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  1. [UPDATED] Reddit Bans Sony Hack File Sharing While Threats of Violence at The Interview Screenings Loom

    The transition from bizarre to frightening has been swift.

    The Sony Pictures hack has brought out emails, full movies, and personal information of Sony employees, and things still appear to be escalating. Most recently, threats were made involving violence at screenings of The Interview which resulted in the New York premiere's cancellation. Now, Reddit moderators have finally started cracking down on those sharing files obtained through the Sony hack.

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  2. Have Your Morning Happy Cry Watching This Disabled Dog Run for the First Time With 3D Printed Legs

    Fact: Tears are 3D printed feelings.

    Tara Anderson, the director of project management at 3D Systems, has a awesome heart, and took disabled pooch Derby under her wing a few months ago. Anderson knew she could help the dogger, and Derby goes from an (also pretty innovative) doggy wheelchair to having sweet 3D-printed blade legs that allow him to run like the champion he truly is. What? No, it's just... it's dusty in here, and... I'm not crying, you're crying!

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  3. The Navy’s Newest Drone Is A Literal Robot Shark; SharkNATO Is Imminent

    Jawsome or not jawsome?

    Oh, it's not a "shark robot," you say? It's called the "GhostSwimmer?" Well, consider me reassured.

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  4. A Guy Builds a Hoverboard out of Leaf Blowers, Proves You Don’t Need Fancy Magnets and Science

    Leaf blowers. How do they work?

    Easily the most "2015 is almost here, and we don't want to disappoint Marty McFly!" hoverboard solution yet, four leaf blowers, some tape, and a piece of wood still works almost as well as other, more scientific attempts. There are even instructions to build your own after the jump!

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  5. The Pirate Bay Is Back From the Dead Again, but Piracy Barely Noticed It Was Gone

    If you build it, they will share it.

    Despite one of its co-founders openly hoping that it would stay dead forever, notorious torrent sharing site The Pirate Bay has been resurrected by... another torrent sharing site. Piracy, uh, finds a way.

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  6. Girls Who Code Will Expand To Train 1,200 Girls In Computer Science This Summer

    Last summer, Girls Who Code taught 19 immersive, high-quality computer science programs for 375 girls across the country. But that's not enough for a national nonprofit organization committed to bridging the gender gap in the tech industry, and today they've announced a major expansion for their summer 2015 programs—and if you're the right age to attend one of these awesome classes, you'll get your chance to apply very soon!

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  7. Pirate Bay Co-Founder Thinks the Site Got Gross, Hopes It Stays Closed

    The end of an era.

    The Pirate Bay, a torrent sharing site that once seemed unstoppably elusive to the authorities, has finally been shut down to the dismay of the Internet—but one of its co-founders hopes it stays that way.

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  8. Microsoft Now Accepts Bitcoin for Xbox Games and More Whether You Know What That Means or Not

    It's OK. You're not alone.

    That Bitcoin thing you keep hearing about but still don't exactly understand (just a guess) keeps expanding, and now Microsoft will let you use it to buy video games if you live in the US.

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  9. This “Joke” Job Listing Encapsulates Just About Everything Wrong With Brogrammer Tech Culture

    Sportacam, a Finnish company bent on "changing the way you watch sports - forever," posted an ad for a developer, and managed to make themselves look like misogynist, homophobic brogamming bros in the process. Bro fist!

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  10. Americans Think They’re Better Informed Now Because Internet, We’re Not So Sure

    What does Snopes have to say about this?

    A new study shows that Americans think they're better informed because of the Internet. Meanwhile, being on the Internet every day shows that Americans aren't very well informed.

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