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Humor Me, and Watch This Basketball Scene from Catwoman

Okay, I admit. I haven’t seen Catwoman. I know that for proper purposes of legitimacy, people are supposed to see a thing before they talk about how bad it is, but come on. This movie came out before I started college and ever knew that I would ever have to back up my opinions on movies for more than my own friends, let alone the entire internet. And now? Now you couldn’t pay me to watch Catwoman. I could be watching The Dark Knight Rises instead.

So that’s how I didn’t know that the movie contained this absolutely hilarious train wreck of a scene. Which is the weirder part? Grown adults apparently purposefully turning a game of one-on-one in to thinly veiled physical sexual innuendo in full view of children? That a child would ask two grown adults to play basketball for him instead of with him? Thank you, MTV Movies and Reddit, for making sure that I knew about this.


  • Gordon Borland

    I think I watched this film twice, and I can remember nothing from it, why were they in a kids park ?

  • Red Veron

    Is this move from 1992?

  • Meghan

    WHAT the WHAT!! Ok, I heard this movie was terrible but WOW.

  • Anonymous

    That scene ruined Halle Berry, Catwoman and basketball in less than 2 minutes.
    Can someone get Chris Nolan and Anne Hathaway so they take that awful taste of my mouth, please?

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    This reminds me of a duel between Daredevil and Elektra in the Daredevil movie. Stop giving me flashbacks.

  • Skemono

    As I recall, Catwoman was meeting up with the love interest, who was doing volunteer work with kids to show that he is a good guy.

  • Gordon Borland

    what a good guy, hes clearly dedicated to his charity work and wouldn’t be easily distracted by trivial things such as….oh wait

  • WheelchairNinja

    I caught it on TV once. My friends and I made fun of it the whole way through, à la MST3K. It was great. The best part was when it went to commercial and the announcer said “This presentation is sponsored by Maybelline.” (For those who don’t want to waste two hours, the villain in the film was an evil makeup company. Because clearly that’s the perfect bad guy for a movie about a woman hero…)

  • Cluisanna

    :( I like this movie, mostly because of Halle Berry. Come on, it’s a black catwoman with a female villain representing white beauty ideals. How awesome is that?

  • Anonymous

    I also abashedly enjoyed this flick. There are cringe moments (especially with Benjamin Bratt and and Lambert Wilson) but it gets more ire than it deserves. Halle serves up some Eartha Kitt realness from time to time in it.

  • Tamara Brooks

    Sharon Stone is fantastic in it but it is bad. Enjoyably bad but bad.

  • thebravestheart


  • Aeryl

    Oh, I completely disagree. Stone was the worst thing about the movie.

    Thing is, it could have been kinda neat. The villain is a cosmetics company that’s hurting women in an attempt to make them beautiful. There could have been all kinds of things about our fucked up beauty culture said, and it tried to be subversive,(like having the pudgy friend end up with the hot sexy doctor), but it just got lost under all the bad.

  • B.G. Paulus

    See? This movie has some redeeming qualities after all …

  • L Newman

    That was literally the WORST. And yes, so inappropriate with the grinding in front of kids on the court? They could have shown her athleticism in many different ways, but this? So weird.
    Horrible script, bad direction can destroy the film. Normally Benjamin Bratt is great and Holly Berry won an Oscar – so obvs it’s not the acting. Just a fantastic misfire

  • Tamara Brooks

    I haven’t seen the full movie in a looooooong time but I did see it in the theater as a kid. What I liked about Stone was that she was going full-on, cackling villain which really worked for me since the whole movie was ridiculous. Like, she was playing it serious but not too serious. She was giving me 60s BatVillain realness.

    I agree that there could’ve been a greater point made with her character but that’s not Stone’s fault, it’s the writer(s)/director/studio’s. They wanted this particular version of things. I just don’t think everyone was on the same page.