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  1. The Mary Sue Interview: A Trans Man on Representation, Visibility, and Aydain Dowling

    Recently there has been a lot of talk about Aydain Dowling. He’s in competition run by Men’s Health Magazine, where one of their readers could become their next cover model; someone who has leadership, has helped their community, and exemplifies the fitness goals of the magazine. Aydain has done all those, and then some. Currently he’s way ahead in the magazines public voting poll and it seems like he’s going to win easily. So why is this news outside of the fitness geek circle?

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  2. RIP: Actress, Comedian, and Stiller Family Matriarch, Anne Meara, Passes Away at 85

    I wish we didn't have to start and end the day with news about a death, but sadly, popular film, TV, and theater actress Anne Meara has passed away of natural causes at the age of 85.

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  3. RIP: Mathematician John Nash and Wife Alicia Nash Perish In Car Crash

    The Beautiful Mind was 86.

    If you saw A Beautiful Mind, you may have not only become fascinated by game theory, but also by the life of Nobel Prize-winning mathematician, John Nash. While his life was way more complicated than was presented in the film, there's no question that his work in game theory, and more recently in geometric analysis as a senior research mathematician at Princeton, changed both fields forever. Sadly, he and his wife, Alicia Nash, passed away yesterday in a car crash in New Jersey.

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  4. Do You Feel Loki? Hypnosis, Brainwashing, and The Avengers

    “‘You have heart.’ Loki points the head of his spear at Barton's head. Barton's eyes suddenly glow BLACK. The ability to control Barton's mind is now in Loki's hand.”

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  5. Whose Fault Is This New Trailer for The Rock’s San Andreas?

    I'm sorry.

    It comes out on May 29, whatever, we all know why you're here: Rock GIFs.

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  6. Star Trek’s Grace Lee Whitney Passes Away at 85

    At ease, Lt. Commander.

    It's difficult to remember that Grace Lee Whitney, who played Yeoman Janice Rand on Star Trek, only appeared in eight episodes of the show when you consider how popular the character remained, particularly for female Trekkies longing to see themselves in Starfleet. Sadly, Whitney passed away on Friday at the age of 85.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Unbreakable Squirrel Girl In the Mash-Up You Never Knew You Wanted

    She's a squirrel, dammit. It's a MIRACLE.

    Well, our own Jill Pantozzi asked for it, and now she's got it. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt/Squirrel Girl mash-up you didn't know you wanted, until now!

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  8. This Week’s Beatutiful SHIELD Poster Features Skye’s Mom (AKA Dichen Lachman)

    Each week, Entertainment Weekly and Marvel are releasing a new SHIELD poster by a prominent artist for purchase at the Marvel shop as part of their “Art of Level 7″ promotion. So far we’ve seen posters featuring Raina, Sif, and Agent 33, but this week we're getting a beautiful look at Skye's mother, Jiaying.

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  9. And Now, The Reboot You Really Care About: ReBoot

    The Future Is Now!

    Brace yourself, because it's very likely I am about to make you feel old. Next year is ReBoot's 20th anniversary.

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  10. Watch Guillermo del Toro’s Simpsons Intro, Full of Pan’s Labyrinth Allusions

    and let it be known

    The fantasy/horror master's extended Halloween-themed Simpsons intro has been released online, and yes, it's a loving homage to the history of horror in cinema, but is also chock full of references to Guillermo del Toro's most geek beloved movies. And Hypnotoad. (Warning! This video plays automatically!)

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  11. Fox and Boom! Studios Have Inked an Innovative Licensing Deal – Wait Come Back I Swear This is Interesting


    The Hollywood Reporter is saying that 20th Century Fox just finalized a deal with Boom Studios that would give the movie studio first-look rights on any movie adaptation based on a Boom! Studios property, in many ways meaning that Boom! is not tied to Fox as Marvel is tied to Disney and  DC is to Warner Bros. Wait! Don't leave! According to THR the agreement is pretty unique in the field of comic studios with exclusive licensing deals with movie studios, especially where creators rights are concerned.

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  12. Elizabeth Olsen is Definitely Our Scarlet Witch

    This is just like magic!

