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  1. This Is Why Gender Gap Rebuttals Are Silly: Girls Are in the Lead Academically Worldwide

    "But girls' brains are just better suited to—" Shuttupshuttupshuttup!

    When trying to put together an informed opinion, it's important to consider all sides and then run screaming from the rabbit hole of insanity you've inevitably fallen into. In the course of reading what our detractors have to say, we've noticed that some people actually think the gender gap in science and tech employment is because women either don't want to be in those fields or, worse, because boys just innately have minds that are geared towards them. This will come as a shock, then.

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  2. Scientists Have Figured Out How Unboil Egg Whites, But What Does This Mean for Humpty Dumpty?

    Oh come on, scientists, I, like, JUST boiled those eggs.

    And this isn't just a party trick, like making an egg stand on its end. This could have real applications everywhere from cheese production to cancer treatments. It all comes down to protein folding.

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  3. Science Is Real Close to Developing Squid-like Color Changing Skin From Synthetic Materials

    Nobody suspects a thing!

    Some squids, octopuses, and other cephalopods are able to camouflage their bodies underwater by changing the color and texture of their skin, which is probably how they're able to so successfully infiltrate our society and integrate themselves into human families as our octodads. But according to new research from MIT, humans are pretty close to creating our own version of cephalopod skin.

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  4. Oh Look, David Tennant is Narrating Hamster Prison Escapes This Time

    WARNING: Features cute naked hamster butt. David Tennant features once again in this clip from BBC Ones' Pets - Wild at Heart Episode 2, where a hamster decides its had enough of its human bonds. Watch, listen, and be entertained.

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  5. On Doctor Oz, Crappy Medical Advice, and Ethics In Mental Health

    Medical ethics can be a tricky subject to maneuver around, especially when it comes to mental health. Good thing Doctor Oz doesn't really care all that much ethics, right? That's what this fascinating video by PBS Braincraft seems to suggest.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: NASA Air Flow Visualization Throughout the Years


    Look, all I'm saying is that air is really cool.

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  7. Bill Nye Activates Science Guy, Calls Out Patriots Coach/Other Bill’s Science Fail

    TBF his "Science Guy" side doesn't often seem *de-*activated

    Saturday found New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick making a scientific pronouncement to reporters re: the air pressure inside footballs as it relates to a pre-game tradition. It was a moment that resulted in Belichick being called "Bill Belichick the Science Guy."

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  8. Rare Celestial Optical Illusion Makes It Look Like Mongolia Has Three Suns

    Sunshine high up passing through snow crystals is causing a pretty awesome illusion that makes it look like there are three suns on the Mongolian horizon.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: How Bill Nye Works

    He molded so many of our impressionable young minds. But what does the daily life of Bill Nye look like? Lifehacker's great "This Is How I Work" series has gifted us with an awesome look behind the scenes of an iconic man.

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  10. Unprecedented Video Shows Squid Flashing, Generally Communicating With Their Bodies

    The squid in this video are human-sized, five- to six-foot long cephalopods. They're also showing off quite a bit, giving scientists some pretty useful glimpses into their communication habits.

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