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  1. The Tesla Motors $35,000 Model 3 Might Just Be the Electric Car You’ve Been Waiting For

    Anyone have $35,000 I can borrow? It's for the environment.

    Electric cars are great and all, but most of them suffer from short ranges and long charging time or a high price tag. Well, Tesla's $35,000 Model 3 is going to change all of that with a car that offers the long travel ranges Tesla is known for without their equally high prices.

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  2. It’s Your Last Day to Yell at the FCC About Net Neutrality. Make It Count, Trolls

    This is what you've been training for, YouTube commenters.

    The FCC's proposed rules to govern Net Neutrality (and basically ruin it) have been awaiting public comments for further action, and today is the last day of that public comment period. If you want to help make sure that the Internet remains a level playing field for everyone's traffic, tell the FCC how important it is to you before it's too late—if their site doesn't crash again, that is.

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  3. Makers Rejoice! There’s a New, Less Power-Hungry Raspberry Pi Model

    But can it still power my robot army?

    The Raspberry Pi is often heralded by the maker movement as the micro-computer to beat (though its not the only game in town) and its just released a new, less power-hungry model with a few new features. Let's take a look at the Raspberry Pi B+.

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  4. Elon Musk Just Gave Nikola Tesla a $1 Million Birthday Present

    Reminder to Self : Invite Elon Musk to my next birthday party.

    Today would have been Nikola Tesla's 158th birthday. A lot of people are celebrating, but it's going to be tough to beat Elon Musk's gift. According to the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, Musk just donated $1 million and a Tesla Supercharging Station to the organization.

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  5. Take a Tour of Adam Savage’s Pop Culture-Packed Workshop In Google Street View

    It's the best episode of Hoarders ever!

    First off, can we all agree that the phrase "Man Cave" is generally kind of dumb? That said, I'm willing to let Adam Savage call his studio in San Francisco whatever the hell he wants, because it is every nerd's dream. Now with the help of Google Street View, you get to see every nook and cranny for yourself.

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  6. DARPA Contracts Brain Implant to Record and Restore Memories

    Let's hope it carries more than 80 gigs.

    Prospective data spies, your future is fast approaching: DARPA has contracted Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LNLL) to develop an brain implant that can record and stimulate neurons to restore memory. Its primary use will be the treatment of patients suffering from various memory loss conditions that currently lack a cure, but I'm sure The Final Cut and Johnny Mnemonic aren't too far off now.

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  7. Bill Gates Has Invented Remote-Controlled Birth Control

    Now, where's the button that turns Hobby Lobby off?

    Not a fan of IUDs or other hormonal contraception options? Don't worry, friends, the future of our fallopian tubes is bright! The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is currently experimenting with an incredible microchip that could be embedded into the body to provide convenient and reliable protection for far longer than any currently available hormonal birth control. Now if I can just keep track of where I put the remote...

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  8. “MacGyver” Robots Use Their Environment to Solve Problems, Lack Mullets

    This is the perfect setup for a MacGyver reboot, Hollywood. Just saying.

    MacGyver was ahead of his time. So ahead, in fact, that robots of the future are being built based on him. Kind of. A video submission was made to the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation with the title "Robots Using Environment Objects as Tools: The ‘MacGyver’ Paradigm for Mobile Manipulation." If you'll excuse me, I have to write a treatment for a MacGyver vs. Mecha-MacGyver script.

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  9. The Academic Journal That Published The Facebook Experiment Is Having Second Thoughts

    "Did we do that?"

    So remember that psychology experiment Facebook did recently, and the resulting academic paper they wrote and submitted to a reputable scientific journal? And remember how they didn't actually tell anybody they were doing it and how that sort of made some people mad and possibly even litigious? The scientific journal noticed all of that uproar and maaaaybe they're not as into the paper as they thought, you guys.

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  10. Product Review: Rokit Boost Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones

    Look vaguely like a Cyberman while you jog!

    I don't think I'm alone in hating exercise, so anything that can make the process even a little less awful is a welcome addition to my routine. When Rokit Boost offered to have me review their Swage Sport Bluetooth headset I jumped at the chance, and I'm glad I did.

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