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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

And Here Is the Full Catwoman Costume, Now Featuring Ears

And, here she is, in full feline regalia. Meaning: Anne Hathaway‘s Catwoman costume in The Dark Knight Rises has ears now! After the jump, a few more pics from the set that will answer the burning questions: Does she have a tail? And is Batman finding her pleasant, and not in a way that weirds us out completely? The following are pictures from the set, so consider them to be providing information about a movie you haven’t seen yet. In short: Possible spoilers.

First, let’s get a nice look at Catwoman and Batman, who is definitely being played by Christian Bale here and not a stunt guy. It looks like they’re having a hearty giggle about something, and that is just darling.

And here is the back of Catwoman’s costume, showing Hathaway with Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon), and revealing the absences of a tail, but the presence of insane stiletto heels.

Getting ready to hop on the Batpod:

(via DC Women Kicking Ass,” target=”_blank”>Screen Rant)

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  • Frodo Baggins

    I would have preferred a full cowl, it looks kind of silly just sitting over her ears like a headband. Not to mention impractical! I wouldn’t wanna be swooping around the city with hair flying in my face! Plus, gives away that she’s a brunette. It ain’t batnipples, but it’s the first Nolan visual that really isn’t working for me. Still, compared to the new Supersuit, it looks flawless.

  • Komiyan

    Those HEELS! D: Dang, lady, how’re you gonna run over rooftops in those? 

  • ainok

    The heels are frackin’ ridiculous. She should’ve had good solid boots for kicking people’s heads in. Bah.

    On the up side, at least her shirt is zipped up.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, I had the same thought.  Forget rooftops.  She looks like she’s about to fall over in those pictures.

  • John Seavey

    Disappointed in the heels, too. Still I like the idea that her “ears” are practical. (They are the same goggles we saw her wearing in another still, right? Just pushed up on her head?)

  • Anonymous

    Bloody hell! Christian Bale smiling? On set??? Hold the front page!
    As for the “it gives away she’s a brunette” – what if that’s intentional and Selina Kyle has short blonde hair(Or is bald) and it’s a wig designed to throw you off the scent?
    And the heels? Is IS possible to run in heels(and on cobbled streets too!), I’d just rather not go into it if it’s all the same ;)
    Besides, for all it’s real world aspirations, it’s still a FANTASY. I’d say Anne Hathaway in that getup pretty much fulfills that aspect quite nicely.

  • Sarah Willis


  • Anonymous

    The hair flying around bit bothers me too. Look how perfectly brushed it is. Oh, Hollywood…

  • Kimberly

    Well, I for one do brush my hair before I go out.. so.. it may look that way now, but wait until she does some stunts!

  • Rachel Radwanski

    Pretty sure that’s not a tail but a bull-whip, which has been connected with the character before. 

  • Frodo Baggins

    Yeah, but they’re not going to shave Anne Hathaway’s head. Maaaaaybe they’ll give her a blonde wig, but I doubt it.

  • Michelle Fitzgerald

    Unless she pulls some amazing acting chops out of thin air I am not buying Ann as Catwoman. She looks like the sweet girl next door, and the way she moves and speaks constantly reinforces that idea. The costume looks absolutely dreadful. The headband is just silly, and the high heels is bloody stupid. I don’t care if some people can run in high heels, I dare you to run in them. Fight in them. Jump from rooftop to rooftop and NOT break an ankle OR snap a heel off, thus completely screwing up with your balance and rendering your footware useless.

    I’m at least grateful that her bits aren’t hanging out.

  • Keni Millikin

    Really, the heels are just kind of depressing to me. Unless this scene sets up Kyle deciding heels are stupid, this is really disappointing. (But then, why would she even consider them in the first place?) I would have thought Christopher Nolan could acknowledge how impractical such high heels are, and dress her accordingly. I am disappoint.

  • Anonymous

    Why the heels? I enjoy wearing a pair of sexy heels sometimes, but they aren’t practical. Other than that I like the costume, though I agree that the hair thing could be impractical.

  • K.K.

    Those heels are terrifying. Unless she has some mad karate foot action going on, during which the heels can be used to impale opponents, they seem highly impractical. It also kind of confuses me that Hathaway would agree to heels, she always seems to try to play strong female characters—which Catwoman is—but the heels just kind of scream “I’m messing up my feet to impress people!”

