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  1. According to Scientists, Sex Was Invented In Scotland

    Ooch aye.

    Not by Scotsmen, sadly—it was prehistoric fish. But a girl can dream.

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  2. It’s Okay To Be Smart Presents: How To See Time Travel

    Get it a train ticket and stare at it very intensely.

    Time is an illusion; lunch time, doubly so. But cosmic rays—AKA, high-energy radiation charged particles from outer space—are real, and if you have a cloud chamber handy, you can test the theory of relativity while viewing these strange particles. It's the closest we're ever going to get to watching time travel—short of a Doctor Who marathon, of course.

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  3. Today In THE FUTURE: Lockheed Martin Claims To Have Made Huge Fusion Energy Breakthrough

    First stop, Stark Tower!

    Lockheed Martin Corp, the Pentagon's top supplier and a leader in research into alternative energy sources, announced this Wednesday that a team of the Corporation's scientists have made an enormous breakthrough in harnessing nuclear fusion as a feasible power source.

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  4. SciShow’s Hank Green Teaches You How To Get Rid Of Hiccups


    The folks over at SciShow are feeling altruistic today, and they want you to know how to get rid of your hiccups. Honestly, every time I get the hiccups I do this thing where I hold my breath and press a pressure point right over my eyebrows, and they go away every time. Regular TMS science guy Dan would hate to hear that. But it totally works. I swear. This SciShow video helps prove I'm at least right about the breath part.

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  5. The American Chemical Society Explains The Delicious Science Behind Pizza’s Mouthfeel

    See you guys later. I need to do some "research."

    I have it on good authority that pizza is made from Chris Evans kisses and God’s daydreams, but the American Chemical Society has another (slightly more credible) explanation. 

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  6. Your Scientific Chart Porn For The Day: A Spiralling Geological Timeline Of Earth’s 4.5 Billion Years

    Wibbly wobbly timey wimey!

    Time is an illusion. Lunch time, doubly so. The timeline of our planet's 4.5 billion year geological history? Well you can just forget about making sense of that yourself, good sirs. What you need is a giant, elaborately detailed chart for that sort of thing.

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  7. The Medieval Ages Were F****** Terrible: Skeleton Found With Stake Through Chest In “Vampire Grave”

    Modern vampires have it so easy.

    Spoopy news for anyone who romanticizes Ye Olden Times: an ancient skeleton has been discovered in a Bulgarian "vampire grave" with an iron ploughshare hammered through its chest.

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  8. From PBS Digital Studios’ BrainCraft, The Science (Kinda) Of Telepathy

    Also, cats.

    So, bad news for everybody who really wants to be a mind reading supervillain—telepathy is not exactly a real thing. Well, yet, anyway. As BrainCraft notes, scientists are currently exploring very promising technological methods for decoding information from one brain and implanting it in another. So we're almost there, team! Next up for the evil lair: laser sharks.

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  9. There’s Chemistry in Why Your Toothpaste Sucks All the Joy out of Delicious Food

    Gee thanks, chemistry.

    At least trading in your sense of taste has an important function like... creating bubbles. Making your food and drink taste awful is just another helpful way toothpaste assures you that it's working.

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  10. Baby Born From A Transplanted Womb For First Time; Lab-Grown Penises May Soon Be Tested On Humans

    Nothing's more cuterus than a new uterus!

    Well done, science! In a development which has surprised even noted obstetricians, a 36-year-old Swedish woman has become the first ever person to give birth to a baby carried in a transplanted womb. The patient received the uterus from a 61-year-old who had already borne two children and gone through menopause.

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