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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

How Much Unused Catwoman Concept Design from The Dark Knight Rises Can You Handle?

Because we’ve got a lot of it. I’m amazed a the number of subtle iterations her shoes went through, for a completely implausible costume element that was used for its insufficient-excuse-of-a-function but once in the entire film. I loved your Catwoman, Mr. Nolan, but if having knives on your feet were at all an advantage that outweighed the downsides of wearing stiletto heels, maybe Batman should have been wearing them too?


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  • Akemi Oyanedel

    Love the first costume, she looks like very “sophisticat” XD

  • Anonymous

    Is it bad that those stilettos are the primary reason I still haven’t seen TDKR? I want to see a well done Catwoman, but women voluntarily fighting in high heels is an action movie pet peeve that I just can’t get past.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    It’s not just the fighting, there’s something very odd about seeing her walk around Alfred and Batman dressed in her burglar outfit and heels. It reminds me too much of a runway model.

  • Anonymous

    Anne’s Catwoman wiggle was a little absurd. I just don’t think someone would stick their butt in the air while cracking a safe…especially if there wasn’t anyone in the room with them to show off for.

  • Anonymous

    I think they just like drawing ladies in dangerous clothes. And Anne’s body, obviously.

  • Anonymous

    As much as stilettos in comics bother me, I thought it oddly appropriate for a character so badass and confident. Selina has sometimes used her body to her advantage, either to distract or bait unwitting victims, yet no one touches it without her permission. Anne’s Catwoman reflected that, she was sexy, but not overtly so, which I loved: she gave off an aura of professional, passionate, no-nonsense that was so wonderful. She was also very fashionable, as seen in the outfits she wore throughout the movie, yet found very amusing all the attention her beauty brought. I could totally see her having a lot of fun turning her heels into deadly weapons, which incidentally she did use more than once…just my two cents :)

  • Terence Ng

    Then you’d probably HATE Sailor Moon as well. By the end of it, any girl who didn’t have high heels had high heels in her fight against evil. And mini-skirts.

  • Marion Yelle

    As impractical as stiletto heels are in general, I must admit that I love how literal they took stiletto boots. Also, I want a pair.

  • Zaewen

    That’s one of my #1 pet peeves with fantasy/fiction/superhero ladies. Drove me absolutely nuts in Avengers. Every lady, even those in uniform on the helicarrier, were wearing very high heels. It’s annoying in animated films, but in live action stuff it seems downright cruel to me to ask the female performers to do anything more than a casual stroll in those shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed that some of the helicarrier ladies were in heels, which annoyed me endlessly. Why on earth were they in pencil skirts as well? Were they retro flight attendants or something? But was Agent Hill in heels? I think I remember her in flat boots, which was great. And while Scarlett Johansson wore heels in some shots when you couldn’t see her feet (to help even out the height difference between her and her co-stars,) Natasha was supposed to be wearing flat boots in the film. I think the Avengers did a good job with the heels issue. I loved Natasha’s intro scened when she picked up her high heeled shoes at the end and walked away without putting them on after kicking ass in her stocking feet.

  • Zaewen

    From what I saw of the Avengers Maria and Natasha were wearing heels (wedged heels on boots) for a lot of the movie. I think Natasha only had flat boots on during her stunts.

  • Sophie

    It’s kind of painful, but believe me it was worth watching even with the heels. She’s the my favourite depiction of Catwoman since the Ed Brubaker comics, and though I went into the film POd about the heels, I forgot about them pretty quickly once she was on screen.

  • Sophie

    I’m normally okay with the wedged boots, because –especially in avengers where the cast is full of really tall people– I suspect their used more for height purposes than they are for sex appeal. But maybe I’m just being optimistic.