, and wear it in different ways that will look good on someone who’s 5’11 and 140 pounds, or 5’2 and 180 pounds, or who is strongly hourglassed, or square-bodied, or whatever.

    And then, no matter which of those body times you have, you can wear it in a dozen different ways that look different. My wife’s got one; she’s worn it to the past half-dozen family events we’ve had, and she’s gotten compliments on her “new” dress each time. Also, it scrunches up so you can just kind of roll it up and shove it into the bottom of your luggage — if you are the kind of person who likes to travel with just carryon luggage, or just with a backpack or something, you can bring a formal evening gown with you IN YOUR BACKPACK.

    … yeah, I’m a fan of the things.

  • Ian Osmond

    If you have a hairy back or shoulders, I’d suggest not doing any of the backless styles. Try doing something with the cap sleeves and the full back. It should work fine.

  • Ian Osmond

    Thinking about it more: you might want to start with one of the “backwards” styles. Most styles start with the long straps that come up and form the top starting from the FRONT, forming the front, then crossing in back to make those roped or crossed backs or the like. You might want to try it the other way ’round, making a full back, then taking it front, making cap sleeves, and crossing it into a tunic-thingy in front, then belting it.

    I mean, obviously, it depends on your body type. If you’ve got six-pack abs, you’re going to want to find a way to show them off. If you’re one of those skinny, willowy guys, that’s going to be different. I know skinny guys that would look FANTASTIC in that Supergirl one, or in the Harley Quinn style.

  • Danielle Ward

    The dresses are custom and based on any character you’d like <3

  • fightinginfishnets

    I’m the owner of the Wolverine and Black Canary. I was a bit nervous as a plus-sized girl to show off my back, but these dresses make me feel awesome about my body.

  • chris

    I needs that WonderWoman dress in my closet STAT!!!!

  • Tali Adina

    I love that there are different body types represented here. Love the dresses!

  • Sally Strange

    DAMN, these are smokin!

  • Charlie

    Great outfits and pretty models! I love the Batman and Harley dresses.

  • zaprowsdower

    I love these!

  • Lady Commentariat

    These are so fantastic! And as a fat girl, it’s so great to see plus size women featured alongside smaller body types. The dresses look fabulous on everyone–great design! When work picks up, I’ll definitely buy one of these.

  • Leanna

    None of the models are wearing bras but you dont necessarily need one. I’m a 38DD and have no issue having enough coverage because its made to my measurements and you can tie it for enough support.

  • Danielle Ward

    As Leanna said (apparently a lot of my models are fans of The Mary Sue): none of the models are wearing a bra, however there are definitely styles that would cover the straps and band. It’s all about how you tie it <3

  • Danielle Ward

    Thank you! There are tons of different ways to wear them (you can even wear them as a skirt instead of a dress), so don’t worry about not being able to cover up any parts of your body that you would like to <3

  • Anonymous

    ian, i appreciate you.

  • Colleen

    they look cute but silly at the same time

  • Rafira

    a bit too lazy to sew a zip in, are we?

  • Heather Lynn

    Maybe I missed it, but why is no one complaining about the $200 price tag? Am I so out of the loop of dress prices that this is common? Because I have NEVER spent more than $150 on a dress and that was a ballgown for a very formal wedding! I’m so sad because I definitely want a couple of them but I am just not rich enough to afford $200 price tags =(

  • Danielle Ward

    If you would like a similar style dress in a woven fabric, it will need to have a zipper in it. However, a zipper in this style of dress is impractical and would frankly be uncomfortable after it is tied. If you need further explanation of how the construction of garments works, I am happy to do so.

  • Danielle Ward

    Hi Heather, the reason each dress is $200 is that for each dress I need to purchase 9-12 yards of
    fabric to create the color combination that I want. From there, each
    dress is 8-10 hours of work. I would love to make them for
    less so everyone could own one, but I am simply not willing to sacrifice
    quality of fabric, accuracy of the inspiration character, or overall
    fit by outsourcing them in standard sizes. I love the personalization
    that custom offers. The garments actually fit correctly regardless of your body shape- be it petite or voluptuous. I give personal tutorials to make sure my customers know how to tie them and are super happy with their purchase. I also always give a discount to repeat customers (if you ever want more than one)- and also will be having a little Black Friday sale. Hopefully this explanation is helpful! <3

  • Danielle Ward

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that these are in fact the Infinity dress that has been around since the 70s, however they are not “just” that. I
    agree that if you can make your own dress, you absolutely should. It is
    fun and saves you money because you don’t have to pay for someone
    else’s time. However, mine are not as simple as these online tutorials. The majority of tutorials and companies make them with only one seam, so all of the work involved is in the cutting of the fabric. The straps for mine
    are doubled for extra support and so that I can create color
    combinations. As you can see based on the patterns you will find online, this means I am
    sewing 216″+ plus the waistband for a solid dress and sometimes up to
    1000″ for the character based ones. With that said, each take about 8-10
    hours to make. It is so much continuous sewing that it literally burnt
    out my sewing machine so that I had to purchase an industrial. And an industrial strength zigzag machine, and an overlock machine. I would
    love to make these for less so that every girl who wants one can own
    one, but I am simply not willing to sacrifice quality of fabric (which
    took a long time to decide on a perfect, incredibly comfortable jersey)
    or accuracy of the character- which will be incorrect unless the straps
    are doubled. Hopefully this gives you a little head’s up on the amount
    of time it takes to make one of these because I know how frustrating
    sewing can be when you underestimate work involved. Also, make sure you
    come up with accurate math for the strap widths or they absolutely will
    not fit girls with breasts larger than a B (most of my customers are more voluptuous women and have this complaint about every other company they have found). <3

  • Danielle Ward

    I’m pretty okay with that. Life should never be too serious. <3

  • Danielle Ward

    Oh, don’t worry darlin’! I was simply explaining to you the difference between the ones you will find elsewhere online/ the tutorials vs. mine so that you understand just how much more work and passion goes into each design.

  • Danielle Ward

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I do make these for men as well. You will kind of look like a ninja in them, which is pretty cool

  • Heather Lynn

    Well, that definitely explains the $200 price tag and makes tons of sense, but I’m still unable to purchase the ones I want because I’m too poor =( I may purchase one for a wedding I’m attending in May though, because then I can justify the cost of the dress since it’s for the wedding of one of my good friends, and I really want one!

  • Danielle Ward

    I am actually doing an all Batman themed wedding (so seven bridesmaids in villains dresses) in a couple months, which I am super excited about! Thank you for understanding why the cost is what it is. I do really hope you get one for that wedding because you’ll get tons of compliments and be super happy (which makes me happy)!

  • Becky

    So creative!!

  • Misty Mills

    I love that Wolverine dress, and the Black Canary one! But Wolvie has my heart! did you use a pattern or come up with it on your own?
    Do you make and sell them?