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Cautiously Optimistic

As You Wish: Your First Childhood Crush Has Joined A Show That’s Pretty Much World War II Meets The X-Files

OK, so Cary Elwes wasn’t everyone’s first childhood crush, but I know for a fact that at least two of The Mary Sue’s five writers go all soft-eyed at the thought of the Dread Pirate Roberts/Westley. Probably more.

The show in question is Horizon, which we reported on both when it was first announced and when it was subsequently delayed. The female lead-show focuses on Lauren (Irish actress Ruth Bradley), a secretary at the FBI whose research into the presumed death of her husband (Taylor Handley) and the fate of a missing young girl leads her to investigate mysterious files codenamed “horizon.”

Oh, and it’s set during World War II. And her husband’s death (or “death”) might’ve happened when he tangled with a spaceship in the South Pacific. And now the tenacious Lauren is the only person standing between Earth and annihilation by alien.

See? World War II X-Files.

Elwes will play Max Hartman, “a mysterious man who leads a double life in wartime DC.” Alien? Robin Hood? Dread Pirate Roberts?

The show will air on USA; we don’t know when, but I hope it’s soon. There aren’t enough sci-fi period dramas in my life at the moment.

(via: Deadline)

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  • Less Lee Moore

    Everyone loves Elwes in The Princess Bride, as they should, but can we talk about him in LADY JANE? Because that movie has ALLLLL the feels.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta say, Psych made my day when Cary Elwes guest-starred. He’s aged pretty decently…

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I haven’t seen that many episodes of Psych, but I want to see ALL of them. It looks like a gift to the universe, that show.

  • Anonymous

    Cary Elwes shows up later in the series as an internationally known thief–everyone knows he probably did it, but no one can prove it…until everyone’s favorite “psychic” detective is on the case.

    Super cute show! Put it on your “to-watch” list.

  • Ruby Dynamite

    Cary basically plays a gentleman cat burglar. Kinda like Westley mixed with James Bond. He’s absurdly perfect and also absurdly good at what he does and he *should* be annoying because of that, but you really just kinda get all … *dreamy sigh* about it. Cary’s character on Psych is all things wonderful and awesome.

  • Nat


  • TKS

    Psych is pretty fun and endearing. Though, after three seasons or so, it suffers from the “X-Files Syndrome” where every episode seems basically the same and you find yourself yelling at the television “YOU’RE SMARTER THAN THIS! WHY DO YOU FALL FOR THIS EVERY TIME? HE’S OBVIOUSLY NOT PAYCHIC!” It seems that changed very recently, but I’ve fallen behind. I’ll have to catch up.

    First three seasons, though, Golden.

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty great. Like The Mentalist, but cleverer, better mysteries, and doesn’t take itself quite so seriously.

  • Aeryl

    I crushed on him from Hot Shots before I ever saw Princess Bride, but still valid.

  • re M

    You know that’s right!

  • Anonymous

    You got this all day, Son!

  • Anonymous

    My first crush was an anime character: Sai from Ronin Warriors. I regret nothing.

    The Princess Bride is one of my favorite books ever. Never watched the book so I always had Errol Flynn in my imagination as Wesley.

  • Anonymous

    Well, not for me. For me (being male) my first childhood crush was Jennifer Connelly (or was it Helen Slater?). Oh, no forget it, it was Diana Rigg (the series was repeated in 80s private TV channels)! ;-9

  • Anonymous

    Have you ever read the Vicky Bliss mysteries by Elizabeth Peters? My mother and I once talked about who should play John Smythe in our imaginary movie, and Cary Elwes was clearly the only choice. I just about died when I saw him play pretty much the exact character of John Smythe during his guest spots on Psych. So. Good.

  • Melynda

    He was in the actual X-Files, so I guess that fits.

  • Anonymous

    They had some reference to The Mentalist on Psych, too – I think Shawn defends the premise of the show to another character. Pretty funny. I adore that it frequently plays homage to many of my favorite movies and t.v. shows.

  • Vian Lawson

    Diana Rigg? Me too! (Except for, you know, the being male bit–I’ve never let gender get in the way of a crush). I saw her performing in The Hollow Crown a few years back — she’s still magnificent. Steed was also a bit of alright.

  • Lemmons998

    IIRC, it’s when he announces he’s a psychic detective to someone, and they ask “what does that look like?” and he says “It’s just like the Mentalist, only I’m not faking it”

  • BlueFairy

    Woo! The Ronin Warriors were super cute, you have nothing to regret! My friends and I were totally into that show because of the cute anime boys.

  • Anonymous

    I think Elwes was cast because if his resemblance to Flynn. You should really watch Princess Bride. It’s worth the 2 hours

  • teamintfortae

    Is no one at all going to mention Men in Tights? I’ve seen it a million times and even then I go all dewy-eyed at his Robin.

    Somehow, he seemed to be Disney’s Robin made human.

  • Erica M.

    Oh yeah, Cary Elwes was definitely up there for one of my first crushes. To this day if someone says, “watch this movie with me,” and I’m trying to get out of it all they have to say is, “Cary Elwes is in it” and I will gladly watch it. No questions asked. This is how saw Lady Jane, Glory and The Crush-and loved them all!

  • Less Lee Moore

    I know, right?

  • Less Lee Moore

    Oh yeah. I saw this three times in the theater.

  • Anonymous

    Oops, I goofed. It’s spelled CYE, not SAI. :(

  • R.O.U.S.

    Well it sounds like the kind of show that COULD be awesome but winds up being crap. But damn if I’m not going to watch it for dear ol’ Cary. Noms.

  • Jayme

    Love Cary Elwes! First crush? I don’t know! Did I watch Labyrinth, Willow, or Princess Bride first? Who was technically my first crush, David Bowie, Val Kilmer, or Cary? Oh god! Or was it Tom Cruise in Legend? They all came out within a few years. I was terribly young and didn’t see any of them in the theater. I guess I can’t pick one. They were all my first! My favorite? Definitely Madmartigan.

    And then there’s Han… I wanted to be Indy, I wasn’t in love with him. Yet Harrison Ford was both and those movies came out first and I did probably see them before the others. Quandary!

    Ridiculous fangirling aside, I think I will watch this show. Must remember to keep an eye out for it.