  • Denice Van Schaik

    Though it’s better than the comic version where her breasts would probably go spilling out while doing loops and such, I can’t imagine getting a mouthful of hair or breaking your ankles on heels like that is any less enjoyable.

    Hopefully her heels are at least sharp so they have some form of functionality? I wonder if we’ll be seeing any whips, with the lack of tail and all. I know I’ll be looking to see if her hair stays perfect during the movie. If it does, there goes the remaining credibility out the window.

  • Kristin Bremmer

    She looks like ‘Halloween Costume Catwoman’ not ‘Practical I can kick your butt whilst performing insane acrobatics Catwoman’.  Sexy? Yes.  She should have a ‘kitten’ heel! Haha! I’m so funny >_> 
    Maybe they’ll tie the hair up for fighting? A full cowl could make for a stiff neck and slight visibility issues? 

    Eh… I’m sure I’ll like the film anyway!

  • Anonymous

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  • Amanda Jean Carroll

    Many Catwoman costumes have featured high heels. And as much as I, generally, hate them and find them impractical, if there was ONE woman in the DCU who would know how to run in them, it’s Catwoman (the same, clearly, cannot be said of Anne Hathaway). If there were two, the second would undoubtedly be Black Canary. But Catwoman should have sort of preternatural grace and balance. I’ve always thought of her as being a little bit of a meta, like Harley Quinn. 
    ALL of that said, I hate high heels and I still prefer her without them. In her books, the switch from heels to flat boots signaled a big change in her character, from someone who was mainly out to have fun to someone who wanted to get things done. Also, it was when she stopped objectifying herself — because whatever we think of heels, and however often we might like to wear them, they ARE, by nature, very objectifying. They say “hey! look at me! I’ve rendered myself unable to function for the sake of having a nice looking ass!”
     Obviously this movie isn’t going to feature that character, the Catwoman I find most appealing. 
    Also, the entire head area was a mistake. They could have made a great looking, flexible cowl out of the same stuff as her suit. It would have looked awesome. It would have actually looked like Catwoman. 

  • nikki ackerman

    Full cowl are you kidding me?  Practical for women on a page but not so practical in real life.  Especially when you have a lot of hair.  Her dresser and hairstylist would go mad trying to put that mess into a full cowl every day.  Anyone here ever had their hair pulled out by a rubber/silicone swim cap?  That’s the equivalent of a full cowl.  Ouch.
    As for the heels … nah, not a good idea.  Julie Neumar and Ertha Kitt pulled off heels but they didn’t run around like the new versions do!

  • Life Lessons

    Ok, it is my personal issue but I totally despise putting action heroines in stupid shoes. Do you ever see a man action hero wearing IDIOTICALLY STUPID HARMFUL TO YOUR BODY CAN BARELY BALANCE SHOES?!? No. Look if you love heels, great wear them. But for
    $%&#%$T sake keep them off the feet of women action heroines!

    Ok, I’m done. For now. Thanks.

    &*()_(*&*()_ high heels….

  • Priscilla Candelas

    I HATE it when female superheroes/villians where heels! If I was a superhero, I wouldn’t be wearing heels. I don’t even wear heels anymore because I know I don’t need them. Also, I can barely notice the ears. Everything else in the costume looks okay, though.

  • Priscilla Candelas

    Thank you. You have said my thoughts exactly!

  • Shalan McGrinder

    I wish they had gone with the practical boots, full head covering and goggles seen in more recent catwoman/batman books.

  • Amanda Jean Carroll

    Of course, I also think Selina should have short hair. It’s practical and sexy and glamorous and gamine, and those are all things she should be. And it gives her that little bit of 50′s flair I love. Anne Hathaway cut her hair short for her most recent indie-waif-pixie-fantasy-girl role in One Day, and it made her look so much more like a Selina I might want to watch in a movie that it made me kinda sad. 

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  • Frodo Baggins

    Uhhhhh, you’re kidding me, right?

    They all wear caps or helmets, all the time, during intense physical activity. Lots of them have long hair. Is it comfortable? Maybe not. But obviously they all prefer it to headbands.