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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Good News Everyone!

Charlie Hunnam Sees the Light, Quits Fifty Shades of Grey

My headcanon is that Ron Perlman talked him out of it, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Charlie Hunnam being chosen to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey was the casting news that utterly rocked the world the Pacific Rim fandom. But now he’s dropped out, and we can pretend that those few months when he thought he’d appear in the film adaptation of that awful, awful book never happened. According to a statement released by Universal Pictures:

“The filmmakers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead given Hunnam’s immersive TV schedule which is not allowing him time to adequately prepare for the role of Christian Grey.”

Yeeeeah, that sounds a bit off to me. I can’t imagine that shooting schedules weren’t known before the contract was signed. Anonymous sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Hunnam was:

“overwhelmed with the attention he received from being cast in the movie and got cold feet about carrying such a high-profile project…  The sources caution that Hunnam had no reservation about the role of Christian Grey, just the media and fan frenzy that came along with it, especially as he was transitioning from Sons [of Anarchy] to Fifty Shades so quickly.”

So he backed out because of schedule issues and the high-profile nature of the job, not because of lines like “You’ve had six orgasms so far and all of them belong to me” and “I found some baby oil. Let me rub it on your behind.” But whatever. I don’t care why he quit. Way to dodge that bullet, Charlie.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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  • Riley

    I kind of hope that production on this takes so long, like 20-30 years, that by the time it does get made, everyone will have forgotten about it/the world will have ended by this point so it doesn’t really matter.

  • Laura Truxillo

    My guess is he either finally read the book himself, or Robert Patterson showed up at his house in ghost make-up and chains as some kind of bizarre warning of the future.

  • Anonymous

    Either way, I don’t think it’d be smart for him to give his real reasons (if he did quit because ya know, it’s 50 Shades). Like obviously on the internet everyone likes to snark, but in Hollywood, walking off a production and publicly bashing it can be hazardous to one’s career, especially if the movie ends up successful.

  • Anonymous

    I guess you could say he Hunnam out to dry.

  • frankenmouse

    I just wanted to let you know that your comment made me laugh uncontrollably.

  • Ashe

    …I KNEW IT.

  • Anonymous

    Real reason: he couldn’t utter the words “laters, baby!” without cracking up.

  • Alissa Knyazeva

    I can totally see R-Patz calling up Charlie on his personal number and being like “Uh, bro… Word of the wise, might want to reconsider that one.”

  • Anonymous

    the way its going- this just might happen (oh please oh please)

  • Alexa

    Here’s a re-enactment of the moment when Mr. Hunnam’s decision was made:

    O_O (The face that he makes after reading the first book.) This is promptly followed by him dropping the book, from his fingers, to the ground and flinging his arms in the air yelling “Nooooope!” and reaching for his phone to call his agent

    And Scene…

  • Anonymous

    Read the book himself, realized it wasn’t the US Civil War period piece he’d been imagining…

  • Christine Brehan

    Laura, you’re my hero. I completely agree! =)

  • porpoisepower

    I might be interested in this if Ron Perlman played Christian Grey. It’d be hillarious.

  • Anonymous

    Good for him! Someone probably told him “dude, have you actually read the book?!”

  • Kamil Kukowski

    There’s still hope! I hope the waste of money will never be made

  • Sara

    Glad he realized how much it would pretty much ruin his career. Good for him

  • JustPlainSomething

    I saw this bit of headcanon about the announcement and I can’t be convinced that it didn’t go down this way:

  • Raincannon

    Guess he discovered that he and Dakota Johnson were not drift compatible.

  • JustPlainSomething

    I really think most people don’t realize how bad it really is until they find some of the actual quotes from the book. Outside of the bizarre inner goddess/subconcious metaphors and horrible grammar, the amount of unhealthy relationship red flags alone make Christian’s character in particular something you want to stay away from career-wise.

  • AnnaB

    This is good news, but you know what would be great? If they cancelled the whole project altogether.

  • Amy

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  • Anonymous

    Have to share the A.V. Club’s delightful coverage of this news story, by Sean O’Neal:,104172/

  • Foxfire

    Good news, this leaves the role open for Duke Nukem

  • Samuel


  • Cain S. Latrani

    I am honestly glad he dropped out. I didn’t really want to hate him forever. Which, yes, if he had helped bring this abomination to life, I’d have no choice. There are some things that unforgivable, no matter how much you like someone.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, maybe the movie SHOULD get made just so that all the delusional people who loved the book and who thought this movie would be a great thing will actually be able to SEE just how appalling and dreadful it truly is. And then they can crawl away in shame and the whole 50 Shades franchise can be razed to the ground and seeded with salt to prevent any resurgence.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be the greatest thing ever if this movie got boycotted across the board. Start kickstarters, take to reddit, put it all across tumblr. So Hollywood can get the message that, “no, we will not give you billions for thinking we will eat up any old garbage as long it comes with a bankable name.”

    50 Shades is a bankable name, but do something interesting with it – make a documentary about this author and her audience, about what this book did to our culture and why. Everyone would still go see it, and it would at least be making something worthwhile from a d-grade bdsm romance novella.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I know that a) from experience, this is a terrible book and b)there are better erotic novels out there to make into a movie that don’t c) have plots that are beyond problematic. But I’m still sorta looking forward to getting to go to a terrible NC-17 movie and laughing my ass off.

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping he talked with Guillermo del Toro, and that “immersive TV schedule” is code for “Pacific Rim sequel”

  • Irva Green

    He made the right decision in this project.

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  • Rosalie Langevin

    Nice one!!!!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful book! EL James..

    Waiting to see onscreen Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan together………..

    Fifty Shades Of Grey