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  1. Explaining How Cats Get High, and Other Cat-Related Chemistry Lessons

    Like, meow, man.

    Why do so many cats completely lose their marbles when they're introduced to catnip? Why does cat urine smell like the worst thing ever in the world, except when it's in kitty litter? And why are they always rubbing their faces up against stuff? Youtube's Reactions: Everyday Chemistry wants you to know that the answer to all of these questions is "chemicals, duh." Dang, I had my heart set on "cat magic," but that makes more sense.

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  2. New Study Strengthens the Idea That Sexuality Is Influenced by Genetics

    Mr. DNA would be so proud.

    There have been studies indicating that a few genes may play a role in sexual orientation. However, a new study of the genes of gay brothers and twins used a much broader sample in order to draw stronger conclusions about whether DNA influences orientation, and surprise! They found more evidence that sexuality is no more a choice than eye color, hair color, or you know, whether you have bones or a brain or anything.

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  3. Amazing Ads for Canada’s Science World Museum Could Get Anyone Into Science

    They belong in a museum!

    Canada's Science World has really stepped up its advertising game—well, I'm assuming. I've never seen ads for Science World before, but since these are pretty much the greatest ads I've ever seen for anything, I think it's safe to say they've raised the bar. They even went the extra mile to get the kids (or 20-something bloggers) interested with toilet humor, which may very well be the real key to getting kids into STEM fields.

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  4. Nerds Without Borders Saves Tiny Baby Adorable Turtles With Kindhearted Science


    Here's your heartwarming science story of the day!

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  5. Little Girl Asks Neil deGrasse Tyson How She Can “Help The Earth,” His Response Is Adorable

    Not more adorable than her, though.

    Sure, it's really easy to be nihilistic about the state of the world these days. But you know what's good for squelching that feeling? Watching Neil deGrasse Tyson get down on the floor of a basketball court at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, and tell a first grader in an Einstein t-shirt and pigtails about how exploring the world around her is going to make her an awesome scientist. I think my heart just grew three sizes, but I will have to do some experiments to be sure.

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  6. New Study Shows Playing Video Games Actually Makes You a Better Learner

    DUH we learned that a billion years ago.

    And no, we don't mean learning how to drive aggressively by playing Mario Kart.

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  7. Hilarious Scientific Proofreading Error Lets Us Know How Scientists Really Feel

    (Write pertinent subhead here?)

    A paper published four months ago in a scientific journal contained the above hilarious and unsettling mistake. I don't know if I should be more disappointed in the scientists' editing skills, the journal's peer-review skills, or the "crappy Gabor paper."

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  8. These Are The Most Attractive Dance Moves as Tested by Science

    "Shift weight from side to side and wave arms awkwardly" has proven effective in my own research.

    Trying to impress someone with your dance moves? There's science for that. Researchers investigated and uncovered which dance moves women find most appealing, which means that, most importantly, we can now say with certainty that the most attractive dance moves are "scientifically accurate ones." It's a good day to be a nerd.

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  9. Scientists in Italy Have Been Cleared of Guilt in an Earthquake Case, Are Not Witches

    Though I assume they've retreated to their lair in the base of a volcano.

    Because scientists are not actually witches as people may have assumed hundreds of years ago, they can't always know with 100% certainty whether future-predicting calculations are correct. In fact, scientists rarely know anything with 100% certainty, which is why it was kind of crazy that some Italian scientists were convicted of manslaughter for not predicting an earthquake.

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  10. Admit That You Like The Smell of Your Own Farts, and AsapSCIENCE Will Tell you Why

    Admitting is the first step.

    Don't give me any of that "Eww farts are gross I don't even do that because I am a proper mature adult let's talk about something else like income taxes" noise, either. It's a fact of life: people fart, and you think yours aren't as bad as the rest of humanity's. Let's just start from that base knowledge and work from there.

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