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  1. The Mary Sue Interview: Katie Chironis and Connor Fallon on Elsinore

    Shakespeare meets Majora's Mask/Groundhog Day? Take all my money, please.

    At GDC back in March, The Mary Sue had a chance encounter with Elsinore's Connor Fallon and Val Reznitskaya at one of the myriad impromptu game lounges set up in San Francisco's Moscone Center. We recently had a chance to chat with Fallon and Elsinore's team lead and writer, Katie Chironis about their now fully funded Kickstarter campaign for Elsinore.

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  2. Alien Abduction Bug Caused Male Pregnancies Among Men Who WooHoo-ed With Aliens In The Sims 4

    This sounds like a National Enquirer headline...

    Men, if you've ever wondered what it's like to be pregnant, check out the Get to Work expansion for The Sims 4, and all your curiosity can be sated. Of course, you might have to have sex with an alien. Well, your Sim will, anyway.

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  3. Muggle Consolation Prize! Unofficial Quidditch Beer Pong Sets Now Available

    ♫ Weasley is our king. ♫

    If college-level Quidditch isn't for you, there's no need to permanently hang up your broom! Quidditch beer pong guidelines have been flying around the Internet for years, but if you're as un-crafty as I am, setting up your very own pitch just got a lot easier.

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  4. The Mary Sue Interview: H1Z1‘s Art Director On Adding A Playable Female Character To Their Game Today

    Daybreak Game Company's zombie survival title, H1Z1, was released in Early Access on Steam in January, and they've been adding new features in the months since. In a new patch coming today, they're (awesomely) allowing players to choose between a male or female playable character, and we spoke with the game's Art Director, Sebastian Strzalkowski, all about their new zombie-fighting lady.

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  5. DOS and Arcade Games Are Playable in Tweets Now. What Sorcery Is This?

    "You see a DOS game on Twitter. Spend the rest of your day playing it? Y/N." Y.

    The Internet Archive recently made headlines when they made all of our childhood favorite DOS games playable for free in web browsers everywhere, but now they've gone a step further and allowed those games to be embedded—fully playable—in tweets. You know, because we weren't already spending enough time on Twitter.

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  6. Wrestling Star/Gaming Enthusiast A.J. Brooks Sets Up Scholarship for Girls Make Games Camp

    We're frequently faced with the retort, "Well women should make their own games, then," when we ask for better representation for women in games, and don't get us wrong—we agree. We just understand that the gaming industry has a huge gender imbalance reinforced by social norms, and it takes deliberate effort to change that. That's why A.J. Brooks is launching a scholarship program with Girls Make Games to help girls learn to make the games they want to play.

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  7. ESPN’s Colin Cowherd Would Rather Quit Than Commentate eSports; The Feeling Is Mutual

    Nerds and jocks can finally agree.

    We've previously reported on those in the broadcast sports field being willfully oblivious to the fact that eSports is a huge industry, and rest assured, it's still happening. ESPN Radio show host Colin Cowherd reacted to seeing a Heroes of the Storm tournament on ESPN2 by promising—I mean, er, threatening. Yeah—to quit if he were ever forced to cover eSports.. aside from angry rants, I guess.

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  8. [UPDATED] Silent Hills Playable Teaser P.T. Is Vanishing From The Playstation Store

    Them there Silent Hills just got

    The absolutely horrifying playable teaser for Silent Hills, P.T., is being pulled off the PlayStation Store on Wednesday, April 29th. So if you were somehow waiting to get the shit scared out of you, move quick. Yeah, uh... we're right in line, right behind you. Uh-huh.

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  9. Marvel Entertainment Joins Forces With Telltale Games For New Game

    Clementine will remember this.

    You read that right. Marvel Entertainment is partnering up with none other than Telltale Games to begin work on a new game to be released in 2017.

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  10. The Mass Effect Trilogy Is On Sale Right Now And Here’s Why You Should Play It

    I should go (to Amazon right now).

    The entire Mass Effect trilogy is on sale for PC on Amazon right now for just $10, and that makes Amazon our favorite shop on the Citadel. If you've never played the game before, you absolutely have to take advantage of this deal and get ready for the best 100 hours of your life.

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  11. LOL! Sexist Chess Grand Master Says Men are “Hardwired” to Be Better at the Game Than Women

    Checkmate your privilege

    In an interview with New in Chess that was later picked up by The Guardian, 49-year-old chess grandmaster Nigel Short--who has lost eight times to date to female grandmaster Judit Polgar--says we should "gracefully accept it as a fact" that men are inherently better at things like chess than women.

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  12. Hillary Clinton Playing Game Boy in 1993 Is Your Monday Moment of Zen

    Now you're presiding with power.

    Sure, sure. Current president Barack Obama plays sports or something. Great. Whatever. But Hillary Clinton plays Game Boy. Before it got all retro-nostalgia-cool and before she was the first female president of the United States. (Just future-proofing this post. Don't mind me.)

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  13. [UPDATED] GOG Customer Service Rep Argues With Customer over Transphobia in Pillars of Eternity

    A random defense of a joke that the game's developers already decided not to defend—in case you thought we could have nice things.

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  14. Catch A Glimpse Of Nathan Fillion Back In The Saddle For Firefly Online

    I mean, it's Nathan Fillion. Like, yes. Please.

    The fine folks behind the official Firefly Online YouTube account sent a chill down our collective spines when they offered a short glimpse of Nathan Fillion recording his lines as Mal for the upcoming video game based on the much-beloved series.

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  15. Dust Off Your NES! GameStop Will Begin Buying and Selling Retro Games

    Here we go!

    Are you ready for some 8-bit video games? GameStop's new pilot program is aimed at getting the classics into their stores, and you will be supplying them.

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  16. Damn Right: Anita Sarkeesian Makes TIME’s Top 100 Most Influential People List

    Later, gaters.

    TIME is all about Anita Sarkeesian: only months after being named one of TIME's "30 Most Influential People on the Internet," the feminist gaming critic has also made the magazine's annual "100 Most Influential People" feature.

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  17. How the Gaming Industry’s Gender Problem Showed One Man the Importance of Feminism

    PBS Game/Show host Jamin Warren explains why the show so often discusses issues of gender and representation in video games and makes the point that criticizing something you love doesn't mean you love it any less.

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  18. [UPDATED] Fatal Error: The Trailer For The Next (And Last?) Nancy Drew Game Is Here

    It's locked, Clue Crew!

    The latest Nancy Drew game, Sea of Darkness, is out in a mere month, and I am pretty much vibrating with anticipation. What beautiful world will Nancy take us to this time? What ridiculous characters will we meet? How often will I need to use a GameBoomers hint guide to solve the puzzles?

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  19. New Video Game, Freshman Year, Allows Players to Experience How Sexual Harassment Feels

    Some games you play just for fun. Others allow you to gain a new perspective. In Freshman Year, a short, free, online game programmed by Nina Freeman with art by Laura Knetzger, you are "Nina," a freshman in college meeting up with some friends for drinks when things take an unexpected and upsetting turn.

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  20. 12-Year-Old Girl Takes the Gaming Industry to Task Over Paying for Female Characters

    "Why?" -Argument won.

    Free-to-play games have their share of problems that apply to everyone—they make downloading and playing the game on a basic level free, but extra features, characters, and other bonuses generally require the player to pay up. That can be frustrating, but it gets even worse when you look at which of these games charge players to use a female character, and 12-year-old Madeline Messer did just that.

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