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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.



Crazy Kids! Here’s How Siri & Gmail Met & Fell In Love [VIDEO]

Did you know that Apple’s Siri and Google’s Gmail (or should I say, Gmale) are an item? Well now you do. Here is the dramatic (funny) story of how it came to be,  complete with cameos from Hotmale and more! Written and directed by Emily McGregor and produced by Comediva, the video also features some slightly scary AI moments. Enjoy!

(via Comediva)


Craigslist: For Sidekicks

Sidekick-searching is just as painful and awkward as soulmate-searching. Read THESE embarrassing Super Seeking Sidekick Personals and feel slightly less bad!

Every superhero needs a sidekick, which means every superhero's gone through the awkward, sometimes agonizing experience of searching for just the right one. Below are examples of those attempts, and the oh-so-necessary evil that is The Personal Ad.


Disney Villains vs. Comic Book Villains: The Showdown

Scar vs. Catwoman! Gaston vs. Bane! Our favorite Disney Villains duke it out with our favorite Super Villains in epic battles of BAMFness. Who will win?

We who were blessed enough to know Disney movies by heart in our youth probably remember cheering on our favorite heroes and heroines as they battled with particularly fearsome foes. We remember hating Shan Yu, laughing at Hades, and being creeped out by the Cheshire Cat. But are these villains as powerful and BAMF-title worthy as previously thought?

Here to put them to the test are Super Villains of the Comic Book Universe!


Conversations Between Two Jokers

Is laughter really the best medicine? Not when two Jokers meet!

What would happen if the goofy, light-hearted Joker of the 1966 Batman TV show, played by veteran actor Cesar Romero, had a conversation with the psychopathic terrorist Joker of 2008's The Dark Knight, played by the late Heath Ledger? Would they exchange tips on deadly hand buzzers and dapper purple suits? Compare knives and bow ties? Mayhaps a supervillain team-up that would bring Gotham to its knees? Or maybe Heath Ledger Joker would skin Cesar Romero Joker and wear him like a Cesar Suit?

Let's eavesdrop on some actual dialogue from their respective takes on the Clown Prince of Crime!


10 Surprising Uses for Wolverine’s Claws

Wolverine has been hacking and slashing his way across the Marvel Universe for almost 40 years, but what else could he do with those unbreakable claws?

Since his debut taking on the rampaging Incredible Hulk in 1974, Wolverine has been the surly and nearly indestructible darling of the comics world. Measuring only 5'3", it's astounding how much badassery is stuffed into our favorite hirsute Canadian mutant, along with over 100 pounds of the most durable metal in the Marvel Universe: Adamantium.


If Superheroes Bought Their Costumes and Gadgets from Etsy [Crosspost]

Not every superhero has a gadget whiz at his/her side creating fancy new outfits for them. Even then, superheroes and villains sometimes want a snazzy new look! For that, they go to

Ever wonder where comic book characters buy their costumes and gadgets?  Lately, superheroes and their villainous counterparts have been shopping on for their gizmos and getups.

Here are the top handmade and vintage finds for the most fashionable superheroes and evil geniuses.

First up? Cyclops’ Crystal & Fur Embellished Shades.