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And So It Begins

Chevy Chase Finally Leaves Community. Streets Ahead or Streets Behind?

Well, it was only a matter of time. Chevy Chase, who has been vocal (to put it mildly) about his dissatisfaction with the show and former (*sob*) showrunner Dan Harmon, is officially dropping out of Greendale Community College. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner, frankly.

Chase is notoriously, er, prickly to work with. He’s stated that taking the role of Hawthorne was a “big mistake,” called sitcoms “the lowest form of humor” (kind of a weird move when you’re on one), and dropped a racial slur in an on-set tirade about how his character, a bigot, was being written.

Most of the episodes of Community‘s season four have already been shot, so Chase will only be absent from the remaining one or two. And then, of course, season five, assuming there is one, which there probably won’t be. The show’s fourth season order was only for 13 episodes, half the size of a normal season, and of course it’s been pushed back from its original air date of October 19th.

(Though, as Troy and Abed explain, October 19th is more a state of mind than a fixed date on the calendar. Is it October 19th yet?)

Honestly, I would put  more thought into this news and what it means for a show as a whole if I were confident Community would be around longer. As it is, I’m not even convinced I’ll tune in on its planned air date, February 7th, and not see a re-run from season three of Law & Order: SVU or something.

You’ve killed my spirit, NBC. Shame on you.

(via /Film, Deadline)

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  • Anonymous

    As much of a ninnyhammer Chevy has been acting, I’m sick of hearing about the “racial epithet” story. He didn’t call anyone a bad word, he used the bad word in a sentence. He was saying that the bigotry jokes were getting so coarse, eventually his character would call someone a (OK, I won’t say it)
    So are now now not allowed to ever DISCUSS the bad words? Even if to point out that they are bad?

  • Anonymous

    There’s no question next season is a pivotal one for Community, even considering the show always fights for its life, but I don’t see how this news impacts the show. Chase might be a bigger name than, say, Gillian Jacobs but her character is important to the show and his isn’t. Pierce has always been the character with the least depth and will be easy to replace, if they bother replacing him at all.

  • Anonymous

    I hate Pierce. But with Pierce gone… whose going to be the bad guy?

  • Scottie Mac

    Replace Chevy with Bill Murray, and have no one (but Abed) notice.

  • Timothy Tankersley

    Chang. He’ll now be a member of the group.

  • Timothy Tankersley

    Chang. He’ll now be a member of the group.

  • Emily Martin

    Good riddance. He was always a dick about being on the show so he really doesn’t deserve to be on it.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best solution ever.

  • Emily Walton

    Spoken like the new Pierce

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Starburns, back from the dead, will infiltrate himself into the group and, with the assistance of Chang, will wreak havoc upon all of Greendale!

  • Deggsy

    The show died when Harmon left. What’s coming to TV next year is a zombie version of the show I used to love.

  • Steamgirl

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Chevy.

  • Anonymous

    That’s genius! Kudos to you, Scottie.

  • Corbyn Samuels

    No one can play a pain in the neck quite like Chevy Chase who has always had a reputation for being hard to work with. It’s not really a surprise that he has decided to part ways with the show and it was really only a matter of time. You just never know with Community so I’ve always got my DISH Hopper recording the new episodes each
    week once the show is back on the air and thanks to PrimeTime Anytime it does it automatically on the big four networks. I will continue to watch even though he’s no longer a part of it but I’m wondering how they will do away with his character. My DISH co-worker says that perhaps they will stage a heart attack to logically end his role in the show. That might make sense considering his age and all but maybe they will be more creative. I think this is for the best.