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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Catwoman Might Be As Unsettlingly Creepy as Heath Ledger’s Joker [Slight Spoiler]

Catwoman is apparently one of the most well written characters we’ve seen in these movies so far and she could potentially steal the show the way Heath Ledger did last time. She does some cool stuff in the movie like jumping out of windows and stealing the Batpod. — A source to Batman News, divulging a few details about Anne Hathaway‘s Catwoman/Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises. Another source also says that the costume pics that were revealed on Friday were not totally complete. (As in, there will possibly be a more cat-like cowl added at some point.) If you’d like to read the slightly spoilery part about our villain’s backstory, I’ve added that after the jump.

The first source on Selina Kyle’s background:

Her back story is that she has a history of abuse and works as a stripper and is also a pickpocket.

The abuse part is actually part of the canon, as is some form of thievery. If we find out she’s also an amnesiac flight attendant, you can bet we’ll let you know.

(Batman News via BuzzFeed)

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  • Sarah Goesch

    You guys seriously have to stop making me so exited for that movie >.< 

  • Krasimir Savov

    The stripper part  is going to be a nice and simple way to give her a cat domino! I dig!
    No R-Rated version of this movie? Anne does like to show boobs.

  • Stanley Kramer

    And here I thought Nolan would actually be able to deliver a compelling female character without making her a part of the sex industry.  HAH.  I’m such a moron.

  • T.A.Bryan

    The stripper backstory sounds like Nolan’s leaning on Batman: Year One, where Catwoman was actually a prostitute. I really wish we could get an interesting female character without an abuse/rape background, though.

  • Smoke Tetsu

    That description sounds eerily like the cartoon satire pic about strong female characters that was run here not too long ago. I guess she’s also going to have daddy issues and is going to crash into a homemaker’s house and “free” her. :P

    It would be ironichypocritical for this place to praise this if that’s how this movie is going to be.

    And here I thought they where doing pretty good with the outfit so far. :P

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  • Anonymous

    “Her back story is that she has a history of abuse and works as a stripper and is also a pickpocket.” unsettling creepy.  

  • Stanley Kramer

    I know.  There’s actually a full gamut of sex work in the Catwoman history, depending on which continuity you happen to look at.  Stripping, prostituting, fake prostituting, dominatrixing.  I agree with you in that I wish we could move away from the abuse/rape backstories.  I guess I was hoping Nolan would move away from the sex and abuse stuff and come up with something more compelling/fresh than that.  Guess not.

  • Francesca M

    Just so long as she’s not addicted to Batman.

  • Joanna Moylan

    Don’t all comic book characters have traumatic pasts to some extent, regardless of gender?

  • Wesley Smith

    Just because it’s a part of her backstory doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a focus of the movie. They’ve still got several months of shooting and almost a year before release, so I’m going to give Nolan a little time and leeway before I start labeling him a misogynist.

  • Stanley Kramer

    Wow dude, I know I called him a misogynist 17 times in my comment bu…. Oh wait I never did that.  It’s a little over reactive to say that just because someone’s not pleased with a decision Nolan made that they think Nolan’s a misogynist don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    Being a stripper/pickpocket isn’t all that unsettling or creepy to me.  That’s just Nancy from “Oliver!”

    Is she completely mentally unhinged with a bleak attitude about humanity’s capacity for evil?  Is she willing to push that capacity for evil to its natural endpoint, possibly at the expense of her own life?  Only then could she match the Joker, pound for creepy pound.

    Also, note to Hollywood: some women experience trauma that is not sexual in nature.  And quit making characters strippers instead of prostitutes so you can maintain your PG-13 rating.

  • Angel S.

    How many male comic book characters have a background of being raped or sexually abused, or working as prostitutes or strippers?  Why does female trauma always have to involve lady parts?

  • Alexander Lorenzen

    Has Catwoman ever been a stripper? Frank Miller made her a prostitute but he has issues with women to work out. It just seems like a really cheap way to get her mostly naked. There are much more tasteful ways to be sexy. Nolan needs to read Catwoman: When in Rome to understand.

  • Alexander Lorenzen

    Also, her whole look is wrong. Long brown hair for Selina Kyle? Wtf!? Not to mention Anne Hathaway’s voice and lack of anything close to meat on her bones.

  • Alexander Lorenzen

    Seriously, why does every female anti-hero have to be a stripper or whore at some point?

  • Duke Fleed

    For the longest time, Catwoman had long, dark hair. Or did you just start reading the comics in 2002?

  • Stanley Kramer

    In comics, depending on which version of continuity they’re deciding to go with this week, Catwoman’s been a stripper, prostitute, fake prostitute, dominatrix.  Many versions of her have had seedy red-light district stuff as part of her origin.   At least the more modern versions.  The golden and silver age versions of Catwoman was just a burglar, with no special backstory I believe.

    I personally still prefer the Animated Series version of Catwoman.  Actually I prefer the Animated Series version of everything Batman.