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  1. Twitter Is Surveying Users to Find Out How Big a Problem Online Harassment Is

    Ooh, ooh! I have an answer for them! *Raises hand emphatically.*

    Twitter, which sucks at dealing with online harassment as a whole by its own admission, is now surveying users to find out how big a problem harassment really is.

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  2. Facebook Adds New Suicide Prevention Tools and a Fill-in-the-Blank Gender Option

    In two separate posts this week, Facebook announced that the company will be increasing resources for members who may be contemplating self-harm or suicide, as well as adding a more free-form option for users to describe their gender identity.

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  3. The FCC Upholds Net Neutrality, Votes to Reclassify Broadband Internet as a “Title II” Utility


    The people—and the president—have spoken, and the FCC has listened. They just voted to approve their new "Net Neutrality" rules and reclassify broadband Internet as a utility in the eyes of regulation.

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  4. Revenge Pornographer Demands Google Erase His Past; Is Human Embodiment of Tiny Violin

    He's particularly concerned about some unauthorized photos.

    Craig Brittain, the man who once boasted that his revenge porn site offered “a higher level of hatred" than its 'competitors' and who posted photos of over 1,000 people throughout his time as the owner of, has filed a complaint against Google asking that "all unauthorized photos of me and other related information" be taken down.

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  5. High-Tech Pointe Shoes Make Ballerinas Into App-Trackable Cyborg Ladies

    Perfect for performing The Netcracker.

    Ballerinas might be some of the world's most incredible athletes, but now, thanks to a Spanish designer, they're basically cyborgs as well.

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  6. Japanese Juice Company Creates a Backpack That Feeds Tomatoes To Runners

    The rest of the world better ketchup.

    Between smart watches, fitness trackers, and tomato dispensing backpacks, wearable technology is the way to go. Yup, you read that right —if the latter is on your wish list, The Tomatan has got you covered.

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  7. Revenge Porn Site Creator Hunter Moore Is Going To Jail

    Once called "The Most Hated Man On The Internet" by Rolling Stone, revenge pornographer and all around despicable troll Hunter Moore has pled guilty to unauthorized access to a computer, aiding and abetting unauthorized access of a computer, and identity theft. Is there an Internet feminist version of "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" that we can all sing together? Can somebody write one?

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  8. Anti-Bullying App STOP!T Allows For Anonymous Reporting

    Bullies beware!

    Bullies. No matter where you go, they seem to be there. School, work, even the military. And they can do some pretty harmful damage. But now that's about to change. There's an app that lets you report bullies anonymously and it's about to kick some bully butt.

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  9. New Eye-Tracking Technology Allows Immobile Man To “Speak” Again

    Talk about body language.

    What if you couldn't move or speak on your own? That's what happened to Don Moir twenty years ago. As you can imagine, it made even talking to friends and family really hard. But now he has a way to communicate with the world, all thanks to some really awesome high-tech eye-tracking software.

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  10. Art+Feminism Is Hosting Its Second Ever Wikipedia Edit-a-thon To Promote Gender Equality

    Wikipedia is a great resource for all kinds of odd information, but it's often not particularly welcoming to women who want to participate in its elaborate editing process. But just talking about the problem isn't going to create more female editors—training women who are interested will.

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