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  1. How Do Our Bodies Know Left From Right? PBS Show It’s Okay To Be Smart Explains [Video]

    Does it just do that thing where you make L's with your hands?

    Most people know their left from their right, and so do their bodies. But how? In the third and final video in their series on guts, It's Okay To Be Smart looks at exactly that. This episode delves into the important of symmetry and asymmetry to life, and where those things may have come from in evolution.

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  2. Why Do LEGO Pieces Keep Washing Up on Cornish Beaches?

    Come on, Aquaman. Put your toys away when you're done!

    When an immense wave struck the container ship Tokio Express back in 1997 it caused 62 shipping containers to fall into the ocean. One of those containers held almost five million pieces of LEGO, and those pieces are still washing up on beaches in Cornwall 17 years later.

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  3. New Paper Says Sexual and Reproductive Health of “Very Young Adolescents” Is Crucial

    Careful, science. We wouldn't want to empower anyone too much.

    A new study available online ahead of publication in the peer-reviewed journal of Global Public Health says that it's vital for sexual health services to begin focusing on adolescents between the ages of 10-14.

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  4. I Guess No One Told Hamlet: Danish DNA May Hold The Secret To Happiness

    But where does feeling like "a room without a roof" come in?

    Denmark routinely tops rankings of the world's happiest nations, but new research shows Danish well-being might not actually stem from the country's social practices (or its excess of warm puppies): economists from the University's Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy released a study this month that suggests the more Danish your genetic make-up is, the likelier you are to be happy.

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  5. Sexual Harassment Is A Common Problem In The Scientific Community, Says This Study

    "UGH" is a statistically likely response to this news.

    Everyone's heard their fair share of annoying arguments as to why certain fields of study like science and technology are more male-dominated; often people claim that women just aren't trying as hard as men to succeed in their careers, or that most aren't as naturally interested in certain subjects as men are. Or, maybe, it could be that there's little to no support for women who need to report hostile work environments, which ends up turning them away.

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  6. Med Student Campaigns To Take Down Dr.Oz

    Doc Brown is a doctor. Doc Ock is a doctor. Would you put your life in their hands?

    Dr.Oz has admitted before Congress that some products from his show [read: magic beans] don't pass "scientific muster," but for the approximately four million viewers who still tune in daily, the television personality's pseudoscience carries dangerous weight.

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  7. Our Friend Bill Nye Did an AMA, Here Are Our Favorite Answers!

    And could we see a return of "The Science Guy" to television?

    Our Friend Bill Nye and some of his friends did a Reddit AMA today about searching for life on Jupiter's moon Europa. Nye's answered touched on some other excited subjects like the possibility of his return to television!

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  8. New Study Says Children as Young as Two Can Experience Schadenfreude

    Parents of Young Children Say, "Yeah, We Know. Oh How We Know."

    Taking pleasure in the misfortune of others is a human trait (because we are all basically monsters) that may start earlier than you might think. A new study shows that children as young as two years old can take delight in watching something bad happen to someone else.

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  9. Child Thought Functionally Cured Of HIV Now Showing Detectable Virus Levels

    Despite two years of good health, the "Mississippi Baby" thought cured of HIV after undergoing unprecedentedly early and aggressive treatment is now demonstrating detectable levels of the virus.

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  10. Mental Floss Video Examines 20 Commonly-Held Misconceptions About Sex

    I did not know that about corn flakes.

    Mental Floss wants to clear a couple of things up about human anatomy and the purpose of one ubiquitous breakfast cereal.

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