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  1. Science Says You Can Smell a Person’s Political Views. We Must Smell Fantastic

    When can I get tinfoil hat wearer-scented cologne?

    A new study shows that body odor and political views may actually be connected. Do you think you become invisible to noses perception filter-style if you stop following politics altogether? We could make a killing in the deodorant market. Imagine: "Apathy" by The Mary Sue.

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  2. Study Reveals Mammals May Sense The Distress Calls Of Other Species’ Babies

    Yub nub!

    Many of us know the rush of compassion that comes with hearing a young mammal's cries of distress (or, God help me, watching that one Sarah McLachlan commercial), but we might not be the only creature in the animal kingdom that is influenced by other species' calls.

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  3. Thank You, Hera: Science May Have Fixed Nutella’s Supply/Demand Problem

    We need to start rationing waffles. Now.

    We now have the resources for hella Nutella.

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  4. Check Out an Up-Close Video of a Marine Organism Made Up of Other Marine Organisms

    They do move in herds.

    Fun fact: the ocean is home to creatures called siphonophores—an order of Hydrozoa that aren't actually individual organisms but colonies of sea creatures that work together to act as one and generally resemble jellyfish. The Portuguese man o' war is actually a siphonophore, and this amazing video of another species comes from Nautilus Live, an expedition run by the person who found the Titanic, Dr. Robert Ballard.

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  5. Successful Brain Surgery Performed On 10-Year-Old Goldfish Named George

    Nurse! I'm going to need some bloodworms, stat!

    Sometimes, gold can stay: according to the the BBC, a beloved 10-year-old pet goldfish named George was recently saved from euthanasia after undergoing successful "high risk" brain surgery to remove a massive brain tumor. Says George, "Who? You did what? What's this wall doing here? Where am I? Huh? What's this wall doing here?"

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  6. The Amazing Scientific Achievements of the Woman Who Kickstarted Paleontology

    "Thanks, Mary Anning." -Steven Spielberg [citation needed]

    Before Mary Anning and her contemporaries, it was still widely assumed that fossils were just remains from existing animals and not generally useful for science (nor put in the ground by Satan). Thought most of her work wound up being published by men because life in the early 19th century was awful, Anning made a ton of important discoveries—including what bezoar stones actually were, because she needed to see the dinosaurs' droppings.

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  7. Texas Board of Education Facing Opposition Over Climate Change Denial in Textbooks

    Some feel it's important for textbooks not to deny science, I guess.

    Teach the controversy! Not on climate change, of course, because 97% of the scientific community agrees that it's happening and human beings are causing it. No, the controversy in this case is over the Texas State Board of Education's impending approval of textbooks that seem to misinform schoolchildren about climate change.

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  8. Important Science News: Pacific Rim-Style Drifting Between Two People Is Totally Real

    See you in the drift.

    If you've always wanted to pilot your own Jaeger (and let's face it, who hasn't), have hope; for the first time ever, a study has proven that two people can transfer thoughts between their brains without the help of talking, writing, or any sort of invasive technology. I think I would like to name my Jaeger "Feminist Killjoy."

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  9. Newly Discovered Pterosaur Named For Flying Avatar Creature

    Life finds a way.

    Movie Avatar, not cartoon Avatar. Ran and Shaw would've been too cool.

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  10. Survey Shows That Fat Shamers May Actually Be Causing the Weight Gain They Hate So Much

    Today in unsurprisingly ironic news.

    Since it looks like fat shamers need a reason to stop doing it other than they're an adult and should know better, how about this: A new study shows that what people need isn't less of whatever food fat shamers have decided would be most insulting to taunt them about—we really just need less fat shamers.

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