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  1. Study Says Binge-Watching Is For Lonely & Depressed People & Those Who Lack Self-Control


    Oh hello there, what's this? Another study telling us about the dark side of all that binge-watching? Oh joy!

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  2. An “Elusive,” Goofy-Lookin’ Megamouth Shark Was Found On A Philippines Beach

    Babadook shark!

    So imagine you're just walking along the beach one day, maybe picking up seashells and just taking in the majesty of the universe, when you come across this thing.

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  3. Rabbits Build “Urban Burrows” Just Like Human Cities, But Probably More Adorable

    "This is my apartment. I share it with three other rabbits I met on Craigslist."

    Most people associate big cities with rats, pigeons, and cockroaches, and they wouldn't be all that wrong. But in parts of Europe (and Chicago, weirdly, but that's a different story), some urban areas have a pretty sizeable population of wild rabbits. Can you even imagine? Rabbits. Just, like, running around in public parks like squirrels. Be still my cold, city-dwelling heart.

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  4. What Chaos Would Ensue If Humans Suddenly Disappeared From the Earth?

    Despite the Earth not caring in the least, of course.

    What would happen to the Earth and everything on it if we all suddenly disappeared—or got abducted by aliens or whatever other totally reasonable scenario you come up with? AsapSCIENCE has some answers.

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  5. Study Shows Honeybees (Beads?) Lose Self-Control, Act Impulsively When Hungry

    One might even say they go buzzerk.

    The next time you feel yourself on the verge of hanger (hungry anger, and don't pretend you haven't been there), take heart: at least humans aren't the only creatures that get a little irrational when they need a snack.

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  6. Discovery Says to Hell With Moderation, Changes Shark Week to “Summer of the Shark”

    My shark week seems to go on forever too, Discovery. I feel ya.

    Much of the country may still be bowed under winter's relentless tyranny, but it's never too early to make plans for summer--especially if you're in need of a public relations boost after failing to stuff a live man down an anaconda's gullet.

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  7. Science Determines What Spider-Man Would Need to Eat for Breakfast in Order to Swing Around New York

    Because science.

    Over on The Conversation, Mark Lorch found himself pondering Spider-Man's dietary habits while watching the best Spider-Man movie (the 2002 original, duh). In order for a spider's body to produce silk, it needs protein; so Lorch figured Spider-Man would operate in much the same way (because who needs mechanical web slingers when you can have weird biological ones?)

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  8. Bill Nye Talks About Wormholes, Time Travel, and Paradoxes With VSauce


    Time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so. That's why Jake from VSauce3 figured it would be a good idea to explain just what makes your average time travel paradox tick, by enlisting the help of our favorite Science Guy himself. You know, right up until he accidentally time travels him out of existence, maybe. Who were we talking about again?

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  9. Bill Gates Says Vaccines Are the Best Thing for Developing Countries While People in This Country Turn Them Down

    Another in a long list of things people take for granted.

    No matter how many blue screens of death caused me to curse his name as a child, Bill Gates is a wonderful human being and philanthropist. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation works hard to improve the quality of life for people in developing nations, which includes delivering a lot of helpful vaccines whether people in other nations think they're evil corporate death potions or not.

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  10. Taxidermist Recreates Face of 2,500-Year-Old, Heavily-Tatted Siberian Ice Princess

    Magic? Magic.

    For those of you not up on your early '90s archaeological breakthroughs (guilty), back in 1993 Novosibirsk scientist Natalia Polosmak excavated the remains of "Princess Ukok," a mummified woman whose elaborate tattoos are still the best-preserved body art to ever be discovered.

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