    Last we heard from the Scarlet Witch casting camp things were not 100% no take backsies certain that Elizabeth Olsen was in the role, but now there's official confirmation. At least, unless somebody's been misinforming Samuel L. Jackson, and I think we all know how unlikely that eventuality is.

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  13. Natalie Portman Lays Down A Truth Bomb About Female Characters


    "I want [female characters] to be allowed to be weak and strong and happy and sad - human, basically. The fallacy in Hollywood is that if you're making a 'feminist' story, the woman kicks ass and wins. That's not feminist, that's macho. A movie about a weak, vulnerable woman can be feminist if it shows a real person that we can empathize with."Natalie Portman makes a spot-on observation in Elle magazine about a hurdle female characters often face—namely, that if you're not an ass-kicking, fearless warrior princess then you get some of your feminist points taken away. Remember, folks, the "strong" in "strong female character" doesn't—or shouldn't, anyway—mean "strong" in a physical or emotional sense. A strong female character is one who's strongly written, with her own personality, agency, motivations, fears, and goals, whatever those happen to be. Because female characters, like all characters, should be written as complex human beings (except when they're not human). Imagine that. (via: Digital Spy) Previously in the women of Marvel know what's up

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    • Hayley Atwell
    • Scarlett Johansson
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  14. A Lady Writing Conan, and Other Screenwriting Tidbits


    Writers! They do things in Hollywood. I just can't remember what... But I do know that Andrea Berloff has been tapped to write the possible return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Conan franchise.

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  15. These Are Some Sweet Supergirl Re-Designs

    eye candy

    Check out these 9 new takes on Supergirl's costume from artist Cory J. Walker. You're going to wish they were real so you could wear them.

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  16. Review: Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals #1


    When I initially heard about Sex Criminals I was leery. I understood the basic premise to be two young people who can stop time when they orgasm, and use this power to do crime. Written by Matt Fraction (of Hawkguy fame), the premise seemed intriguing; written by just about any other guy and I’d’ve been certain it’d just be weird softcore shlock. That said, I was still wary as I approached the title—it’s so easy to take any premise dealing with sex and women and go someplace incredibly terrible, largely because that’s the majority of examples we see on a day to day basis. I think it’s safe to say that by and large we don’t have healthy associations with women and sex in this society, so any book where that’s one of the main conceits is going to get a pretty critical side-eye from me. Which is why you gotta believe me when I tell you that Sex Criminals is amazing.

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  17. Your Genderswapped Disney Characters of the Day

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    When I am tired of well designed Disney character genderswaps, I will be tired of life. Make sure to check Doro's tumblr for more art in this vein based on Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and The Little Mermaid. Previously in Genderswap

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  18. Battlestar Galactica Newbie Recap: Maelstrom, The Son Also Rises


    I’m a sci-fi geek who has never seen Battlestar Galactica. Yes, I know, I know. 2013 is the year I change that, and I’m blogging as I go. Oh my God, Starbuck. Oh my God, Baltar. Oh my God, Mark Sheppard! We are back on track!

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  19. New Doubleclicks Song “Dimetrodon” Will Make You Love Prehistoric Predators

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    If you thought that giant extinct monsters couldn't be comforting, you thought wrong.

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  20. Agents of SHIELD Recap: 0-8-4


    Welcome to the second episode of Agents of SHIELD, where the show really needs to get its butt out of the fire on character development and interaction. The creators of the show themselves have admitted (in a quote that I can't find at the moment): the second episode of the series is more frightening to make than the first. You've already laid out your pieces, now you have to show everyone the game. The SHIELD pilot laid out its pieces, and established its themes (perhaps themes are the board in this metaphor?), but as I mentioned in my last recap, as it stands its characters are mostly flat. The couple of laudable gender swapped tropes should not go without mention, but still, so far all we've gotten are tropes, with hints that there's more to the eye. How is Coulson still alive? What's Melinda May's dark secret? How does Skye afford those clothes and that tech when she lives out of a van? (Personally, I think when she said she lives out of a van by choice, she really meant it, and we'll eventually get some explanation there, these show runners are simply too smart to assume otherwise.) Last episode, Agents of SHIELD has showed us all of its toys. Now it's time for the show to play with them, and well, or risk being the most boring thing of all: a weekly one hour commercial for Marvel Entertainment movies. Now, having written all this before the episode started, lets see what happens.

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