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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Just What You've Always Wanted

Cillian Murphy Wearing Val Kilmer’s Batman Mask

The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition continues to deliver new delights. Yesterday, it was footage of Christian Bale in this costume, talking, to, of all people, Amy Adams. Now, this screenshot of Cillian Murphy (who would play the role of Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow) auditioning for the pointy ears.

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  • Pauline Mulkerrins

    I don’t know how an Irish white boy was granted those lips but I’m really happy about it.

  • AverageDrafter

    I love Murphy, but no – he’s not the bat. He was a great Scarecrow, and was able to play an important part in all 3 films. His is an underrated part of the trilogy.

    Also, FYI – its got to be pretty rewarding to for such a young actor to be in Boyle and Nolan’s go-to stable.

  • Sonya

    …Is it getting warm in here? *swoon*

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    he kissed the blarny stone!

  • Calum Syers

    I like it when filmmakers see a special “something” in an actor’s audition, even if it isn’t right for the particular role they’re going for.

  • elsie

    my mum recently got a six month old Subaru Tribeca SUV by working part-time off of a macbook. official statement


  • Carmen Sandiego

    I love him in the cowl, but I can’t imagine not having had him as Scarecrow, which he was beautiful at.