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  1. We Figured Out How to Improve the 50 Shades Trailer—Add Judgmental Cartoon Characters

    Some times I write about srs bsns. Other times there's this.

    Or usually judgmental cartoon characters, Batman. Stop encouraging this.

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  2. GoT News Roundup: Arya is “Not Arya Anymore,” Jon Snow Continues To Know Nothing

    Probably no hugs for either of them, either.

    Season 4 is over, but Winter is always coming for Game of Thrones fans. Both Maisie Williams (Arya) and Kit Harrington (Jon now) were recently interviewed about what they think next season will bring for their characters once they start filming in July, and they're pretty sure it's going to be nothing good. Warning, spoilers for the series so far.

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  3. Geekolinks 6/11

    Today on Geekolinks: the death of data journalism, a possibly not-Link-fronted Legend of Zelda, Comic Sans, and peeing on the floor. Oh, it's okay -- the wall said we could.

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  4. New TV Spots, Groot and Rocket Character Poster for Guardians of the Galaxy [VIDEO]

    In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

    There are two teasers behind the jump: One an extended TV promo, the other a traditional 30 second one. Between the videos we've already seen—the first TV spot and various teasers and trailers—there's really nothing new in the shorter trailer, but it does have "Hooked On a Feeling." Don't act like you're not (wait for it) hooked.

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  5. Illustrations Envision DC & Marvel Comic Characters As Rock Stars

    eye candy

    Time to stand against the rail, scream until you lose your voice, and go home with your ears ringing...all while FIGHTING DARKNESS!!! Ahem. Artist Andrés Moncayo has made your favorite DC and Marvel Comic characters into super cool rock stars. Check them out!

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  6. The Internet Came Through For Levar Burton and Reading Rainbow, Raising $1 Million in One Day

    Oh, Internet. Sometimes you really are the best.

    Yesterday Levar Burton launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring Reading Rainbow to the Internet, and the Internet didn't let him down. The campaign has hit its $1 million goal in less than a day. Currently it's at just under $1.7 million. Well done, Internet.

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  7. Watch The 7th Annual World Science Festival Livestream This Weekend

    Because science is the best.

    The World Science Festival is taking place in New York this weekend from May 28th to June 1st, and this year there will be a number of really exciting and interesting programs. Don't live in New York? Pffft, this is science and we live in the future now! You can watch a whole bunch of the events live right here. See? No excuses.

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  8. Maleficent Zooms Around, Vamps It Up In New Clips and a Featurette [VIDEO]

    I have doubts about this movie being good—yeah, Angelina Jolie does a great Maleficent, but so much of the marketing campaign is "Look! Look how great Angelina Jolie is!" that it makes me wonder... the people who made this movie know that's not enough, right? They know there has to be a good story? While even Angelina's capital-A acting might not be enough to sustain a two-hour movie, it works pretty damn well in clip form, at least. Below the cut we have Aurora finding out Maleficent is the one who cursed her (er... spoiler alert?), Maleficent lording over the creatures of the moors, and a featurette on one of the film's big battle scenes.

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  9. EVERYONE PANIC! Solar Panels Will Drain the Sun of Its Power! Internet Freaks Out Over Fake National Report Article

    Good. Something else for gullible idiots to believe.

    The National Report is a satirical website that publishes fake stories the Internet loves falling for. Its latest hit is an article claiming solar panels drain the Sun's energy and that they could kill the Sun within a few hundred years. THAT IS NOT TRUE, but it sure hasn't stopped the story from spreading.

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  10. How Tyrion’s Trial Should Have Ended [VIDEO]

    Missed opportunity, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff. Missed opportunity. We also have another Game of Thrones video to share with you behind the jump. It's of the cast saying what their characters' Twitter descriptions would be, and it's a bit older, but we were just made aware of it from this gifset and... well, it's worth the watch just to see Liam Cunningham (Davos) and Carice van Houten's (Melisandre) answers. #TeamDragonstone!

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